Black howl

 The gray wolf, I always saw world in dim eyesight. I had captured. I have locked in cage, should obey human. Did my fang and desire rot? I was wolf. I thought forest and want my nature. When the chance came to me, But I don’t know how accept it. I saw instinct it was dark and white.

Kardien's note

 I’m sorry to this message. I think I didn’t write well in English. English isn’t my mother language. I felt it was hard task to me during write. I started to deeply learn English only a few months ago. I think I need more learning time for nice sentences. I stopped this story.

 I will learn more English then will come back(or as a new story). I’m sorry about my decision.


Chapter.1 messenger
Chapter.2 sewing
Chapter.3 go out
Chapter.4 Take down
Chapter.5 Tore out
Chapter.6 Archive (Part 1)

- story stopped- October sixth /2010


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