Black howl - Chapter.2 sewing

Black Howl.
By Kardien Lupus.

Chapter.2 Sewing

When I went out from the cage, Cohort Lot stood in center of was scattered working tools. He was trying to something. I saw the board which rested in the wall. I sniffed a sharp tension from cohort’s body.
“May I help you?”
I asked, was in deep concernment. The board covered by cork, It was noticeboard; I thought Lot was going to nail down the board at wall.
“Do you pee on the tools? Could you grab by your paw? Either, do you bite the tools by your muzzle, break these?”
Lot glared at me. I just said to impress Lot’s mind. He was known hate wolves in our experience. He might be angered that he should do a chore.
Lot was bureaucrat even with cohort. However, his job was included bouncer and also janitor working. Lot was greedy man with little ambition, but guard man in Bronze hall was far away from his hope. Besides, Lot was not chief of Main hall guards.
He was finding suitable hammer and nails as watching me. He might be think in real that I could do pee on any spots in floor. Although I knew that what I shouldn’t do. He was keeping search suitable tools and nail. At that time I brought good idea to my mind.
“Can I go out to outside? I just want to inhale fresh air.”
“Kardien, you are suspicious wolf. Are you runaway?”
Lot said. He was intense as he could attempt to drive a nail at my body.
“Who are, ever, want escape?”
I said. It was no use to wolves. No place to dwell in outside. It couldn’t make any better; Lot wasn’t wolf but he also knew.
“That is you.”
He gave up finding suitable tool and fastened his eyes on my face. He hadn’t allergy but it was not bother his dislike. Unfortunately for him, the cage was located in corridor behind entrance. He hated his poor duty. He thought that he was just keeping cunning and hideous animals; it made him to get more frustration.
“I can help you, if you find good way.”
I bared my lip but don’t spread my teeth. It was smile. Some people saw it at first that they thought it was snarling. However, Lot too often saw us. He knew what is meant.
“I don’t need your help, puppy. It was my work, wasn’t your.”
His face seemed unpleasant as I came close at him. He shortly shivered his body. His uniforms, the blue felt coat and scarf and sword and holder, they also shivered with his body. It was clear, I made Lot got a stress.
“I thought. I can find for you, suitable work tools. I sniffed that for you.”
I giggled, made good wolf giggle with small hissing sound. I made contact between my nose and one of working tool. Lot’s face was dim in his stress.
“Get out.”
Ho ordered. He saw at me alike a vulture. I fled from his front side and headed to entrance door.
“Thank you Lot. I will inhale fresh air then come back quickly.”
I said and went through the heavy wooden door.

Out side of Bronze hall was dim and dark place. Streetlamps stood in far away, they faintly glittered. Pavestones was looked a gray color, it like covered by dust. When I walked down the doorstep, I encountered two pupils.
These were woman’s eyes. She wore soft dress and linen outerwear, sat on box seat. I recognized the wagon which stood in front of me. She seemed to she was froze. Many people were little tense but some people who saw us froze in few seconds.
I looked up at her. Animal and human’s relationship was like it. Human was upper state and Animal was low state. Human was tallest kind in all the animals I’ve ever seen. Such human could freeze because they saw animal. It was curious fact.
Horses scared, those snort sound broke that froze her. But she still stared at me. Suddenly she opened mouth.
“Do you know where the fifth entrance of bronze hall?”
She asked in her gentle. She put on a smile. In Human and mere animal’s relationship, It was not usual.
“Yip! Here is fourth entrance; fifth entrance was next, to the left.”
Horses’ snort sound made tense to me but I ignored and said. Horses always went into hysteric at wolf.
“I saw a coach stood in that entrance. Could I stand my wagon and you watch it?”
She mildly said as told to a child. I was looking up at her. The wagon box seat which she seated in, it seemed that made her higher. I was raising my neck.
“It isn’t that I handle. I will watch your wagon in a little while; you should go to desk, ask to the Cohort.”
I always looked up someone that made I was poor. But she was tender to me; Somehow, I didn’t bother to look up her. I sniffed her; her smell was distinct in the dim street.
“Thank gray wolf. Your fur was good gray felt.”
She said and entered the inside. My ears heard resonance of doorstep’s stones. Two horses were keeping snorting. I looked up to the sky. It was deep blue; pale mildew like color cloud huddled in sky and floated. Moon was dying, losing her light; some clouds were passing on her. Few stars decorated sky, they settled on the clouds. Night was dim and little calm.
“It is not my job. I’m cohort, City detective. You have no right to stand wagon in front of entrance. So, I-.”
“I’m not cart steerer who leaves whose sundries in wherever. I have business at this hall. I should meet one cohort.”
When I sniffed tar smell from the canvas, woman and Lot came out from the entrance door. I sniffed moisture in air. I observed open wagon’s hold. It was covered by canvas and tied ropes, might be loaded smooth things. Canvas was coated with tar, it was protruded.
“The cohort, his name is Darfast. He requested to me to repair his coat.”
She pulled out thing from beneath the canvas. It was covered by bag, a coat.
“I have business in Bronze hall. Are you ok?”
She added.
“I don’t know who is Darfast. Goods remained in your wagon hold, seemed had nothing to do your business.”
He quibbled. He was already angry that he should do a chore.
“I will leave from this place and you should keep my wagon. If you don’t that, I claimed your responsibility.”
She said then she tried to disappear with was bagged coat. But lot caught her shoulder. Lot, his face twisted with anger.
“I’m cohort, not gatekeeper.”
He murmured in his have been failed ambition. He wanted success but he was stuck in this entrance. Pale night made his face obviously badness.
“Push off your tail!”
He spitted as he realized my existence. He usually hated that he touch to wolf body. But, at this time, he might feel want kick my hip. I tucked my tail and look up him at once. People felt its dignity as they looked a large statue. However, we always felt this feeling. Cohort Lot showed ugly look. I fled from his sight.
Bronze hall had several inner gardens. Bronze hall named from large bronze roof doom in center. The center connected each sub buildings these had the inner gardens. As the Five king’s streets, Bronze hall was also one of old kingdom’s places. The castle had been built on the Hill then was ruined; Bronze hall was built in ruin of palace.
Before the three centuries, Large massive state conquered The old kingdom. I heard from people. Palace demolished and rebuilt the governor’s house. It was Bronze hall but inner gardens still remained from palace’s era. Even the gardens were converted to lounge who was covered canvas roof and laundry yard and in such.
I was heading to one inner garden near the cage; train yard(People didn’t thought like that.). Sometimes, cohorts thought we were talking detection equipment, gave a sip of coffee to us(attempted poison at us.). Even they made the mistakes; we were not detecting tools. For that reason, they were often retrained to us used simple toy.
Era claimed this garden was train yard but it was just empty lot. All doors in the quadrangle led to storages and grass was thick. This place also was almost only space that was wolves could do roaming.
I stood on grass and felt its freshness. When I was eating breakfast meat, I had a stomachache; Thank to stomach, I was able to rest so far. I rolled my body for my happy and enjoy fine grass smell then I found one small fruit.
I saw it. It was a dark little fruit. I sniffed and tasted it. It was sour. I put my nose on ground and carefully sniffed it. I moved my neck and was up. A tree stood in front of me. Tree was one of sort of fruit kind. People called small and also little sour fruit useless but I know some truths. He or she tree was old even might be for a century. I didn’t know its sex or it had no sex. Anyway sour fruits in grass were good for me. Suddenly I wanted howling but some people still remained in this structure that they might be hate my sound. I gasped in dim air.
I had only howling when I was a pup. It was so old. In human, several years was not the long time, but my life short than human. I didn’t remember young howling. In stead of it, I thought my daily eating meat. In the three times of day, I could eat pale meat and drink water. Hungry wolf Era, She often coveted other’s meat. In the empty lot, my earnest thought was one thing. ‘I want hunting’.
Hunting was a bad word. Most human said like that. Even they enjoyed hunting in frost that was their property; savage animal should do not that. I felt my fang rotted. I only had experience some mice.
“That bad animal is there. Look, she stood in grass!”
Lot. I might be never like him. Again, it was Lot’s voice. I turned my body. He and Aaron with two other Cohorts stood in door way. The door led to the corridor.
“Fluffy puppy, would you come here?”
Aaron said. His voice was gentle but didn’t catch my mind. Something was wrong. Lot grasped heavy hammer. If my conjecture was right Lot hit his finger with hammer in his nailing work.
“I just rest in here and with do nothing.”
I whined and approached to them. Cohorts did not have arrogant face that used to treat animal. It was also weird. I thought that I made some mistake.
“Did you deliver a litter a few days ago?”
Aaron asked. He gave a carefully look at me. I nodded and; delivery had no problem.
“Would you follow me?”
He touched my ear and petted my head.
“yip! I’ll follow you.”
I answered. Little sharp feeling rested on cohorts. It was unusual but I followed cohorts. If they didn’t visit for scold me, they could order to me for something. I thought.
The Sky was dim and also the corridors were same. Outside of the windows was dark and lamps hanging on the walls faintly lit. As the outside, corridors air was not clear; the weather was cold, unlike the summer. Aaron petted me once more.
They headed to someplace with me but they were in no mood for order. Aaron petted me in his warm but unnatural hand for the third time. I felt something wrong.
They seemed to going somewhere for do something to me. Instinct of canine taught to me. However I shouldn’t move without human’s order. As I felt ungrounded insecurity, I was walking with them. Finally we reached the entrance.
Two leafs of the door led to marble well. The well. Second before I realized its mean, a catch pole-. Aaron kicked my pubic with his leather boots. The kick had all his strength. In an instant, I felt my gut twisted. My back floated in a short time then I tumbled back to the ground. The cohort who stood on the right stretched the catch pole toward my neck. Aaron was trying to hit my body with iron rimmed stick. At that time, I met Aaron’s eyes.
Aaron had clear intention. He was breeder in the cage and brought me to this place. But he had closeness to animals for a long time. It made him hesitated for a moment and gave to me a chance. Just before he struck me, I bit him. He shouted as I jumped. Someone hit my back with hammer. It was Lot. I felt great pain from my end. It was agony but I succeeded to flee.
As I reached well, one cohort fired his Musket. A bullet crashed below of well then stink of gunpowder reached from my back. It missed and gave to me more chance.
Opposite side of well had the one large arch. It was half opened and led to the smelly bystreet. I ran to outside through the heavy wooden door. Nearby backdoor, worn wagon stood in. I saw it before that was woman’s cart.
I burrowed its hold. Fabrics were dense beneath the canvas. I dug these and reached hold’s bottom. I didn’t know they couldn’t find me but hiding was best way. Even when I fled to far away, Cohorts finally caught me. They were very good a catching dog. The well stood in another empty lot was meaningful thing.
“Why are you quivering?”
I heard voice came to the wagon. Sound was blunt under fabrics. She told to horse. I thanked to her approach. It meant the wagon will leave soon.
“Lady, did you see one fleeing wolf?”
Familiar and dreadful voice suddenly appeared. It was Aaron’s and I sniffed him.
“I didn’t see. Hmm, what problem is?”
She asked gently in No doubt what is hide bottom of her wagon hold.
“No. It is just small question. I’m sorry to bothering you.”
Aaron replied. He kept his activity involving a wolf. Hideous acting needed to keep doesn’t say.
“Oh? Then I will depart with my wagon. I finished appointment and this wagon I borrowed for a little time.”
She said like ringing. Her voice was like singing bird. But I got into a stew. I felt vibration from wagon. She might be seated on coach box. At that time Lot’s voice intervened.
“Lady looks at this. This part of Canvas was folded to outside. Didn’t you bind with string?”
I shocked. Lot’s breath was exhaled on my back. Only the fabrics were between me and Lot. I’m feared.
“You are- bad apple!”
I heard her astonished voice. It was tense and really astonished. She might be realized Lot at last. They had met before.
“Don’t touch this wagon.”
She snapped. My lung was chocking slowly in fabrics but I didn’t dare struggle.
“I visit to this building on my business matter. I met one of your fellows just ten minute ago. I gave the fixed coat to him. I had made appointment that I would fix his worn coat. I am tailor. But you evicted me with my wagon and particularly these pretty quivering horses.”
Lot’s smell changed. Even I was stuck in fabrics but wolf’s nose was good. He sweated in his stumpy.
“I had business to your one of coworkers. That I had explained to you. Even so, you kicked out me with wagon.”
“I’m just wonder to your wagon.”
He retreated his attitude to hesitation. Pile of fabrics made sight dark. I just closed my eyes.
“Don’t touch this wagon. Thank to you, I wandered for find good empty spot. I was almost too late on my appointment. Do you think I hid the burglar or thief in this wagon hold? Oh, also wolf. It’s ridiculous.”
After short pause, wagon began to leave.

I could breathe after struggled then made empty spot. The wagon was heading to some where. I felt its rough vibration. I was filled with the some thoughts.
The well. It was dead place. All wolves in the cage knew its meaning. When they thought eliminate rogue wolf, they put the wolf to bottom of the well. It hardly happened to us because we were expensive. However it was enough to made wolves frighten.
Why are they did attempt to put me at under water? I was curious and sad. I didn’t dare thought it was really happening. Kill rouge wolf had suitable reason but my first thought was sadness. No matter what people called us, we knew that we could devote our favorite people. It was our nature that was bad or not. I liked Aaron. In our life, only few people were tender to us like Aaron.
I delivered a letter. It easily remembered. Was it made problem? I didn’t know. It might be prepare for a long time. I was sad anyway. They forsook me.
There were some wolves who escaped but all of them got bad end. Most of them caught in City and also few of them were killed by a shepherd. People were not easy to deal with. I must find good way. I felt dizzy.
The wagon was moving. I needed to escape from this wagon. I shouldn’t accompany with her to destination but this was not time to go out. I should keep apart from Bronze hall. They might start searching nearby office. I didn’t want was caught by Cohorts.
I held my breath. I kept lurking beneath the pile of fabrics. I decided to wait for the best moment. However the wagon arrived early than I expected.
“Oh, heaven! There is demon!”
I popped up from the fabrics as voice heard to me. Young human and I met our eyes. When the wagon stopped its destination, I began escape but was tied canvas disturbed me. My body was stuck. Only my head popped out from the wagon hold. I shouted and boy screamed. I struggled in the fabrics as boy fell to the pavestone. I pulled out my two fore legs to out side. In that time I met her eyes. It was worse than previous situation and also horses began quivering.
“This is my dog.”
When the boy got up from the chilly pavestone, she said to him. I looked at her and forgot my escaping. She gave mildly look to me. She knew who I am. I had met with her at one of entrance in Bronze hall. She remembered it.
The boy slowly recovered from his fear of a wolf. People always did. This time I did act like jack in the box to him. I didn’t dare intend; but it was truth or not; I harmed the boy. He exhaled his breath five times then glared me. I realized that I was stuck in worth stuffs.
“Why are you spoiled these fabrics? It is obvious. This wolf damaged the fabrics with seated in the wagon hold.”
I fully escaped and jumped down. The boy stepped back and shivered but didn’t give up glary eyes. He had business on the fabrics. I wondered why she helped me. She could scream with the boy and call other people.
I had opportunity at the moment. I could run away; I didn’t trust people who stood next to me in now. When I decided run away, she gave at me a sign. I saw such a people who draw my mind from my pupils at first time. A wolf was animal to people. It was different and its meaning was waiting.
“It may not be harmed but stuck some Dog hairs. Fluffy is not bad canine. She is just little active.”
The boy said like Lot. But his voice was soft than Lot. He gave doubtable look at her but her action was unexpected.
“Fluffy come here my side.”
What? I didn’t dare make human speech. I just thought like Lot. What she is doing? I thought. I had certainly realized her message. I came to her side.
“Fluffy wanted to follow me. It is perhaps reason for her joke, isn’t it, fluffy?”
I nodded. It was right action in this circumstance. I looked around. The wagon included quivering horses stood on the road. Streetlamps gave out a dim light not far from here. Opposite side of the wagon, wide stone work building stood in. Its smell was alike pile of fabrics. I look at the boy that he seemed was dusty.
“Do you show your friendship with my boss? You are tailor. If you didn’t forget your professionalism, you shouldn’t spoil the fabrics. Fabrics are our valuable material.”
The boy claimed then approached the wagon for check the fabrics. He ignored me. I thought he was apprentice who works on tailor job. I hardly knew suit making. I had my own coat. I didn’t need to know how a suit made. Anyway, I caught one word : friendship.
“Look. These no have problem.”
She announced. I raised my head and looked her body in her next side. She untied several strips then unfolded canvas part. I looked her handiwork. Two tender hands clearly did done their work. I didn’t look how fabrics condition was. Wagon hold higher then my body feet but I saw she didn’t make disappointment. She turned face to boy then said.
“Do you think It have problem? It just little crumpled.”
“We stood in night road. These were needed to examine in brighter place.”
The boy replied. I’m realized that I wasn’t the point of this circumstance. He seemed felt stuffy feeling. His cheeks were hardened. In my thought, wrong treated work materials made him stirred. I turned my head and saw building stood next that was-.
“Tailor’s workshop.” She said to me. “You acted little arrogance. You should dump down these fabric stuffs and don’t have arguing time. You are apprentice.”
She taught the boy.
“This time is the night and also we are late; that wagon was borrowed for a little time. You brought this stuff to workshop and also went to Bronze hall for bring your work to customer. You aren’t apprentice but tailor.”
He made pause. He cleared his throat then said.
“You are tailor and friend of Robeuri. However that relation couldn’t allow you are wolf crumple at stuffs.”
The boy didn’t make more opinion. He went to the building and came with middle old woman. They carried stuffs into the building. After several ten minutes gone the wagon hold was empty. The boy glared at once but she ignored. I hadn’t any idea boy and her relation. She called me once again then I followed her. The empty wagon began departure.

“Why are you save me? I can bite you right now.”
When the wagon stopped in silent place, she offered to me some talks. Dark empty place was calm and horses kept their breath. Only noises caught my ears from far away. It seemed calmly time began in City.
“First I dislike these cohorts. Even they are keeping City’s safety but also arrogance.”
She gave smooth eyes to me. I crouched on wagon box right side from her. I had no mind to smile. I also glared her. This was dark place. My eyes had no light.
“Second I never want someone or something’s life be influenced by me.”
She made little smile in dark. It seemed she made threat to me that I should make smile. I was quite curious in now. Why is she not fear at this moment? One wolf and one woman were only left thing in this place. Normal people might scare but not her.
“Third I was keeping good life. You seemed to gentle wolf at first time we met. Why am I hand over pitiful escaped wolf to them?”
She gave not anything at this moment. Silent place was keeping calm. I was looking at her. Should I escape? I thought.
“If you kill me you finally be cut your head by one of your Cohorts. If you runaway from me that you finally be catch down then be drown in the well. What do you think to do?”
She asked me in quiet and sharp voice. She might think this question fitted to me. It was not good words and made me snarled.
“You are expensive.”
She defined. Talking wolf was expensive. What is she saying? I questioned to my mind.
“Join me. You are expensive thing. I think you be used to good purpose by me.”
I made a little pause. It took some moment until I understood her speech. People usually dislike wolf. I escaped and also she knew it. However she announced that she wants control me and give the meat meal. I sniffed weirdly action. I stared her eyes at a time then immediately turned my body. I bended my limbs and sprang up toward far outside.
I was jerked at the moment and screamed. My body strokes the wooden wagon box. My stomach rumbled. I made short painful pants. I shook my body and realized circumstance. I felt the tail pain. She grasped my tail.
“Pay attentions to you are back. Few people were as sharp as half of wolves’ ability.”
She notified. She gave more strength to her grasp. I turned my neck at back then said. Making human words was hard in this time.
“What do you want from me?”
I said and ignored my barking like resonance. I was betrayed and barely escaped. I already felt dizzy. What is her purpose? Is it another trap? I didn’t know.
“I was already said first, second and third. I determined you are gentle mind wolf. I had several determinations before. These didn’t fail. And I think you don’t have any other choice but death.”
She was right. Her voice was normal and not threatening. I hadn’t any other choice. I moaned. Her small was also quiet.
I sensed from her eyes. If she wanted to sell me to cohorts that she had opportunity before. It was I extracted from her eyes. It pact made me calmed.
She released her grasp. I retreated to wagon hold then crouched. I watched front and also back. Tail was still aching. The wagon departed. It was getting away from empty and dark place. I looked it and wondered. Wolves could clearly see in midst of darkness but darkness was still darkness. Human could see dark. Are these different?

After a half quarter time left the wagon finish its journey. She gave the wagon to which stable. Stable keeper dozed next to limp that was putted on straws. She waked him and said.
“please send my words to him that I appreciated your rent.”
Stable keeper nodded. He was old man. He recognized me. I stood beside her. I didn’t make any face. She said to him that I was her stuff and was named fluffy.
After then we walked together through the small route. Some one’s giggling heard and late evening’s smell flooded but she and I were quiet. I was stuff but not human being. Even useful stuff could throw out to empty lot. In case of mine, the empty lot was deep well. I needed to recover my dizzy feeling. Using high sense was necessary in this circumstance. I shouldn’t be dizzy or sorrow.
Her house was two-story and had little garden. I smelled rose flowers from inside high wall. The wall seemed high and reached roof of house. I tried to guess roof tiles color then gave up this guess. She reached two iron door leafs. She opened the door.
“My name is Celina.”
In the garden, Rose was only grew flower. These might red. Celina bolted the door. Garden was small size but rose made it was luxuriant. I encountered full of rose smell. It was fresh, sweet, and warm. I finally thought garden maker’s sincere. Suddenly her voice broke rose spell.
“I felt pity at you. It was one of reason that I saved you.”
She cleared up it point.
“I also need to a servant. My friends work with me in my workroom but it was only working time. Many time I’m lived alone until found you. You are a talking wolf and an expensive thing.”
Her faint eyes( I didn’t surly know their color) had something comfortable points. These made me were cozy and gave little trust. Tender eyes. I thought. Her white of eyes might don’t have threads of blood.
“Should you do that? Can I trust you?”
She asked. I thought my pup days. People said when their child said a word at first time that word was mom or papa. However, in case of wolf, first human word like howling was owner. I hadn’t any other choice but obeyed.
“Yip. I bowed for you.”
I really bowed. It was necessary thing in this circumstance. She gave life to me. It seemed truth but I doubted Why she gave mercy to wolf.
“Let’s go inside my house.”
Celina saw me with her faint eyes then she opened house door. Doorknob and two hinges made clicker sound. Fluffy rug putted on the front. Why she named me fluffy? I was curious. I was not fluffy. I had wiry fur that it tangled. I was look like male wolf. People easily confused.
She didn’t. I thought. She clearly knew me from first. It wasn’t usual. She might have careful personality. When I little more stepped into living room, it showed some furniture, candlestick and small round table. All of these things radiated dusty small. It was like the wagon hold’s small which had loaded amount of fabric. I recalled that she said the workroom in her house.
“My first story had Work room, storage and kitchen.”
She pointed three doors. Each door was decorated and same shape. Doors was carved curled vein. These was old, didn’t radiate any woody smell.
“My second story is private space. I have embroidered claret bed, smell tea table and shelf. You conceded that to work for me. You should know more my house. Follow me.”
She stepped stair that was simple and worn woodwork. It was old alike other stuffs in the house, might got a lot of pressure through the time. Creakily sound chased her step. Only good smell was her neat rose smell that was not perfume. She might be work in small garden then rose smell might be remain.
She taught second story to me. Rooms were dusty. Tailor’s rooms might be always same. She lit the lamp and showed one room. She said this room is my nest. She putted me and bolted in out side. When she bolting the door, I concerned resistance but gave up it. Room’s window opened. If she trapped me, shut window before then. I coiled and close my eyes, decided sleep until new owner call me in the morning.

Katy might say these are fit for bite(dresses). I thought as crouched in next to door of entrance. They gave order to me that bouncer the house keeper. Through the few days, they overcame fear of wolf. My new owner Celina leaded it. They had many says that my name is fluffy. Grr- , I had real fluffy fur it was my pride; the soft belly fur was good; but it only limited my belly. I had rough body that fluffy was unfair name.
Bouncer dog work was easy. Textile workers(not included men) were not many demands. They seemed that they might have gossiping tasks more than sewing works or anything others. In the many gossip cases used newcomer(it’s me.) as it’s main material, However they was neglectful of real me. I could dare do sleep in my duty time. Chattering was more than important watch out for dangerous animal.
I wore silk strip on my neck; in my tail, I wore ribbon which tied bow; these were pink. They say these were pink. Why do wolf wear pink? These was dreadful; weird human.

She liked say first and second and third. She often used these three words in her conversation. If I said like her that I could say like these. First she have merciful mind that mind gave to me mercy. Second she needed to companion; I didn’t know the wolf could be companion. Third she like canine that is good point. I was lucky, might be successful than any other escaped wolves. If I wanted this living, I could enjoy this dwelling.
Celina’s job was tailor. She had friends who worked with her. She had the workplace that was wide and had large tables. They did sewing in table, patched the dresses, reembroidered worn dress decorations. Sometimes they brought dyed fabrics from somewhere. They seemed didn’t make new clothes but mending.
During the few days from I met her at first, I caught her words: new clothes was little expensive. It was reason that her main work was not clothes making. However she said even mending could make moneys.
I learned these that had no relation to me. I observed women’s work how to sew and also several sewing ways. I had own my fur; these was useless for me but I learned it. Except these knowledge and pink materials, this life was content.
In the first several days, I gave up doubt. She might be just love canine kinds. If she had deceit, she might not introduce me to her friends. Textile women accepted me. My new owner was Celina and they trusted Celina. When they worked with her in work place, an invisible companionship waved to me; I could sniff it. She was good human, had several bonded friendships.
They were relieved just at my existence. Bouncer work had several contents. I moved between work place and gate in garden, sniffed and reported the weather to them. Textile women, they especially wanted weather condition.
When my lunch feed time came to me, I got boiled meat from kitchen. It was not red meat which I liked. There was no reason to cook meat for wolf. It was over-serve to wolf. But it was smooth I pleased.
I thought as beat gray meat which putted in bowl. How dose Katy live? Then Era? And also- Aaron? I thought. Past dreadful event spoiled usual canine life. I successfully resettled thank to her mercy. Human said time is fast but wolves could say time is fast more than them. We were not long live animal. We felt heavy to time five than human. It was literally. When human felt a one day, Wolves felt their five day times. We were short live animal. Time was important. I learned how adapt human time but still felt little long. I escaped and thus couldn’t meet my companions for the longtime or never meet them.
“Do you see my special room?”
Few days after evening, Celina said to me in her dinner table. I was eating my red meat in floor. Bloody red meat was tasty thing. I sniffed her and looked up table.
“I saved you and also I’m your owner. You should know about your owner. If you don’t it then you don’t assist me.”
It was mild order. She added before I said some answer. She was owner, new owner. I nodded to her but was still looking up table. Some smells invaded to my nose. Celery, lettuce and in such; I knew only two kinds of the vegetable. I was carnivore and Cohorts the City detectives loved meat and little wine. They had fat belly and also paid it for their eating habit. They might be, hardly eat vegetable. I had no opportunity for learn vegetable name. Vegetable also had bitter smells. I wondered why human eat it.
I thought cohorts’ bellies as was eating my dinner meat. It had Smooth and sweet fat. I sniffed it many times. How delicious it is!
How did dare I think it? I found the problem in the next moment as quit my eating. Cohort is not food, Cohort is not food, Cohort is not meat. I thought. My instinct might cause problem. Why did I thought human is meat?
“What are you thinking? You didn’t answer to my question. Do you here me?”
“Grr-. Hum, I can here master’s voice.”
I answered. During several days, I did like her. I should answer master’s speech.
“If you think your office and cage, it is useless.”
She announced. She said I didn’t hear her previous words. Wolf’s sense was useless in this time. What did she say? I should have heard her voice. She was eating her vegetable. Poked vegetable was moved to her mouth. I heard crunch vegetable noise. She might be like vegetable.
We finished our dinner, it required sometime. I lay my belly on wooden floor as she cleared her dishes from table. I watched her she only wore white gown. Under her loose gown, a thin shape hided. I heard human woman wear corset that was used to keep her thin waist. However she wore not corset which smelled whale born or iron. Her whole body was just thin. I guessed she might have natural way to get her body.
“Do dogs like chewing their bone?”
She asked as cleared my meat bowl and water bowl.
“hum- you may dislike its cracking noise.”
It was true. Human liked meat but hated cracking sound and also might hate marrow of bone.
“hmm. I see your opinion. You considered for me. But, I want independent thing. Considering on independent was useful to sometimes.” She made smile and I wondered. wired girl. Why is she thought some independence were good? “Follow me. I will show my pride.” She touched my back in her gentle.
She stepped stair. Stair was made unpleasant creakily sound but I ignored it. My owner was pleasant with little happy. She decided show her special room. Thus, I needed to made smile that was even wolf’s thing. When she reached the door, I recognized it that was other her working room. It was clothes making room which was only used for her.
Dust and fur smell invaded at my nose as she opened the door. Room seemed neatly except some dust. Several rest of fabric set in the wooden rack. Two long tables stood in the room. Drawers hided stuffs. Hangers were located in. Flat pieces hang on the wall. These might be made wood or hard paper.
“These are clothes patterns.”
She explained to me.
“These are used to measure fabrics size. I cut cloth that trace pattern and then gained clothes piece.”
She said then had a thought. Her eyes was deep like a place which named sea but not concentrative to anything. She seemed have little unconscious. Before she opens her mouth, Instinct gave opportunity to me. I realized her feel that was remembrance.
“I was little fast to end of my childhood’s feeling. It was dreadful. A Lot of blood was bleed by me or others. I became woman or adult female since I made and got blood at first. I had been child before. In that time, I was admiring the girls like flower. In my eyes, they had beautiful; I studied them part to part. In my decision, I thought dress was their point. Their flesh was living but just living. It seemed they were nothing different other nature’s things. But dress was different. It covers someone and give own made beauty. I wanted make beauty by myself then now I was working tailor. That is reason for this work room is special room.”
In end of her conversation, she attached the smile. Her speech was confession and took full of feeling but it hided its intention. She said that she give mercy to me in before. However it was not intention’s content. But determination-, it was right. She said had several determinations in the past time. Her determination was good in my case. My personality was just she wolf and I knew my stand.
My instinct said these to me. She used confession for bind me. Said past time could make join together. Anyway, she was pleased at me as could pat my body. I gave good wolf eyes to her.
“These are my threads and good dress materials. I selected them from market.”
She opened one drawer then showed spools to me. She had many things. She said each one had different beauty and usage but these were difficult to merely wolf. I just accepted her kindly mind and mood.
She showed other things in this room. Each thing had difficult meaning. Why is ‘hasn’t fur’ complex like these? I thought. Certainly, human was complex thing.
“Do you know this color?”
She picked up some stuff then showed to me. Fabric, It color was-.
“Red. I think.”
I answer for her with little doubt. I learned decision amid human that I rarely mistook on my decision. However, curiosity still remained every decision because I was not human but rogue canine.
“Then what is this color?”
She picked another fabric which was worn and fluffy small piece. It was embroidered diamond shape. I saw that it took some time then I glared.
“It may- green pastel color.”
I said with had some doubt. I looked up her as crouched on workroom floor. Instinct gave conclusion that was fast than her words. I made mistake.
“Why was first one correct then second one wrong? I know something that was sight of your kind.”
She asked in her curious. I had little unwillingness to reveal my truth. I saw at her. She was owner that I felt obey her.
“We haven’t full black and white sight. For instance, we can see Yellow and Blue which named by human. These are faint colors to us. I never see order colors.
We learned names which were gave by human. In our sight, red is dark gray, orange is brown, green is gray, Sometime I can see purple. Wolves learned should say for human want.
People’s face show yellow in my eyes but I can’t dare say its truth.
Pant-. Pastel is too faint enough for misjudgment.”
I explained for her. People said world is full of color but I couldn’t fully accept it. She nodded and took some understanding from me.
“I think differently against the truth. I have mistake.”
She said and patted my head.
My new owner and I learned from each other about two sort of difference. Which were man and animal kind’s, plainly different thing. Have we same count of difference? I thought.

Her red house(She said roof tiles color is terra-cotta red.) was locked by high wall; She often went out. Many times, she companied me. She went Market, garden and other pleasant places. She was content that joins with the thing. Especially, in the market, she was more pleased. I sniffed material for her and said my sense to her. She seemed good face because my canine sense helped her for select good thing. And also, when I made low growl on shop’s floor, she could do easy bargaining with merchant.
She was patted my head and scratched my neck many times. However she did not always company me. Sometimes she went out alone then came to home with content face. She said finished some matters. I nodded. I had no right interfere to owner’s problem.
House or private canine’s life was little different than I expected. I obeyed orders like in cohort’s office. But many house duties were acting like live toy. I wagged my tail; people touched my body; sometimes, I made happy pant: these made people content. They wanted good mood.
I was living in good but bad feeling still remained. What do bronze hall cage and others became? I thought.

When clouds were getting gray and sight of city was getting dark blue, Celina and I stood in pavestone. She said she had appointment in this morning. We were waiting a coach next to bronze streetlamp. She passed already two coaches. She said we needed take a good one. She grasped umbrella in her left hand, in her right hand, grasped brown leather bag. I guessed this umbrella couldn’t cover me. When rain fell, canine might just be hit by rain. It was human’s stuff. When I sniffed little more moisture in air, she called one coach. It seemed aged but still had good quality and even glossy.
She made bargaining with coach man. She gave some coin to man then said her destination. Her destination located in five kings’ streets.
“What will you do there?”
I asked as I jumped and crouched to coach seat. My butt and tail gave fluffy feeling to me. Coach seat made velvet. I guessed.
“I will meet a mistress. She wants new dress. I will size her and make her dress.”
She was tailor and thus this meeting might important to her. It was also happy work for her I knew it. My owner usually had mending but she liked clothes making. I didn’t catch rain fall sign yet.
I wasn’t stupid dog, was trained high intellect. I decided calm that not like a dog. I looked front glass and coach man’s back. I recalled my memory which was his words. He said he has little afraid that might be a wolf spoil his coach. I dare not do like his words. I thought.
When the coach was moving on road, she gave me some talks and I answered. She had curiousness to my high sense. She called it high sense. As I hadn’t various color sight, she hadn’t my sense. She wanted know difference. Sky just clouded, hadn’t any sign. My whiskers reported nothing.
The coach stopped. She went out from coach; I brought up her rear. A large walled house stood in front of me. She said this house owners are Bureaucrat Rastero and mistress Willeta. She talked to a gate guard as explained her appointment. The guard asked to her about me. I saw guard that he was bulgy man. This is my canine. She said. Bulgy man answered that this wolf need be tied collar.
They made agreement. Bulgy man brought a collar from somewhere. I was tied then we went to inside of house. Hall decorated tapestry; several chairs and table were settled in corner of it. Floor was marble as bronze hall’s floor. A Servant guided us. We stepped wide stair especially I stepped four legs. I didn’t detect any rain sign.
When she was meeting with mistress, I crouched in other side room. A servant, who leaded us, remained in this room with me. He was afraid to wolf. He was watching me. I looked him against his watching. We looked at each other.
I heard some conversation and rustle sound. She brought her tape measure in bag. Rustle sound might be sizing and conversation might be happy expectation. Good, red, embroidered, these words were heard by my ears. Human made clothes that it was happy for them.
After long conversation, I went out with her from the house. She untied my neck. Her touch was mild as if she knew bad feeling when dog collar was tied neck. She caught another coach and seated with me. Sky was just still dark.
When the coach was passing one house, I saw many tense cohorts and guards was scattering near the house. I recognized a rose garden. This house was governor Claudian’s house. I brought letter to this house before.
“Why are they standing in nearby the house? This is governor’s house. I know it.”
I asked as was keeping my watching through window.
“He was assassinated. I heard from mistress.”
Celina answered in tranquil face. If the reason of gray sky was not rain, one man’s death seemed to fit.


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