Script - Augusta

Harmonia – Wolves
Augusta(Augusta Nasennia Candida)

Augusta was born within legionary family. Her family served for their leader(Alpha) throughout long time. Family’s founder Balduin once served as real legionary but he broke his loyalty to imperator when disease stormed at his region. Local wolves said he was one of Nasennia’s subordinate; Nasennnia who was local commander’s daughter.
Only few survived after disease overwhelmed. They were not typical human but more likely wolves. They were beast who was crazy and savage thing. Nasennia raised them from the doom. She had vision which found new order. She started her plan from small legion’s fort which her father commanded. Bladuin was one of fort legionary.
Nasennia gathered several survived legionaries. She started her own pack at near Old Limes and Old River. Bladuin became her legionary his family Candida served up as Pack’s legionary to this day.
Augusta lived in Villa Candida was located near city(Nasennium, Pack’s den). She was Candida family which was honorable line from Pack origin. She served as Pack’s inner legion(Cohortes Vigilum) that she was one of honorable family members. She wasn’t like good officer but well aggressive warrior. She promoted centurion not much later started to serve. She had ugly body which was bulk torso and bulgy bone. Wolves said ‘she can dreadful warrior’ but Augusta had critical point. She was not normal who self-bred Pack’s members. She was crossbreed which word was called as metis.
Her family married with other tribe in grandparents’ era. Marriage was political that marriage aimed two tribes’ concord. Two tribes’ blood mixed in that era. Line of foreign blood made. It seemed was honorable until their strong link broke. Two tribes almost reached war. Cardinals stopped it barely. Line of foreign blood was doomed by Pack’s wolves that they hated it. Blood cleared her mother’s era. Her elder sister seemed born with Pack’s own blood but she wasn’t like sister. She was metis which her blood lines mixed well. It disturbed her life since she was born.
She was bulk wolf with specific red-brown-black fur. This shape wasn’t like Pack’s other wolves. They are small and sleek wolves their fur bright brown and gray. She was even taller than them. Her bone shape was neither isosceles triangle nor rectangle but compounded. She wasn’t had muzzle which fit for attacking or sneaking but had shape for slaughter. It was different point against each other pack’s anatomy.
She had impressive two-hands( or forepaws)-axe as warrior’s pride. It wasn’t Pack’s wolves’ equipment that they loved to standardize everything. It was from her foreign linage. They gifted it to her when she was born. This axe had two blades to each side and old werewolf’s skull in middle of its iron. Several amulets decorated it and tattoos drew to its flat side.
She was just one of legionary family’s members when they all served their vigilance duty. But it wasn’t current situation. Her family summoned to their Alpha that they joined Great War. Other legionary families also summoned only few legions’ members were left. She was left member that she was only remain adult amid her family. She was Mater-familias even it was temporary. She never dreamed it before. She was impressed warrior but hadn’t wisdom as elder. She couldn’t reach family mother’s right over her mixed blood.
All Pack’s territory seemed was calmed Old River still flowed as ancient time. Many pack member summoned others should prepare warriors’ supplies in this late summer. She will keep her villa as mother of the family( mater-familias) and protect Pack’s ripped wheat yard.


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