Black howl - Chapter.1 messenger.

Kardien note.

1.English isn’t my mother language. I learned hard to English during a few months. I had plan writing in English. I wrote several stories in my mother language before. I still feel difficult to English writing. It takes a long time to finished first chapter.
Please, if you find the wrong sentence, see it mildly, and then give to me the advice or the criticism. These will make my sentence better.

2.This story is not exactly werewolf story. It certainly include werewolf but is wolf story. If you see werewolf on wolf side; it is like werehuman than werewolf. I want write to view of wolf side that look to werewolf. I don’t know it will be well wrote.

3.I still confuse ‘A’ and ‘The’ ’s usage. You may find many mistakes these are ‘A’ and ‘The’. Would you advice to me these usages?

Black Howl.
By Kardien Lupus.

Chapter.1 Messenger

When the night passed midnight I was getting around the street. My eyes rendered the faded Building and pave stone in shades of black and white. However, my ears caught nothing but quietness and nose snuffed the smells dim and sunk. Though just several hours passed in City, City has calmed.
I trod my paws as I slowly ran in street. Often I turned my head to watch the buildings and walls and such. Smells I inhaled identified dusts and foods with added some foulness of sewers. They are all downed, but one smell, that of humans, was still vivid. They remained asleep and I was running alongside them.
Although running, I did not throw my legs fast as I must check out the street I had passed. Again I snuffed the street and scanned the buildings and entry way of alley. It was all cleared.
I was not running along with Sort of our kind. We wanted stacking each other that was our wish also hope. People called it Pack that was one of worrying words so at time they sent look of doubt at our gathering. They looked at our kind with displeasure.
I was alone but, people hate our grouping, that was not reason. That’s my work because I was captured therefore they had right to order me. Last evening they ordered to me patrol the streets, it not meant us together but only meant me.
A Blue scarf was tied my neck and I could feel tighten the vein beneath the fur. I disliked its feeling but people’s thought were it is right. They also thought it marked well who tamed animal. Blue scarf was a mark given to me. I was some kind of livestock. That was feeling I got from neck.
I keep running and every time turned streets make to check all of street’s things. People made me the Public order dog. They have given me that life. In order days, many of us went to hunt a few sheep at a time and got killed. We survived not because they had mercy, but because they use for us, including myself.
They found servants.
When the hunters hunted wolves, they found some kind of wolf’s ability; these wolves could do well enough brightly think, even understand human words. Many people hated us but its fact was so useful thing, than ever subdued animals by human. For what matter, humans didn’t want to do bothersome works so they needed servant. Ancestors finally hunted down by hunters then were pinned up in cage. Since than, people made us were coercively obeyed for them. Ancestors given puppies and after continued wolves to wolves were tamed for human.
Streets seemed no have problem. There was no suspicious sound and I never saw any strange people. If no smells had sniffed, these parts of city had completely peaceful mood. I liked it. It was quite better than whatever problems came.
For a while, I stopped my legs. Stood all fours and trod dirty paving stone then inhaled a deep breath from cold atmosphere. Air made to my lung fresh. I liked this feel. Only for a few second I inhaled but I felt pleasure with little freedom. That was my joy.
After breathing, I checked my summer coat and then shook it strongly, which made me feel better.
For the last several streets on patrol route, I had not found any problems; I had not barked at burglar, treated abnormality matter or even answered people who got lost on their home. Tonight was smooth time for a wolf.
Now, I have completed my patrol route, a familiar picture waited for me. That was fork in the road; starting point of two roads, old white building located in. In that reason, White building had meaning to me. Running was over. I need to go to cage.

At the front of sub hall in office, he was sitting on a chair. He looked at me with eyes bloodshot; he must have stayed up all night. I knew why he couldn’t get any sleep; Police usually did Arrogance only but they had many works in now days. At instant he glared me.
“Ho-, where have you been?”
He asked as he yawed.
I tried making words for Lot, but my muzzle and throat didn’t work well. I made just barking sound. Human’s words were difficult to us.
“What did you say?”
He asked once more. He frowned his forehead, his overtime had already made it pale.
“Woof! Arf!”
After my barking, I could not but blame my muzzle for barking. His dim blue eyes were tense. Lot, he never liked barking. He might as well thought that I was doing that out of defiance or joke. Bad muzzle, I thought. Sometimes it didn’t work for human like speech.
“I patrolled my route, from Gironde to bironde. I have always patrolled those streets”
I answered. Rough tone with woofing resonance, but fortunately I said human language this time.
“What did you say? you were patrolling alone?”
 He saw me at bloodshot eyes. Small pink vessels settled in pupil, He might doubtfully look to me.
“I’m just dog but I knew how urban cohorts have many works, they were busy now; Aaron, my trainer told me: tonight, work you alone. Aaron was busy.”
“Then, you go.”
Cohort Lot told me. He only gave a short word. I guessed Lot always hated wolf, talking wolves.
“Thank you, Lot. yip!”
I bowed to him. Taking like human is quite difficult thing. The natural ability of a wolf lies in backing, howling and yipping, not speech. I have been learning human language since I was a pup, for a whole life. That made to my throat was tired.
I went up the short stair and toward cage.
One little candle light gleamed in entrance, light seemed feeble and room dusky. I moved nose from one way to another as I snuffed. Room is full of others’ smell, those my companions’.
“Did, you get back now?”
Glittery eyes looked at me. Two orange lights were hung up in front side, these was Era’s eyes. I snuffed her.
“Yes, finished my work.”
I answered. Since we were pups, we were trained to use human speech even in conversation between wolves. We’re natural dog lang that finally faded and forgotten.
I blinked eyes at once then saw the dark room. I could saw her. If this time had sun raise, she’s white and gray mixed felt twinkled. She is beautiful wolf also high ranked than me.
“Dillon, Restia and Roberto they got out with their cohorts. They might not come in until late morning.”
She said.
Officers, if they were busy, we were also just as busy; I guess People have many works, so they give order to us. They thought it was fit to dogs. But hardly thought how many works was gave us. Supposing Officers have works, we were bound get more works. I felt my fatigued.
Cohorts called our bedroom cage. Room is smaller than the ones for twelve wolves and air was blended with dust. 7 of 9 wolves had fallen asleep. They’d been hard work in daylight. I needed to sleep like them.
Late-night air came in through the window. Mild breeze tickled my thin summer fur, waking up my mind a little. Foot step’s echo and horse’s gallop and chattering in daylight, those not heard. My heart has calmed, it was little time for a animal.
Once more, I sniffed the room’s air. Scattered furs, breath of sleeping wolves, teethes behind the lips and their smells were all in the Old and grimy air. They were comfortable things. They were our smells and partly mine also. Deep blue sky has showed up through the barred window. Iron bars divided the sky into several pieces. I felt like my heart locked; something inside me stirred my gut.
“Don’t you get sleep?”
I asked Era who didn’t sleep along with me. I went to my nest that was partitioned with cushions spread on it. I laid belly on cushions: even though the fabric was clung with dust, it was still smooth and warm. I looked at era.
“Nah, I will watch out room’s entrance. If someone comes in, I need to know. Cohorts gave the order to me.”
Era said. She is a first-rank working dog and also oldest wolf in this cage. Peoples wanted overseer among of us because they needed a self accuser. We tamed to obeyed humans, but they were never fully trusted us. The old wolf, Era, was in dark. She looked older.
I closed my eyes as I sniffed was awaking Era’s smell. My head was going heavy. I hoped to have a wolf’s dream.

Early morning, I got up and yawned that was wolf’s long yawn. I blinked my eyes and shook my body then saw it who made me waked up. My nose gave me first answer.
“Look at me, hey, lazy dog.”
Cohort Lot. His throat might be angry. I didn’t know he got angry from me. Over time also named over work made people exhausted; they usually showed tiresome feeling to us.
“Yip, grr-, please wait, I recover my sense soon.”
He should give me a time. I was barely asleep late night then he awaked dawn time it was still far from sunrise. Once more, I shook my body and added my gray fluffy fur, it my small pride.
“Kardien, I much care.”
Added his angry, his throat started bold. I blanked my eyes two times more. I realized other human’s small it blended little musk perfume.
“I think it is fit, give my little assignment to other one.”
The man said in consideration but Lot the cohort prevented his thought.
“This dog quite knew boroughs’ geography-.”
Lot said.
“-She will work well, Aaron she’s handler taught City’s streets in the meantime”
I thought Lot who bothered and stole my sweet sleep. I pulled out my eyelid then cleared look to men.
His coat saw fine than lot, fabric was soft, no stain but clean and dark; his coat had many brass button and decoration that mean he was superior of midst of cohorts. I swallowed my spit.
“Do you know five kings’ street?”
He asked gently, wolves was hardly gave treatment like that. High bureaucrats had habit that was pretend mildness and honesty to all of he encountered, I heard that in the past.
I nodded and laid my body on bottom of room. Sleepiness, it ran a way to farness. I never wanted make a problem when him like human settled in front of me. High servants of City hall could easily drag us to wrong circumstance. I was curious, way he came dim dogs’ room in personally.
“The five kings’ street have five rose gardens; go through all gardens you can easily find governor Claudian’s house. Then give him this letter.”
He took out scroll from pocket then saw to me. Scroll was bound by ribbon and waxed to sealed scroll.
“Let’s find harness out put on her.”
Lot quickly said. He surely had ill will to me. I thought. I had only one time growl at him then we just had several encounters when my feel was little tensed. That’s all. Many of human too sharpened at their heart or mind. Wolves could say even only one threat make them fear but it didn’t spit out through our throat, humans determined we do not rude.
Anyway, now, Lot was putting harness down my back and buckling up my belly. That feel, was covered some stuff to my body, it was hard to ignore. It made feel little sad.
“Don’t forget what I said. You do not lose your way but go straight to destination. I believe that latter arrival in well time, not too late.”
When Lot fully buckled up, man said gently to me.
It was time to go. I stretched my front legs then hind legs followed it. Round leather box which putted in letter, I felt it tied my neck. I went out the cohort office.

Early dawn’s sky it was still darkly and deep blue. Air was still little chilly and didn’t seemed like summer’s atmosphere. My tiny and light summer coat made felt my skin cold. Cold dawn. City was still fall asleep.
I was running between each sides of street; both of Long-Lined houses aged and dimmed, kept company with City. City aged old that I was heard. Some places fully rebuilt and many places fixed through the long time. But City could be smelled that deeply aged tastes alike kept secret something.
Five kings’ street one of these sorts of places. It was little far from cohort’s sub office in Bronze hall which stood near by City center square. Five King’s street wasn’t my handler’s area, but I and Aaron some times went to these at reason bureaucrats’ aimed to need to guards.
Five kings was high-class place.
Long, Long time ago five kingdoms kings were always keeping war to each others. They were greed, jealousy, dissatisfaction for their small countries. Their war had never end, midst of five kings anyone hadn’t wised enough govern whole kingdoms.
Many people went to fight, arable lands were desolate and children were dying. Long time war spoiled countries but kings never adopted their men’s advice. One day, a saint had given the revelation from sky. He said a holy stuff buried in some where of five counties.
All of kings wanted holy stuff so they searched whole of their dominion but stuff never found their territory. Kings begun to think that stuff was hide in their rival’s own land then they thought: There was no way to get stuff but war.
Many people death because of war. Many women lost their husbands in war time. Many children have been never meeting their fathers. All of countries people had deeply distress. But kings never paid attention.
During long war time, five kings met which hill with their army. They finally learned where stuff is buried. Stone hill was that place. They fought, killed others soldiers, tried to occupation hill. They encountered top of hill, stuff placed in that.
At moment, kings reached their hands to stuff; suddenly a thunder struck the stuff. Holy stuff broke and destroyed. Five kings realized what they missed.
From after that kings reconciled to each other then they thought their own people then lastly, united their countries. That was legend.
I thought that just dulled human’s legend, anyway, the Hill had been made new kingdom’s castle. Even far after from that A large also massive state toke out small kingdom’s land, However the hill still remained upper people residence though castle had been broke down.
Five rose gardens located in line through hill top. I kept running, arrived entrance of hill. At second, I nosed mild breeze that was putted in some salt water and fishes’ smell. I remembered fish market which located in nearby; every day, small ships carried a amount of fish to the market, used City’s river. I heard sometime about the place which named sea but I never saw sea from whole my life. I thought that I putted this smell at my furry body then will show my companions and say about that. That was happy thing for canine.
I was going through the street. Each side of houses had quality and neatness. Even I almost only saw black and white but they seemed were pretty good. They well structured.
I ran along side rose gardens. Roses bloomed and tangled another looked amusement for me. I urged to play, if I saw butterfly could chase to it. But was no time to play in now.
I passed top of hill and mid one of gardens. That time, I encountered watchman but both of we ignored to each others. Man saw me that I was officer’s dog as carrying letter, walking to home from his finished work. I didn’t bother; peoples’ cautious look was how many gave to us made hardly tense us. Then I was keep going. A large mansion easily found at last garden.
One coach was coming across house entrance. That colored black also had glossy wood body. Two horses were coming to entrance their horseman wore black jacket. In the early dawn time, that’s figure was temper down, of bluely hour.
The coach stopped entrance which a large ironwork gate. Both of guards approached the coach for say and were exchanging some take with horseman. I didn’t exactly hear that, they said in little voice and its site little far from me.
“Who is-?”
One guard said, He might tell ‘who is it?’
“It’s he.”
Horseman said, carefully.
“You need to-, that- exactly. Liar is anywhere. So-.”
“It’s he, the owner.”
Horseman said clearly.
“Do you have- document- identify?”
Another guard said to Horseman. I felt it, he had some curious.
“No. But before you open the-.”
They were whispering. Next words didn’t here to me in my site. But I felt it from nose, wolf’s sight and my feeling. Suddenly, Second guard shivered then he runs out inside house.
“We need to something identification stuff. Even what were you say. Therefore-.”
Officer said. Guard came back with he’s officer who wore long coat and had firmly working. But unheard words because of not whispering, it was interruption. Coach’s door opened.
“Oh, sorry, forgive me sir.”
Officer hunched his back, it was honestly. His men act alike him. Man was inside coach, he might real honorable man. Officer stretched his hand to guards that men opened large gate. Two large leafs of door pulled to each side then coach was going into the house. Suddenly horses were disturbed and stopped that horseman tried to clam for horses.
Four men discovered me. I thought horses might shiver because of me. Through the long time, these things had been prey of wolf. I was angry to these animals because they made problem to me. It was unfair. I never thought attacking them. Anyway, horseman finally controlled them drove coach inside house. Left Three men glared to me.
Guard Superior, he came to me.
Down the rimed brim hat, his face was stiff and wrinkly. His right hand touched sword’s hilt and also I sniffed some of blackly smell that was the gunpowder. I saw his leather belt; pistol stuck in it. I swallowed to my throat.
“a-. Why do you come here?”
He not said ‘wolf’. Better than called wolf with my name, he considered me was more beastly. Peoples never understood gunpowder smell that made fear. I thought.
“I bring a letter.”
I yipped. I still sniffed gunpowder smell it made tense to me and also bristled neck ruff. These things were covered by me. Peoples had made us fear by that smell. In my vein, I felt urge to prey, forest and cold air but I pressed those down. Sometimes I had dream that I had shot and sparked fire at barrel then flicked down to floor. Peoples made us fear but wolves had no right revealed horror.
“Where is letter from?”
Man asked me.
“Cohort office was located in Bronze hall. I’m cohort’s canine.”
I said directly. I wanted not make any problem. This order has given to me that might official thing.
“What is letter’s content? And do you have any of identifying stuff? I hate animal that loitering in dawning time. You should say clearly.”
Man’s caution was because of not fully that I was wolf but much blended carefulness. I nosed his tense. His tense alike met the honorable men in the moment before. Had it incident? I thought.
“I just have given order and also I tied blue scarf.”
I answered, didn’t know what letter is but sender’s musk perfume. He grabbed letter box which tied my neck. At moment, he glared my harness and scarf. He might have something check. In little tense, he looked seal wax and that’s arm.
“Is that real from cohort’s office?”
He asked. That seemed a real check answer, I’m not sniffed exactly reason, It might be large house rule.
“That’s ok. Now you can go back your shelter.”
He returned to house as he grabbed a letter but was left these words. Because of dawning time, people were tense. I thought. I had no reason but leave from this place. I turned my body then ran back to my office.

“I bring the smell.”
When I came back room saw Katy that she woke and opened eyes. While I went for send a letter and backed my room, dawning time ended. Time went morning. Sky was better light blue. However Katy’s eyes still were remaining yellow bright. At time, she sniffed me and took out the smell.
“It is fish!”
She yipped. I saw canine’s smile in her lip. Each side of lips went deeply inner. She was young wolf more like puppy in yet. She was youngest. She needed to more train. Anyway she was lovely wolf; people may not bring that who she like happy wolf. I liked her.
“Finally Era have sleep, I see. I think; should you do more sleep? You may work harder in day light.”
I said to Katy. I worried. People didn’t consider our story. Wolves needed to sleep because we had many work in the order time, rest was necessary.
“I just got up early. I think I want to play time. Anyway, I like fresh smell. Yip!”
Anyway, this word, she might learn from me. I thought. People liked directly ‘anyway’ that one of bad words to wolf. I needed to reteach her. I thought.
Sniffed, Sniffed, I heard little rustle sound. Katy’s nose burrowed deeply at my felt. Pup liked smelling.
“Is any problem?”
When I shook my body, she little shocked and backed with gave curiously look.
“You are canine; surly you know sometime you should reset your body.”
Reset was necessary without someone’s hindrance. At time, I felt sleepiness, needed to sleep but not against bared teeth to her. She was puppy like young. That’s all.
 I suddenly felt dizzy. I thought. In my consciousness, I was weak to controlling urge to bite something. It was bad habit. For a long time, I had urge to hunting, kill, blood and etc. People have decided these were just bad; People seemed wasn’t like those words; a bad word was a bad thought.
I never wanted bit fluffy wolf. Some of my veins made tense to me but I was ignoring it. I never did to something but that fact was roughing to me in now. I went my nest and fell a sleep.

Summer’s shine gave glitter to building its left side marble’s bricks. I was following my handler Aaron. He had little tender face with mild big belly. I didn’t know its reason but normally cohorts had big belly. We left glittery building that named Bronze hall, started patrolling day route.
Exactly Aaron was not my handler. He just fed to us. He bought meat and gave it to us; these were his job in office. People called wolves in anytime; we were conceded that people forced to us. We were intelligent could understand human speech; people rather thought that needed not trainer, But they needed man who well knew that livestock. Aaron was caretaker also shared his times with us.
Panes of windows sparkled from sunshine. Stores of each road-side they were opening their doors. People went and outed through doors as street crowded in natural midday. Half cooked fish’s smell came to me, from a house second floor’s opened window. I thought smell from dawn time.
Street seemed no problem with smells alike. But I thought tension that was existing theses days. Cohorts never said why they busy. Instead of route form their tongue, I sniffed sweaty smell or salt or sigh and freshener covered something for hide. These were unnormal. Cohorts usually just were arrogance.
“yip! This place has many smells.”
Katy said. She was young; she was trained by human, however she still had puppy like mind. This was day time patrol. Not play time.
“Put your mind for what you see and watch and sniff them.”
I pointed out. But Katy ignored that.
“I feel many things that I sniff. You brought fish smell but I really sniff in now.”
Two cohorts saw me and Katy. They seemed unpleasantly at time. Did any people love see wolves’ chattering? Even though they seemed threw by their duty.
Sniffed crowded street was good and taught many things. If I sniffed one smell learned taste, feel, essence then imagined how it had shape, had color at black and white and also with touch. Our nose could do various things that made us saw little widely. But it didn’t use pleasure in this time. We were patrolling,
“Katy. You don’t do that.”
Officer Aaron saw down Katy. He pointed out her. She accepted it and calmed in this time. Sadly also she knew why she complying human’s speech.
Aaron and two cohorts with four wolves were patrolling shiny street. People in street that they smell passed me. Cohorts walked with Snobbish gesture. They watched people but people was clever with cared that they want hide. Snobbishly or careful. I didn’t know who first started this play. For what reason, Cohorts didn’t find something that works was our thing.
Katy stuck to aside me. She might feel cheap. I watched each side of street. I gazed they shape and nosed their smell. They hardly could hide something to us. Alleys reached to street seemed darkly than midnight. Cohorts said need watch, I made my feel little tense.
Cohorts normally had one thought. Watch out commoners. With this thought, they also had order thought. We’re higher than the poor. They had tendency that look these people potential offenders. However they exceeded degree in nowadays. They made tighten to schedule, had more patrols and rummaged several houses. But I didn’t know reason.
Two people were arguing. People gathered in rimed line from them. Aaron and I saw that. Cleaned up fight was one of duty to cohorts. Aaron ordered to me and Sayira, “Go first” he said.
“What are these?!”
Man wore Light brown clothes shouted as saw us. We came at inside of rimed line then people divided each side. They saw two men with us gave worrying look.
“Theses are stocks.”
Another man wore off-white apron spat out words glared at us. He grasped nothing in both hands but was ready to kick anything with hard leather shoe. I sniffed apple’s smell.
“Are you gov’s wolf?”
Brown clothes man was looked like plugged his throat. He hardly asked what we were identity. He might angered interrupted his argument.
“You should back off.”
I and Sayira said to each human at one time. I gazed at Brown clothes man and bared my teeth and snarled. People frightened saw bare teeth. Their Intellect suppressed their instinct but it needed take some time. We were responsibility cleared fight earlier than Cohorts.
Atmosphere was felt freezable. People few stepped back from us.
Sky gave shine but it was felt cold. People could hunt wolves down, but for some reason, they shrank at the moment they saw wolves. Before their cold sweat rehotted, Cohorts approached.
“What are you doing in now?”
Young cohort who wore soiled and sweaty smelled coat, cut into among the people.
“He broke our promise. He didn’t pay out my money.”
Apron man complained to young cohort. His face showed this situation was not proper.
“I don’t think like that.” Brown shirt man said “Hey Cohort, I borrowed some coins not long ago that is truth. I wanted bring some furniture to my house. But this man sold to me rotten fruits.”
Two men complained at each other with explained to youth and other cohorts. I sniffed their growing hot smells and thought fight restarted soon. Other cohort who just looked them opened mouth.
“Who is first start fight?”
In his thought, he might determine that the easy way was good.”
“He insult at me.”
Off-white apron man griped.
“He throw apple at my head”.
Brown shirt man explained.
“I sniff apple smell.”
Katy interrupted; I realized missed control Katy. Apron man might be fruit-shop owner, glared Katy in twisted face. Cohorts prepared their work. Katy really didn’t know careless acting that make human throw stone at her. If wolves opened their muzzle, wolves should be caution.
“You go with me.”
Young cohort said. Cohorts would do this: two of them keep patrolling and one arrested man and went to office. He might don’t back home a few days. His sweaty smell proved that. His was young and low position.
“This man took out my money. You don’t take me from this place.”
Apron man pointed his finger at other man and complained. When I saw up man’s face he scowled me. I didn’t threat to him but, when I looked up human, they felt unpleasant feel. People dislike wolf that pact seemed never change.
Apron man resisted but youth succeeded buckled up leather strap to his wrists. Youth cohorts brief said.
“We are don’t detention just based little coins’ matter. But we have rule. I take you to office then you wrote some scripts and go back your place. This is fair, this is role.”
Youth didn’t say why don’t take care coin’s matter. That was just troublesome work for cohorts than fought at open place. They had a lot of task in nowadays.
Katy and Tailor and Aaron made people scatter. Two wolves and one man cooperated. People leaved like bird each direction. Aaron was good people among of human. At least, he didn’t hate wolves even he thought we were just animals.
After matter solved, two cohorts resumed their patrolling. Two men was first and wolves behind, I also resumed watch out the street. When I followed cohorts saw two strange people.
They were giving talk to each other. Something gleamed on one’s jacket. It seemed like neck watch, a watch: equipment had two needles with twelve black numbers, used for measured time, this is human’s stuff.
I knew two facts. Watch is expensive and not poor’s stuff. Two men seemed had work and also needed check time. They were keeping talk in dark side of alley entrance. They glared at two cohorts once. They might be look cohorts since cohorts stopped fight. I nosed them, smell is dusty but not dirty.
“Hey wolf. You should go in now.”
Aaron told me. I concerned about I told it to him. But I might be make mistake that could make bother him. Aaron was good people to stocks but as disliked as other people tiresome animal’s wrong claim.
“Yes, I will follow you.”
I said. At same time, Katy saw me in curious shape. Katy liked me and want knew what I thought. Useless thought needed forgot it, I decided forgot that. I really followed Aaron.

That evening, I caught chance talk with my fellows. They were not all wolves in cage. We were busy; people gave work that was regardless time. Nowadays, if some wolves woke up others were asleep. I was talking with six my fellows.
“Cohorts teased us.”
Dillon grumbled to others. He frowned his lids and wrinkled his muzzle skin. He woke a moment ago and should go for work soon.
“They never give any of price things to us.”
His eyes twinkled. Room’s only one candle has gone out. Whether that’s Light existed or didn’t exist, His eyes showed bright light.
“Though, they feed to us good meat that had good quality.”
Aira answered. She laid her belly on mid of stone floor.
“That have only one reason, they use us with salve.”
He made roar sound; Aira closed her muzzle. He said meaningless words. We were slave, just salve. If we could escape at city they awaited : The Landlord, The sheepdog, The shepherd, these were worst enemy for wolf. Even people didn’t mind us, we didn’t attempt escape. Human instinct hated wolf but they never fired someone’s property.
He was keep mumbling. Because of his mumbling, others talk interrupted. I want heard interesting story not his chat. Rest time was precious.
“Lazy dog.”
He stared Era. Era slept, her body laid side looked defenseless. She seemed truly tired. Before Dillon did more chattering, I thought one thing.
I knew people saw our conversation then what they thought. Our mocking voice that was so high or wail like noise and wrong pronunciation. Some part liked hissing pipe. Because we talked like that during whole life, we didn’t bother mis-pron. But human was different. They used well pronunciation and thought it was reasonable. Some of them said our talk was like fairy tale. That appeared talking animals even showed up big bad wolf. Speak good human language was quite difficult thing to wolf. I said human lang enough to human could understand barely two years ago, but kept learning throughout the life. People watched our conversation and laughed.
“She is skinny and fastidious.”
Dillon grumbled. He snarled with bristly his ruff. Era she didn’t show sign of wake up. She curled her body and showed no dignity as first ranked head dog in slumber.
“Listen up. What are you favorite Era? She is aged and simple.”
Dillon said to us. His eyes gleamed like star. I decided it was problem. Roberto, Restia, Aira and I gave attention to each other. Evan neglected our conspiracy. He didn’t care and laid his muzzle on stone floor.
“I don’t think like you.”
Aira growled. He was puzzled his lid slowly widened. He didn’t know our conspiracy.
“We can’t deny Era is unable, she already had many times didn’t handle in wise. You should think Human who used us as subject for their slander.”
“Don’t bother me with your mimic lang.”
I said with felt dissatisfaction. We were just locked at cage or City. I thought.
“We can make a good rule not like Era’s worn out directive. Era behave for her only satisfaction.”
You wanted you ranked alpha male. I thought. It was foolish doing that was like once Dillon attempted it. Sometime Era was savage that was caused by her old fatigue but mostly time she was docile. She had many experience from years. When I went to this cage she gave many taught like I was doing to Katy.
Before few weeks, He attacked Era’s body. Every wolf shocked. But finally Aaron kicked his belly as chock as forced to his boots. I saw he considered aim pistol to Dillon.
It had easy reason. People preferred the thing they saw in the longtime. Era lived more than fifteen years. Cohorts knew Era during twelve years. Era was worth for them than Dillon.
In other wolves’ case, that was meaningless challenge. Even any wolf toke out head dog’s place that was never change: We stuck in this cage and obeyed for human until died.
Dillon babbled some words. Anyone who woke up didn’t lesson. Dillon spilled pleasant rest. I thought with others. It cleared what we should. In the many time I did like human used their logic. I trained it at the time my puppyhood. Revealed beastly instinct was easy that I couldn’t do think anything.
Four fair of eyes met to each other; what we did was cleared. Dillon saw us on his staggered eyes. We rushed to Dillon. Four muzzles bit Dillon’s body. He screamed; I bit Dillon’s ruff his furs came in my throat, felt these plugged my throat. He jumped almost 30cm.
Dillon Floated on air then fell to motionless Evan. Dillon escaped from us and growled at us. Dillon was big male wolf but our aggregate weight was two and a half than Dillon.
When Dillon didn’t calm his anger then growled to everywhere, Evan stood up. He spread his muzzle that’s jaws wider than Dillon. He yawned in his widened jaws. He had smell of meat that ate in afternoon. Dillon was quiet.
Dillon Went back his spot then curled. Room was quiet. Before Went again work, yet rest time remained. I decided went to Aira.
“What happened in yesterday and it before?”
“I bit human.”
She gave brief answer. Like take smell from body, I expected interest thing but that unexpected to me.
“Why? Is this danger?”
Bit human was not good matter. Even it was just threat, frightened people didn’t think like that. They could accuse.
“He was burglar.”
Aira said and also added it was two days before night. Aira and Roberto’s partition were alongside each other. Roberto stuck out his neck from worn wood partition board and looks to us.
“Cohorts searched unlucky suspecter’s house. He strongly resisted.”
“Aira bit him?”
I asked to Roberto but he shook his head. His pupils gleamed faded rimmed yellow.
“Aira didn’t for herself. When cohorts searched house, one overcoat human stormy came in. He ran away with grasped scripts. Cohorts shouted and Aira caught him.”
“The scripts?”
“When I bit him, he blood in his left thigh. Cohort gave compliment me. I don’t think that damned people can accuse to me.”
“I heard people said politics.”
Roberto broke in on conversation.
“It mean dangerous thing.”
I said. I didn’t understand it yet; the thing which people said politic, pointed hardness and frightening thing. Cohorts gave generally attention on that.
“So that is no problem. Cohorts can hardly release such people. And-.”
She made a pause. Her eyelids slowly closed, it seemed she was remembering some taste. I saw her lower jaw that slowly twitched with inside tongue of muzzle.
“I tasted blood.”
She added.
“That likes a salt, that’s flavor like a sour, similar touched iron by tongue. It was more vivid than pale meat that was gave by cohorts.
I attacked human but fine. I didn’t hurt, at that time I found was deft.”
She made smile. Bared teeth and cleared eyes was wolf smile. At first I wondered why did talk such serious story, at second I knew wolves should reveal their feeling. Wolves were lonely among people. I saw room. Some wolves were awake talked to each other alike Aira. Room was dark but air felt comfortable.
“After I caught the man, one cohort cheered me. He gave me sips of liquid from bottle.”
Aira continued.
“I thought that cohort might dizzy. He gave a gift at wolf. Well, the gift was coffee.”
“Oh, bad.”
I said.
“I see. You sipped coffee. Somehow, you were not sober at that night.”
Roberto commented.
“He gave poison to me.”
Aira curled her body. Her paws let on her muzzle. She seemed that she thought that was terrible experience. Because we could speak their language, they kept their misjudgment. They ignored our behavior with incapacity. They thought that we could speak also we could other thing like them. They Gave poison to us that a raisin, an onion and a caffeine and in such.
She seemed stuck in partition. Square cushions covered in bottom and I saw wall which was in front of me. The wall plastered. Aira saw me. Eyes were dimly yellow. I understood her sick like pose had intention.
“I said hard experience. Thus, you should say your experiences.”
Wolf smile resettled in her face and muzzle. Talk was happy thing. It was my turn. But suddenly room’s wolves calmed.
“You are impudent animals. How dare you chat?”
A loud annoying voice heard my back. Cohort lot. He thought all wolves doing was bad, he was that type of human. He paused then continued his say.”
“particularly Kardien, you are suspicious wolf.”
I turned back. Cohort Lot stood on threshold and other wolves were stuck their partitions. I backed to front. Aira was calmed and Roberto hid his head inside his partition only his smell remained in front of me. I was gave unexpected matter.
Why are only I didn’t perceive? I thought. Dull wolf. Meanwhile Lot spitted words.
Pleased rest time abruptly ended.


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