Black howl - Chapter.4 Take down

Kardien note.

1. English isn’t my mother language. I learned hard to English during a few months. I had plan writing in English. I wrote several stories in my mother language before. I still feel difficult to English writing. It takes a long time to finished first chapter.
Please, if you find the wrong sentence, see it mildly, and then give to me the advice or the criticism. These will make my sentence better.

2. My writing speed still is slow. Finished one chapter, it takes many times. I’m still learning English.

Black Howl.
By Kardien Lupus.

Chapter.4 Take down

“Beast! How it is mischief thing!”
Someone shouted in my back that he might is horseman. The horseman almost hit my body in second ago. I barely dodged his coach. How I was afraid that I rushed coach’s front at moment. I was running on the bridge which was settled not far from Bronze hall. If I went that place, I killed when I discovered. However, Roberui, her father’s work place was settled on north part of city. I never made calm my worriment. They drowned me before but it was not successes. I escaped that made me one of lucky wolves. I saw two blue coated City detectives that they might punish her as a canine treat. She was what that she my own head and mistress. She was gentle. I had detected. That was all; I knew it that animal could trust their sense.
I didn’t remember my mother’s smell. I saw her when I opened my eyes at first. That’s all. We were detection Equipment but not human-like thing. When human adopted us from wild, they wanted to use our special ability. Dogs could do sniff but they never do talk to their owner. In the wild, something or someone gave to us thinking that as same as human. Wolves never had human tongue but they could adjust their howling like human words. It was special.
I know human’s down side. They had many things that things made them bored at some kind of humanity. The city detective said this world, it have many crimes. I knew a pact if I begged mercy in my honest attitude, people never care me because I was their down side. Even, they didn’t let know to me my mother wolf’s name.
Then what do they care my mistress? I was afraid. I didn’t know two detectives knew my mistress weird side. However I knew saw the crime or crimes. She killed two people and ate. That was big problem to me.
I was running on streets that people saw me. They watched out at me, bothered me and hated me. That was as same as days of patrolling. I remembered one that was shiny day. It was recent I accompanied three cohorts and three wolves. In that time Katy bothering others, arguing people hated wolves. I felt normal as if this time was one of patrolling day. I panted, panted, panted, and was running.
Mild day. I thought today’s sky. Shine gave me little exhaustion but I could care it. Canine was well runner. I had strong muscle and paws. My care was withstandness. I felt urgency. I should talk to Roberui at his workplace. I was keeping running.
I caught the smell or compounder which mixed many things plants, irons and even stones. Dyeing place, they had it smell; I recognized it. Now I needn’t more scuffles and hesitation for find right way. Suddenly right way spread out on my mind. Smell was string; I directly ran out to work place.

“Do you say cohorts City detectives came to the house in this morning?”
There was Roberui at his office. When I shouted in gate, keepers brought me at his office then withdrew. Roberui seemed unexpected.
“Yes! Yip! She might be counter dangerous circumstance.”
I said in my impatient. I crouched on large carpet.
“Who do involve?”
“I don’t know but beard Herian tax officer.”
I answered. Atmosphere and moisture was mild but I and wide man sweat was salt that meant tense.
“Do they just ask? Or, do they want draw investigation?”
He asked.
“They said they had just several questions about tax officer’s disappearance. Yip.”
I moaned. I detected his concern; He seemed had deep thought in his short moment. Canine’s easy feeling had tendency that only adjust bad or good; I wanted make my feel good but this time seemed had no good things. I couldn’t do cheer up for had content mind, was nervous canine.
“It may not be big dangerous which could be take for dealing.” He looked to me. Human made many motions but most important thing was language. However his eyes had weighty thing. “May you know my daughter’s state?” He asked in his little sharp caution.
“Yip-, I know.”
I confessed as bowed my head. Canine’s long snout was down; ears was flatted. I didn’t know what his next saying is; did he care her scary side?
“My daughter has this problem. I was called bastard but she’s real.” He sighed that was short but deep. “When I found her truth, I shocked and scared. It had sharp teeth and seemed had no mercy. I had worried what can I bring it or what can I treat it. It liked roaming and knew what blood means but she was my child.”
He said in his inner trembling. I didn’t know how long time passed with his trembling heart at him. I felt and heard heart’s blurry sound; Sometimes my canine sense too intense that I felt excessive things. Heart sound was I didn’t want thing in this moment. I felt as if I got back to the puppyhood.
When I was child wolf, I realized human world was complex. In the canine instinct, many things didn’t reveal. This time was as same as past time. Is Human-wolf complex thing? I didn’t know. People said It was just bestial story but I saw it even that I was merely wolf. Animal saw animal, that was seemed complex thing in my mind alike wide man’s sigh. I saw him that his flush pace suddenly loses its light even in the shine. But, Anyway, I remember Celina’s good care and concernment. Nobody gave good care to wolf but her. I want obeyed her and protected my mistress. That was my mind but no had high logic because it came form my feeling. My feeling was simple good or bad that is all and she is good.
“It may mild matter which I could handle.” He said then made pause. “I had spent many time for protect my lovely daughter. I had even lewd problem but could still claim my daughter’s safely I don’t know you that you like your own owner. She chose you in her thing’s side but I have doubt. Do you think dogs also fear at the thing?”
Mild today’s sun gave good light through the windows but I felt some cold, scary cold. I thought the things; however, I had done my decision. These days combined Comfortable duty, warmly care and also over cared boiled gray meat; they were I never got before from routine that was used as only Equipment life. I understood why he hated me before first meeting. He had said I have good sense that he had worried detecting.
“I will go out soon for solve her problem. Could you say words quickly?”
“I want save my mistress.”
I barked that was almost bark but Roberui understood it. He made big smile as fast as his face had darkened. I understood bastard man and mistress that they had a point; they had deep Past. It might deeper than my dog years.
“Come with me. Some moment time becomes important; if we encounter it moment then should no waste.”
He stretched his right arm and tried to grasp my front leg. I wasn’t human, thus I should not handshake that he understood little after. He made chuckle that a courage. I got up from my crouch, followed him. I felt little courage.
When we came to outside of workplace gate; Roberui called his coach. He recommended I should seat with it. “That is more fast way.” Wide man committed.
“Have you seated on valet seat before?”
He asked when coach was moving. I crouched and rested my tail and ears. He seemed content that was beyond his aged wrinkles. It was looked his habit for confidence When he met bad situation. I scratched left ear used hind leg. I had bad flea.
“Yip, she had allowed seat on coach’s seat.”
I answered, looked up to his face.
“Then, you have one more reason save and keep her.”
He chuckled and petted my head. I found his mind that he thought many things finally go to okay. Coach was keeping moving, passed out many things; I saw these through window. Roberui said through front window, horseman. I saw the man moved his leather string then shook, made coach stopped.
“I’m regrettable you found her little problem but It pact can’t back.” He said. “I don’t know what did you live in before, however, now is important. I was living with it credo.” He looked down to my eyes. People love eyes meeting that I learned how to like it, but instinct still alerted deep meeting that I felt was dragged things from inside. He had good concern that I made smile even ignored instinct. “This street is near by your mistress house. Go, then you give to message to her that I helping for my daughter.” He scratched his arm then opened right side door.
 This time was leaving time; I should go to my mistress. I jumped out to pavestone.

“If I sniffed alphabet I can say Roberui said his thought to you.”
When I headed to her house entrance, she gave abrupt words. I knew she sniffed Roberui from my body. The cohorts disappeared that their smells was same. I thought two way, She might have deal with them or they might have their questioning that was mild like they say.
“Owner, are you okay?”
Roberui was cheered up me but I felt little afraid even still. It was little as same as useless smell which doesn’t mean to me, But I wanted know her safety.
“Yes, okay, okay, I’m safe.”
She said looked over the sky that sky wasn’t clear little clouds gathered themselves above. She patted me that it was warm. She knew our kind, even she was what. She loved me I caught her part that was lonely.
“Come here. If my father concerns the tax officer, I should plan for meet someone.”
She announced scratched my back, her finger went through back summer fur. I barely concerned this season that I had many thoughts in these times. Her finger was like mild breeze that tickled me. I felt some sort of confusion in this morning but this time now turned midday. She seemed had happy mind. Human was complex; if I was her that I’m worried past morning’s event still. As a fact that eat or be ate, carnivore’s decision that should have clear reason.
In the red roof house, she gave meal to me. It boiled and spiced that was over cooked for wolf. Spices were stirring my gut in eating time. She did over care at me. It had strongly stirred me then I was drained my vigor. She chuckled; from her hands and apron, I sniffed hot spices.
“I think carnivore they surly have strong visceral.”
She said.
“Then, what is your case? Did you have get stomachache when eat you’re kind prey?”
I sharpened that I even said you not mistress or owner. I was spiced and abruptly anxiety rose. My bowl made spicy smells; in the little far way, kitchen made directly spicy smell; it was her intention. What did she make my belly hot?
“When I did these things, my belly was extreme hot.”
She said; her chuckling was pretending even she didn’t lose it but her hand grasped was hardened. My belly still was hot It felt clumsy.
“When I found you, I decided like you. I had been given spices from my friend her husband was trading merchant. In several days, I made good care cooked meal for you. Why do you stomachache only this time? Does something overwhelm you?”
She was sharp, revealed. Her guise was getting be fallen. Teeth and claw these didn’t release but I felt these. I judged a black large figure from behind of her. It was little code that made several smells and hand motion, but that did explanation in my sense.
“I will say a story after little later.” She promised. “I think you get rest in this time. I should made meeting appointment and prepare.”
She excused and procrastinated present problem. Her dark and bulk disappeared. It did like puppet which lose string that these like circumstance I heard from human.
Silence filled air then she erased it. She made herself hurried, went out somewhere in long time to me. After she came back, she gave bones to me. When I was chewing these, she did make up herself and dressed up. Dress was red like this house’s roof. She had delicacy chose each make up and dress but when did it she was quick and firm.
She was ornate in human sight but I sniffed over radiate rose perfume. It was intense. She made good guise for other human. I looked her preparation. I hardly knew it was related last circumstance from morning but I didn’t know what I do in now. I knew a pact from moon night. In the morning, I was anxious. However, in present, I didn’t know my feeling. It might use long dog time for take down then understand.
“Do you hang on at my promise?”
She said when she seated qualitative coach. When sky became dark blue, she came out from house to large street in gentle step. She picked up polished brown coach from others. She had said she will meet good people to solve her present problem.
“You promised, will say ‘it’.” I made human words like wolfen moaning. I watch horseman who was driving horses in front. I alerted my ears and stretched to my front. I ended to ready for hearing
“It took out me during long time. There was no need to say when it started. Thus, I had adjusted me in its time.”
She watch out horseman from front window, squinted her eyes. She seemed thought her saying was not suitable to other. She was like me, watched.
“It was unstable state which was never known clearly. Feeling, when It was growing dark, It appeared to happen. I turned not only physically but also unmaterial. Dark, this word may be right explanation.”
I felt I was merely dog. Our kind was high intellect animal but was it just given on an accident. We could hear and said but our intellect didn’t have meaning unlike human. They said their ability stand in reason but us didn’t find it because it was no existence at ourselves.
“People might not see enough dark but know this word. It also means spoiled milk. Amount of black ink putted the white milk; they stirring and blending, finally going to anything don’t clearly division.”
She said in whisper, watched horseman through window. Horseman seemed heard nothing. In outside coach seat, many noises have been mixed.
“I feel dark certainly than other. Black ink, gray parts and little part of remain white, somehow, I can control them. I saying to you and going to meet someone for fix problem because I can handle my circumstance.”
“You had said you will say story.”
I pointed as mere dog but had question. Wolves well saw in dark but could dark mean story?
“It is my story. See black, don’t know what is front. Old and ritual lore is useless. You had seen I eat two people. I thought it had made story for you.”
She avoided. She said in heart to heart gave me feeling that pact made me angry. I was just dog that dog want easy truth. My heart pounded I encountered unnatural circumstance. I backed from her and my own body alert.
“Coach almost approached destination. We should ready to get out. I will give order to you.”
She announced as saw outside through window. One of City’s streets, it had well shaped buildings and dim street limps.

“Hello Baron. I’m glad to meet you.”
“We already had several meeting.”
She said with tiny smile as Baron replied in his little curt. Celina’s destination was little two story house with garden. She was meeting Baron Inside of house which could look outside garden through window. Servant people delivered food to them.
“Last time you had said your difficult work. Dose it solved in now?”
She questioned. She wanted make talk.
“Why do you come here? Where is Robeuri? I want talk with him.”
Another tax officer Baron didn’t be turn her chat. He got his topic. He wanted see Roberui. I sniffed his hope. Suddenly I wondered what his was doing something in now. When I last time or second time met Robeuri, he assured will devote to solve her problem. I looked at the Baron’s face that Robeuri’s effort didn’t reached.
“He’s busy in now. He gets one matter. But you can talk with me as his daughter.”
“Does that problem mean my staff Hearian? We already get several deaths and it may grow more.”
He was still curt. I got order that I should watch out her partner’s state. I had another wonder hearian was killed by thing’s jaw. I read tension between her and him.
My mistress was trying to keep conversation but it was not easy. Her partner wanted Robeuri and thought she was not fit. He even did not pretend that usually human do guise. After fifteen minutes effort of conversation he stood and grasped his leather brief case.
“I had pleasant talk with you.”
He disappeared then his food dumped.
“What is this place?”
Moment later, I looked up her and asked when she was going out from two story place.
“Special restaurant, private place.”
She said firmly. She seemed got disatifaciton.
“Can you do keep my order?”
She asked me instead of called coach. I nodded my head. She was my mistress therefore I chained with her.
“High Tax officer leaved with good coach but he lived in his house not far from here. We could trace him use shortcut route. You should detect his things with your sense. I need to know this man’s state.”
She hissed. It seemed Man’s cold treat made her anger. I dodged was afraid it could come from her inside and then I questioned.
“Have you sense like me? You can use it.”
I yipped. Her face covered dark as if she had concern from my human words then little smiled.
“As half as, I said it before, when we first time met.”
She said and she added we should go to shortcut in now.
Shortcut route was not long. I and mistress went alley to alley, through off-lamped small road. She seemed well knew this route that might she investigate it before. After unpleasant meeting, She wanted something but I didn’t figure out, didn’t sniff.
“He doesn’t go home directly, may have other meeting in this evening. Can you sniff things here?”
Several buildings and houses stood around it. Man’s house, which she was pointed, walled and had wide front garden. Its main was dark only one of two sub house was light. Her word was right but what should I sniff?
I filled air at my lung. It was warm and mild feeling air that summer’s sky didn’t heat enough, liked little bloody meat. Much information came to my mind; some of them refused that as usually as was sniffed; other of them taking my mind, touched memories and feeling.
Our sniff liked these. Instinct, buttoning up, appeared on clean mind, these were difficult to explain. We just knew if these were made human words. I felt dusty pavestones and a worn coach which passed out this place in last time. I concerned the house. It had little distance but I caught its radiation. After garden’s vegetation, I sniffed human and horses and also at last- -wolf.
I hesitated at first. She looked me and asked.
“Do you find something?”
I made little silent trouble for me then responded.
“I might sniff wolf but I think I did mistake.”
I murmured. It mixed my yipping. How a smell came through the distance; it was clear. I didn’t have cold. Smell never lied.
“What wolf?”
She asked suddenly was sharp. I and mistress stood on entrance of alley. Her face seemed bad as I decided need to more survey at her. She figured out house with her hand. She was silent. Questions came up her face.
“It was not sour like owner.”
I added looked up her face. I questioned other sight that wasn’t like her. Why did I sniff my own kind? I thought in myself.
“Fluffy, we need watch more.”
She announced. After I knew her truth, I said my real name is Kardien but she insisted I was fluffy even this time. We watched as I crouched as she still stood.

Coach came after time with man’s smell. As sign of man, real man came out from coach and went to entrance of house. When coach disappeared, he shouted then one woman and one man opened gate. Gate was iron that edge shapes was like sharp of bronze spire.
I didn’t find any special smell but a wolf or might be more. I reported to her. She thought herself at moment then said.
“We should back to comfort my house.”
She looked down dirty pavestone then grasped up her sides of dress. She worked that I followed her.
When we came back house, she served meat to me It was warm but raw that she concerned me. I appreciated and my belly was full of delicious meat. While evening she well cared me and last she handed blanket for my good sleep. It was better then ragged cushions in cage. She liked me that might because her part of side likes my body. I thought my riddling feeling. I had escaped then encountered some curious pacts with her. If wolf could have curiousness alike high philosophical human from their circumstance, I should have long-wonder.
I flattened my blanket. It might have greenish color I figured. It was Way of make good sleep nest. It also was part of my instinct and part of my learning which was from human. My instinct which from old time of wolves that it insisted roam my sleeping nest and roll on place but I chose human way. Because I didn’t know my feeling’s reason but humans way seemed look comfortable.
What is wolf smell? I thought as I lay on and with blankets. They were warm that both gave comfortable. I found it solution some time after.

Mistress interested man; the high tax officer who might work in City hall. She tired to make contact officer man while she revealed her ‘dark’ side at several times. It didn’t come on shape but feeling that made me shrink. When I often thought officer dog training from far past, She was trying her purpose. I figured it associated with moon night time which I saw her. However Cohorts never came again during her purposing time. It has which pact. I thought.
She caught a meeting appointment. At this day, she made make up and well dressed. This time dress was blue also I saw its color. She had made appointment at officer’s house, went through in evening. When she approached entrance, a man and woman opened door. They ushered her to main house. It wasn’t ornate but neat. Lattice shape tile covered bottom and stairs had no decoration.
“I want meet Roberui but he keeping him busy. I sent few messages, however he didn’t back replies. What is problem? Have you anything problem with Roberui?”
His concern was same that wasn’t focused her. He seemed stiff man who only cares important assignment, or was bound up his task. Which had any truth; he discouraged my mistress. It made me anger even my own head what is. It was also dog nature.
“I want talk on my ‘personal’ story. If you really want my father, you may give to me your little time. After we make conversation at Roberui’s estate purchasing.”
She announced wanted talk personal thing. Can she say her dark matter? I wondered than worriment. I looked up them.
“That’s make no sense. I had some important matters like this.” He showed up his grasp. It was papers. “I had hoped you bring here ‘important’ discussion not chattering, but you’re not.”
He said in busy or bitter. Bad man. I thought. Even human males loved to get many female, anyway they usually tried smile at all female. However he disliked her that she was only one female which stood in front of him.
“But please-.”
“Could you make Roberui to he get his spare time for me? Could you do that?”
 He interrupted as he begun turn his body. He faced her. She agreed then he said.
“Go with me upstairs but not involved this creature.”
He stared me then stepped up with my mistress.
I was letting the house hall. Simple hall had only furniture. Spare table stood before me in left side. Hall was calm. I thought man’s smell. I felt should I investigate man. I was roaming around hall to stored new place’s smell.
Attacker’s offensive suddenly swooped me. When I only smelled it, a wolf, wolf already rode on me. I tumbled and struggled. A wolf, she weighted down at me that she snarled.
“Who are you?”
She got a little pause for make human words. We are not human, thus, we needed time when we make human words. Sharp and staring eyes were down at me. I felt deep anger that I could deal with her. She wasn’t strong than me. However her smell came from this house. She got vantage point.
“Grr-, I went this house with my owner.”
Her question was I want to ask her. Anyway I replied to her. What is this wolf? In canine relation, stranger was riskful existence against other. She might know this point.
“A guest? Has she you? Are you keeping house thing?”
She sniffed my body then confirmed. I nodded but didn’t put my tail. Human action made feeling better than submission. She didn’t bury her snout at my throat but was keeping her vantage point.
“Your human came to meet my owner.”
She released her weight. I backed from her immediately. Fear, anger and rage; these surged my vein. I snared and hated her. I was raided that was my fault of lack of watch but it made me fragile. Simply, I felt revenge that I want ruled her as canine nature.
“We can make some talk.”
She-wolf said. She wagged her tail once. She stood that seemed like we have no problem before. It was as alike as human pretending. I considered a pact that was teeth to teeth but discarded it. I was good wolf and needed to know what she is. A wolf smell, I sniffed her before when I first approached this house.
“What are you?”
She asked used human words but her crumpled face seemed suddenly want dog way bite then bite.
“I’m my mistress Celina’s canine. I obeyed her when she brought me from kennel.”
I said. It was full of lie. But even canine sense didn’t detect it because of she never know my circumstance until she took down me than putted her snout at my throat.
“I worked for my honest officer since when I was pup.”
She heightened her voice. One time did snarl next time did pretending this time did pride; wolves also allowed could talk like feign human.
“We are same. Yip-, did you work for only your officer?”
I thought we need to make better conversation. I approached to lick her chin. She purred. It made me bristled but ignored. I wanted her response. Human usually hated us; why tax officer bring salty and stiff wolf?
“Yip, he trusted me. He had many rivals that he can only believe me. He said many discussions at me. I remembered these for him.”
Faint gray wolf said that was keeping her proud voice. It was like howling which human very hate sound. Moon night shine came through high window. It was faint but was growing. I didn’t remember moon cycle until yet.
“I see. I don’t want fight you. If you don’t bothering my existence, I just stood front of stairs. I want wait my mistress.”
I wagged tail, made light pant that just attracted her. Poor living notepad. I thought only in my mind. Apparently she used his memo. People distrusted each other as hate as wolf. Some cases they needed secret way which avoided other that even use wolf. We could wag tail, thus, we love our owner but can people love us than their purpose?
“Wait. Why did your owner visit my officer? Did you know reason?”
She threw a question, made wondered face and snout. Dog’s curious face was looked foolish to human but I wasn’t. I thought my wonderment. Wolves hardly know human world that human didn’t say much to us. If she want know something like me, I might can good talking with her.
“Why did your owner shun my mistress?”
I threw question mock human conversation. Gray-she-wolf was little big than me. Her felt was like pastel canvas which was mixing color. She concern in little time with blank face then said.
“He wants to investigate Roberui’s business. Roberui was your mistress father. I know my officer’s job. He might want to calculate his estate for tax.”
“My mistress wants to meet him, thought your owner solve her problem. It may difficult thing associate with cohorts.”
I said half of truth but dare not confess of her state. I gave a thing that I could receive. Even we are in human like conversation but it’s mocking. Usually we didn’t bargaining that was our problem. We didn’t have scale in conversation. I could receive many things.
“My officer is busy in these days. I had heard City governor’s death. It caused problems to them, human. He said to me schedule that I should remember for him. He was investigating in side of tax problem. He might think Roberui is one pact of governor death. Accidently he might give cause to death.”
Man’s private schedule exposed. I thought it. Even if people want some protection from us but we were just canine. Schedule, words were invisible not like guarding work. I was keeping submissive attitude for her pleasant feeling and words.
“Do you know detail that is governor’s assassinate?”
I asked.
“slaughter.” She said as crouched and scratched her ear. “When dark was over their sight City’s ruler was moving with his men. Dark alley, they worked on it. They disappeared with no sound. Others said they didn’t hear anything at night. After morning they all slaughtered.”
She showed bare teeth several times with spoke. It was one of effort for make human word like sound. Our snort was unsuitable for speak that was cause of snort twisting. But this time I thought slaughtering that her bear teeth looked scared.
“People shocked. After governor’s death they divided. They made each investigation for themselves. My owner was one of them. But, Anyway, they didn’t recall to king for their new governor.”
She explained. It little seemed to she was so long lonely that she said things for same kind. Notepad life which remembered for someone’s schedule that isolated from other canines. It was fool.
“I knew my mistress was good and her father seemed not bad. What is problem of Roberui?”
These were truth. I knew my mistress well and also I had read wide man’s temper, added I had wonderment.
“High officer Baron said man Roberui was buying estates. He was successes tailor which was weird job for none fur human. My owner said He was working on it which wasn’t associated his work. I heard also, He signed up papers then didn’t visit his own property.”
Gray-she-wolf said then I didn’t attach any more questions. I extracted main of her knowledge. Question seemed not anymore useful. She was quickly bored as canine tempo. I worked front of stairs then crouched. When canine’s patience exhausted a half. Celina went down through stairs not with Tax officer man. Her face was hung up anger.
“Fluffy, let’s go right now.”
She griped my head. It was contained power that almost tore out my scalp. I knew immediately her anger was very high. I didn’t know its reason but knew man made her anger. I was dragged by her as stared man’s she-wolf, growled. Wolf stared me. I was acting in canine sense that she was man’s lower and thus she was also my hater. Human like pretending disappeared but one wonder remained and was living, that reason of her anger which was deep to dark.

After reached home, she was preparing her bath. It looked like ritual which wash out anger or any other bad thing. She grasped thermometer then examined bath tub’s temperature. Tub was wooden boards and thermometer was iron bar with mercury. Thermometer was glowing; bath was hot. She threw out her blue dress as putted her body white color water. It seemed like milk or something.
She hummed in her bath, sobbed white water with sponge. It made steam that warmth smell. She didn’t bother that rogue wolf look her naked body. I want drink her water. Desire grew in my inside. I came to her. She still didn’t bother. Suddenly her amount of anger dissolved elsewhere. When I fully approached at her bath or body, I could see her bath water’s silver steam. It blurred my sight. I touched tongue as I felt bath water was going to dark.
I flinched and backed. Bath tub water’s darkling was going to speed up. It seemed weird. She was sobbing her body with sponge in slow speed. However she got up early that seemed her didn’t finish her bath, as white water was down to three per four dark.
“Do you want bath? Like me? Or do you want see my clothes making?”
I shake my head on first suggestion. I wasn’t afraid lose smells that was attached my fur, but bath water It was now just black. I knew a fact that black milk never existed in City or far farmlands.
She acted second suggestion after wore up white soft clothes. She climbed through house stairs. I followed her. She opened wooden door with hinging sound. She lit light at her brass white table candlestick. Light was glowing gorgeous but her seemed little dark. She found out her needle case.
“Look at me.”
She ordered.
She opened up bronze case. I remembered she got an order before few days. It was base for dress. It might yellow or order thing. She picked up embroidered fabric then placed on large work board. Work started.
I realized hand was immense tool of human. Her smooth shape fingers were working hard, thus clothes was making. It worked as if some kind of lute keeping makes a rhythm. It was beautiful or pretending.
I thought with a self discussion then felt pretentious. Elaborated clothes making did for beauty or warm. Why is better than nakedness? Is reason they didn’t had fur? Pretending, it was one of difference human and wolf. She was doing pretending with her fragile work, for disguise her dark.
I found it as she looked at me. She and I exchanged same feeling to each other.

Next several days she was doing alike kind mistress of workplace, never went out in her ‘important’ matter but just for rest. She did nothing her past concernment. She worked with her friend textile workers. I had curiousness that she did feel hunger at her mild fatted friends; Unfortunately, I could figure out her dark side that canine shape habit might like fat.
I looked their right way recovered but it was all pretending. She cared me even I was wolf. I knew she was not fully normal. Sky was up and down; Day was passed by next day; but an impact came to Red roof house. It set on suddenly or badly. When holiday came, a hood of cohorts who even didn’t joy their rest day, they invaded her Red house.

Black howl Copyright by Kardien Lupus.


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