Harmonia - Chapter seven

Kardien’s note

1. I want to effort to my story. It may reedit when I want more good expressions and correct backgrounds.

2. I want right background. I’m ready to try to get certain background. Please message to me if you know better truths and knowledge.

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By Kardien Lupus.

Chapter. 7

“These are my punishments.” She grumbled while walking. They were walking to small road which Refen’s flesh was scattered. They were going to find coins and sack that was his stuff. He leaved these when he attacked. He was nervous but Sheep wolf didn’t. These weren’t her stuff and she thought she offered hospitality already. She mended white tunica before. It was wet(she washed it morning) that dampness made feeling bad. However she didn’t care it.
“You don’t kill me. You want to provoke northern wolf deeply. I know it will not change for days or weeks. What is punishment at innocent me?” He asked with sullen muzzling. Muzzling, His lip didn’t find correct position that it moved back and fro.
“If you don’t believe my sentence of killing, then pain remains.” Her snorted beastly. Their feeling quickly moved anger to proud. That was certain mishmashed nature.
“Sheep may hate any blood.” He picked the point then met sudden pause. He was still sullen. He realized the fact lately.
“There is good punishment. I missed it before moment because I don’t want get my daughters who have northern wolf and white wolf blood. I miss way of contraception.” She smiled suddenly. That was not good.
“You seem hate that acting. I assume it that you can’t lead acting may be never. You are weak and I have chain.” She smiled more happily. Through time their ancestor tried to cut their vicious mind but skipped wolf’s other lust. He knew that name but didn’t want to say it. He asked for confirmation reluctantly.
“What is your mean?” He asked.
“Sex.” After her saying he thought even sheep wolf knew it well. “I will deeply consider punishment now. You may be chained at ground with silver shackles then I tie your mouth with another my silver stuff. I may pleasure if you do more fault. I will abuse you at ground while I watching herd at slope. My under part may be happy.” She added it.
He growled with disgust. They civilized but still lurking sexual fume. He disappointed at sheep wolf Minerva. She seemed as clever kind at last his viewing. It changed as if it was common natural nature of world, that sex abusing.
“I just said with smooth way. It is better than killing.” Minerva sensed it. She acted with carefulness. She came back with clever mood. She didn’t have specific fighting experiences as same as Refen. She didn’t take dangerous then explained.
“You needed to fix your original saying that I’m not fault at first.” He said about his going but not escape. He found her weak point then his heart wanted to use it. It was rare experience at him.
“Do you want to be kicked at my house? I had lent great kindness. I must keep you for irritate northern chief Bryhild.” Mood changed as previous effects. Random change mood could cause problem. He didn’t want to it turn as dreadful lust of meat. He wanted to his finding but stuck and that matter was problem things. He already felt northern chief’s will as her two volunteer wolves. He quieted his growling. He didn’t go out this region until he fix problem about suspecting northern chief as Minerva’s saying.
“Yip, yes my dominator. But I will struggle desperately if you try to abuse me.” He wanted as end is his quote.
“Sincerely, I’m favorite you. I saw your groin when you sleep at next side. I’m werewolf without my will. Your thing is ample.” Her brown eye saw him. Their eyes hole was abyss like black but he could know her concerning without meaning reading.
“We need to trot. I don’t want to meet any possibility of dangerous.” He hurried to walk. He knew northern wolves’s volunteer watching and Minerva’s favorite.”

“We should act against them.” Minerva argued at basilica. Some local wolves gathered at it. He recognized she wolf and her second rank. They threatened him at previous day. He looked them with his searching. They were proud and boasted that after grainful harvesting.
“I know it, Minerva. But half of our villager is Candida’s. They can’t do more fighting than law. They are peasant that our law protectors don’t want any illegality. Northern is also third of villager’s population.” She dismissed Minerva’s saying. She is upper rank than Minerva. Young sole wolf’ couldn’t reach as small leader of young adults.
“Why we do not act against them? Most of Candida family is gone. We can only watch our wrong law protector. I provoked northern’s sheep like fatten wolf.” She opened muzzle at 45 degree then indicated him. That was point gesture. Wolves’ smell scattered with Minerva’s acid breath. Large hall basilica’s door and arched windows brought it out.
“You may lucky. I’m Caecilia, family of felixa.” Leader wolf smiled that her lip backed well. If she aimed more authority it was politic. She glanced at him.
“What is Candida?” He asked through Minerva’s ears. It caused eardrum shaking, might. She swiftly backed from him then glared. She turned her head for look gathered locals then replied.
“This village’s patricius. They are our law protector Augusta’s family.” She added easy example.
“Do their family own part of village’s land?” He asked as thought previous saying of inn owner and this sheep wolf. That was bad word, cannibalistic.
“All of them are stiff and Augusta is best.” She replied then backed main conversation.
“We can write letter for our High Family.” She indicated her way at gathered wolves. They heard it with concerning. He rethought she was shepherd of high fair. Locals were not many number but thoughtful then and three more. They thought her saying with crouch form, leaning at wall and watching outside of basilica. He wondered High Family heard mere shepherd’s plea. Shepherding was essential job at them but they had amount of sheep dog like wolves. Locals seemed reached same conclusion.
“Hey my companion, I know our High Fair know you well. Have you some personal relation, right? But sadly they marched for war. Northern wolves’ chief is remnant family member’s guard chief also. Your opinion hardly hearted us.” Caecilia dismissed Minerva’s alternative. But it shook locals. He smelled acid air from their badness but not breath. They seemed to want to find solution.
“May I ask some question?” He snapped air that was chase invisible butterfly. It was their arrangement of topic.
“Sure, indeed.” Leader wolf said. He got both she wolves’ look. First was Caecilia who he assumed she is daughter of good family. Second was Minerva’s she glared that her lead lost.
“What is gathering’s name? Our northern and winterer gathered at also but our plaza was full by wolves when assembly was called.” They are not many as his saying. Daylight of shine was under through front of arched window. They are fumed well sobbed oil that they seemed well live wolves at high hall.
“This is war time. We are under special rule. Alpha fair strictly ordered law before their march. Law said all members shouldn’t meet more than ten. After harvesting was restful time. Our mothers and bothers care their body. Few playful and brave young we gathered then.”
Minerva pushed him that time. It could also say streaking. He trembled then crouched. She growled as bent her waist. She bit him with bright eyes. That seemed not scared but she meant his placeless wretched present. He was traveling.
“I will try to send latter. One of their family member’s saying can fix at least that northern chief’s attitude.” Minerva’s tongue licked droplet of his blood and her voice resonated at stone hall.
“They have many clientes. Northern chief Brynhild has many links at high ranks. Clever Minerva, you need to think. It isn’t blame to you. We know your grudge well but it is excessive.” Caecilia words made sheep wolf sullen. She crouched as like him. He felt little pity because this she wolf was only known wolf at him in this region. He wanted to his word without her feeling.
“I’m traveler. I want to keep my traveling. What can you help my problem?” Crouched sheep wolf bit his hind leg. That was uncomfortable feeling then snarling followed it. He backed looked at her with worry face.
“Minerva helps you.” Caecilia pointed. He slept at her house. She offered safe but showed anger also like her present shape.
“It isn’t proper etiquette. I’m not aggressive at any of this region’s wolves. This time isn’t wild hunt.” He said about wild hunt. It was name of Chthonic era that their bad time. He thought to say excessive words but he needed to explain at locals. He was leaded by Sheep wolf to villager’s small assembly. But she couldn’t drag his feeling. His pointed ear readied to hear reply.
“I will call my patronus. She has bureaucrat duty and discomfort about northern guards. One of our families ties with her blood. She will concern at northern wolves.” Caecilia’s words were similar with Minerva’s saying. But she was confident. Minerva’s face was still sullen she kept staring at him. Other wolves rested at hall that they scattered and crouched. It was forest kin’s looking but not like human’s formal thing. He stood then found only him and leader wolf did it.
“Is it sure?” He confirmed.
“Patronus Renita has certain hate at northern chief that I heard. And tie of blood is strong link. You know it fact.” Patronus meant protector of low class. It was old term but they kept through years. Claws like harsh world needed to many links of protect and dominance. “I had doubt before I get pup.” She added her saying. “Now I have one son and love him. I named him as my well known man ancestor. Blood is strong patronus will come to us.”
He looked her again. She seemed about sixth years more at adult age and was mother. Predator was proud creature that he open found it on way.
“What can I do then? I think I help you locals. But you should say sure method to me.” It was sad point but he decided to stop journey for while. They may will catch him if he again to run out.
“Woman love interfering. Our patronus Renita was woman. She will interest northern chief’s bad manner at her guest.” She crouched after her saying. He mocked because he felt burden of only stood person. Minerva’s front paw clawed his back. Minerva might think he was visitor that he took opportunity of her insistence.
Gathering with crouching was kin’s behavior. They sudden lost their topic. He searched basilica while they did. Building was rectangle that’s hall was high. Small office and its second story clung to right side of hall. Basilica was public office for assembly that origin was from Old Era. But wolves crouched at hall until they got other topic.
He visited village after two days. He remembered village’s name Neumagen. He followed sheep wolf’s business at forum. She went pharmacy to buy drug for sheep. She asked at crossbreed pharmacist with staring eyes. She talked about straws with farmer wolves for winter food of sheep. She introduced him as her guest but he knew she concealed small angers at him. She got bad points at him during days. Sheep wolf demanded many things about careful sheep treating. He couldn’t do calm at her standard. It was uncomfortable but He didn’t forget that he sleep at her house for some term.
“Can I stay little longer?” He asked to her when they going to her pasture. They ate raw meat at Marcella’s inn after visiting forum. He only ate soup or bread in Minerva’s pasture house. His desire filled but he had another thought.
“I should go for my herd. I didn’t ask to my friend take them for long time.” Her muzzle cut his saying. She thought she had power than him. They didn’t confirm it yet.
“You can go then I left for my want.” He grumbled against her saying.
“I said I will kill or punish you.” She looked at him. That mood was same at her clawing him. Protection and punishment was unfair subject. He noticed she knew him as her tool. He reconsidered his submission shortly. However merely traveler wasn’t strong at foreign land.
“You can kill me if I pled from you.” He lowered his attitude. He was werewolf and she was also. Wolves were just unfair that was curtained pointed at them. She looked him with mended clothes. Her claw lines clover with new fabrics. She gave up attack him as dominator’s right then said.
“What business?” Fortunately she didn’t insist her opinion. He saw northern wolves at village but they didn’t attack him. That seemed sheep wolf did something or she had degree about protection. He didn’t know relation of this region’s wolves. He thought he needed to search it for later.
“I want look this village closely. You said I live this land for time.”
“I heard your want. You should come to my house until sun down. You don’t go out of village. They might attack you if you are out of our wolves’ sight and nose.” She looked him for checked then she got no obvious suspicion. She went from him. She looked back openly while he stood on road as if prepare possible attack from him.
He walked after then. He heard things from Minerva’s conversation with others. He rounded village for little time. Villa stood over aqueduct that local called it as barrack. White walled villa hadn’t specific material. Wall seemed high and red tiles covered its top. Front of villa had iron patched door that seemed like city wall than just common villa’s. He heard local vigil’s is this. Apparently centurion Augusta’s family owned part of village’s land. Locals said fit for swear that her family worked as their alpha’s staff. Principle law staffs often were called as merciless warrior. Werewolf needed some practice at least. They were not good citizen. Their law was harsh for control. All of them could be killed if law was strict.
“Do you want come to that law protector Augusta? She is there after her schedule about watching at post.” One voice wanted to talk with him. She is northern tribe. He remembered her Solveig.
“This is inside of village. I know my host of shepherd did something.” He snared. Air flowed from that wolf. She stood end of village which stone pavement ended then some one’s cultivated land started. Relationship with sheep wolf felt like trade. He said at her protection that she was curt at him before. He looked Solveig with that thought.
“She did and you don’t know its real reason. Aren’t you our cousin?” She was quite amused. Her tail wagged constantly.
“My life was not toy as deer.” He growled. His lip was back and fangs pointed. He saw even assembly seemed to go kin’s way. They often failed at human like logic. Fighting was solution on this way.
“I’m not on aggressive mood. I don’t want fight with you Refen until my mother or my head ordered it behind me.” She approached few steps as watch village and villa. She worried both of fair’s staffs and locals.
“So, what is your topic?” He asked with little loosed mood but he didn’t forget this can be trick.
“All northern wolves wasn’t hate you Refen. We just became little wretched by this land’s locals. They hurt to us. We worried at them but not you. I want to you know this.” Her saying was unexpected words. However He didn’t give up his hostility. They already ate his flesh.
“Brynhild is fine head. Her only bad point is she clings to eat. She protects us by her many latter to high family. She keeps our field and grass land against rude locals. I think she can make mistake. But at least our act and life weren’t scam.”
“I don’t want hear your saying.” He cut her words. He was surprised by himself that he had that brave. No one other wolf stood near it. All of villager’s smell from little away.
“Be aware, Candida family is not kind wolves. This war time only Augusta stood as adult. She might nervous at visitor.” She advised not like glaring eyes northern at this village. It caught him little.
“Candida family serve as pair’s warrior staff since first Alpha Nasennia led survivor toward light. They are long and almost historic family. However they are so strict. They think they must keep law. They didn’t allow little of mistake. Many of region’s wolves hurt by them. Wolves hate them but they stand by their long influence. It seem lord keep them for eliminate hate wolves.” He heard her worried tone. Their singing like voice entered at sad tune. But He decided to meet Augusta. He didn’t want his heart trembling. He ignored her.
“Go away.” He barked. No wolf stood near hearing range. Place of village’s land was quiet like autumn’s sky. He only concerned her.
“I have duty for watching damned mutated wolf. It was apparently our chief brynhild saying.” He went to door. Solveig’s watching eyes made feeling discomfort. He questioned at about opening door. Local said no adult stood at villa that he might meet local law protector at front of door. It wasn’t good at start talk about matter but he didn’t have other way. He thought howl but knocked.
“What is your business? Say stranger.” Young and shriek voice replied over heavy door. It isn’t on list of his expectation. He was wondered but anyway replied.
“I’m Sigrun’s son Refen. I want to talk with vigil centurion Augusta.” His answer caused some ruckus. He smelled puppies and younglings. Two of youngling made best fuss. One male was asking voice. Door opened that he heard young things whimpering. Heavy door opening might be hard work for them.
“You should give your all weapon as respect of my family.” Two leaves of doors opened obliquely. It made gap about one adult wolf. Two younglings showed their head at same time. Male said again.
“I have no weapon, Keeper.” He replied as tried to make cozy voice. He didn’t get back his confiscated weapons yet. Two younglings are short under adult age. He wasn’t old but several years enough to growth at his age’s standard. He was northern wolf also which his bone weak or not. He could arrogant at these youngling but didn’t. It was influenced family’s villa. He kept his etiquette.
“He is right.” Female researched mended clothed wolf himself. She seemed slightly under male’s age that they shortly exchanged their glaring eyes. Wolves had dispute with brother and sister instead of deep love.
“You want to visit our temporarily great mother right?” Male asked with short spear’s edge. Youngling might physically be able to win with him. Heart was best important and centurial point at them. Youngling aimed weak point.
“I want to visit local vigil centurion Augusta.” He didn’t fix youngling’s say. He already heard all their adult was called at war. Only centurion wolf left. He saw two youngling and puppies at background that they sure main resident at villa now. He felt burden that centurion wolf also great mother. Her duty was term of temp but he visit at that temp.
“Go back your rooms. If you don’t I will starve you all.” Female dismissed all puppies. They ran to villa’s houses. Even some of them didn’t learn hind legs working they fled as four legs for saving their dinner. Mood was made calm at large villa’s yard. He and two younglings settled proper scene of suitor and two house keepers.
“Do you know what is he?” Male asked to his sister or cousin after their small quarrel. He ignored they didn’t ask it to him. Usually woman controlled her children for power but they had fateful task. Woman should win against physical man. This young female tried to it cleverly at her early time. Male failed at least as asking to her.
“He is Refen northern and white wolf. He is also our problematic subject. I know he caused law problem.” Female’s spear pointed with male’s. He jutted his tongue then smiled because he could run from this threat if he wanted. They were so small than him. He didn’t want spoiled anything except Agusta.
“Follow with us. We usher you at our atrium.” Male said as walked to main house. He followed them. They were young but had proper attitude. Wolves were young or not that they had strength. Even puppies could live at wild only with themselves except they would not learn civil attitude.
He turned his head then saw behind of wall. Wall’s high limed stone work reminded of city wall. Wide stable stood on right side. Stable seemed emptied but had several watchful horse and few cannons. Replacement parts of spare wheel leaned at next side of barn.
“We are traditional family. We serve as High Pair’s warrior and watchman. We have right of weighty arm.” Male youngling said after counterback young female’s clawing.
“What is your name?” He asked to them. Visit warrior family was not happy mood. He had visited several of them before. He had felt quite burden at these times. Wolves were hostile but these warrior families were specialist at that hostility.
“I’m Aelianus Nasennia candida.” Young male said with proud.
“I’m Silvia Nasennia candida.” Young female stuck out her muzzle and head. Her act seemed more proud. He little wondered then noticed. Their names noman and cognomen were woman’s but not man. These years, woman held names. Only family which came from archaic Era might use man’s stuff. Youngling Silvia seemed had woman’s sure confidence.
Aelianus and Sivia led him through paved road. Other part of ground covered with dirt and weeds. He asked about paved stone that they said it came from near mountain. He knew quite time passed after their adults joined with war. No their smell remained. He detected some smell of Augusta’s. Family’s buildings spread around bared ground. They pushed him by themselves. He asked one question at his ushers.
“What is your age?” He said mild tone.
“I’m thirteen.”
“I’m twelve.” Silvia said reluctantly. She stared her bother or cousin. Aelianus’s spear scratched him carelessness while youngling looked at themselves. He backed slightly looked themselves also.
“Follow with me.” Aelianus said again finally. Silver ran with her four legs to bolted door. Young wolves had only one adult. Security needed to them.
He ushered through porch of main house. It was all white marble. It was from Dacia if centurion wolf’s saying was right. He passed short pillared lines at inside of house. It led at bright atrium. House roofs made shade under daylight. Smooth shade seemed fit for nocturnal creature. Atrium was living room that open roofed place at its middle ceiling. Light and sometime rain dropped at water basin impluvium. One wolf plucked harp. She were stola that was not gave good view. She was ratter batter live on naked with brass face and muzzle than this. Covering clothes was etiquette but it seemed had limit. Augusta was awful that she was batter clothes when she wore armor lorica segmentata. Bulk fur under pink fabric was ominous.
She plucked harp at first several moments. It was surprise that she didn’t cut harp string by claw. She poured her devotion. She plucked harp slightly and softly. It was unlike her shape. She concentrated on harp. Ancient people love music. They dance with it. Wolves liked self doing for their sense’s experience but they still called musician with aurei. It was much hard care at them. Sound couldn’t make from carelessness touch. However she did it.
It was not correct music. Wolves use sound many ways that he heard music at many places. She often missed time because she so cared at her smooth touching. But rhythm was made from her. It was calmed sea like waved music. Sound was low seemed lusted and heard like lullaby. He couldn’t hear it more because she ceased music then looked him with green eye.
“Do you come for look your confiscated weapon?” She asked with blunt voice. It might her indifference. He expected growling or little of his mind expected her say as : Children bring food to kitchen. I will cook it myself. He didn’t think his weapon until she said it.
“Do you return it to me?” He asked with whimpered voice. He was welcome if she would give it to him.
“I couldn’t. You are still suspicious.” She replied well that he knew she was bad centurion. She was metis bulk wolf.
“Is it your business? I’m not on my duty. I counted our house’s budget before rest. Leave my family’s house that was better than staying.” He saw papers and abacus at near mensa. She still grasped frame of harp that she opened muzzle.
“Aelianus, send him out.” He noticed two younglings stood both side of him. They smoothly aimed their spear at his heart. Aelianus’s spear had previous remnants of scratch. It had little of his blood.
“I come to you for asking other matter.” He was not backed. He decided to bare it. His heart trembled by mare young things. He tried to ignore it. They wore stabbing sword at their waist. But it was excessive. Young age wasn’t fit for fighting. He remembered fact.
“What do you want to say more? It isn’t proper ethic which allowed rude stranger at family’s atrium” She growled. Music faded quickly at this mood. She turned at attacker when he encountered at forest creek. It was before seven days but bad wolf was same.
“I want to you guarantee me for pass city’s gate. You saw this land’s northern chief attempted kill me. You may hear my host sheep wolf’s protection. I’m not suspicious. You should not block my freedom.” It was his purpose. He squeezed his courage for this standing before. He always looked problem at backseat. even he avoided to direct counterback when he chained and really abused by female at his early part of journey. He didn’t bear behind standing in this event because his journey became long. It gave him to quite effect. He could snare at in front of law protector.
“You don’t say about pair’s guard chief’s insistence. She insisted you as spy of white wolf.” Reddish brown wolf Augusta countered. She looked her harp for long moment. Triangle shape of harp little shook. String of cat’s gut was under rough creature’s paw. She released her both paws for short time then grasped softly.
“That is on your pleasure.” He hissed. He thought that her feature and act surely cause hate among locals. His heart trembled. His heart felt anyone might think centurion wolf’s saying wasn’t right. He jutted muzzle to front. It was quite thrilled feeling. He thought sister which her whiteful shape. His act was over upper rank. They lived in civil custom but primary measurement of power was still vivid.
Centurion wolf looked at him. Two younglings backed from him. Their act seemed be preparing of charge. He knew his blood could be spoiled floor of mosaic. His hind leg pads sent glassy feeling to him. He made human words with singing like voice unlike their threat at this moment.
“You metis, Didn’t you learn grace from both of your blood?” His word meant she was brutal.
“No, my family keeps the rule. It was through from Candida our family’s clan founder. We kept fair’s rule through era. It is given duty when founder Candida turned to werewolf. Our mere citizen life will be destroyed if you ban rule on our pleasure. We must keep the rule.” She waved one front leg. She dismissed younglings from his side. She wanted to teach him on her queer favor. He didn’t want draw back his will but more of his act seemed to mean death. He and Augusta made pause. Centurion wolf broke first.
“I passed your illegality before. I can write guarantee also. You call me as metis. Your saying is right. Metis see another well. I was left at war because great mother thought crossbreed me wasn’t fit at glory.” She gave up singing voice. Her voice heard like rough send. She found cup and plain paper then draw her wrist with knife. Two of younglings were discomfort at this.
“Patricius, be aware yourself.” She said when he took her paper then started went out from house. That word made him looked back to her.
“What do you say?” He asked at fluorescent eyes.
“I know you are some pack’s high family. I detected it when I met you. Law protector certainly wondered why you cover your rank. Rank isn’t measure by power or wisdom but now time it measure by blood. Your high family crossed with your other blood.” It seemed ridiculous words at Refen.
“My winterer family served northern Alpha fair but that is all. Your dark hole of eyes didn’t see me really.” He didn’t want stay with this centurion wolf and her young cousins. He grasped paper. He went out with wind like speed.
He visited inn after meeting with off duty centurion. He needed some calmness from meeting with scared powerful wolf. He crossed even her villa’s ground. They built civilian etiquette but they still had fear before power.
“You succeed from damned beast.” Inn owner Marcella struck his shoulder as softly. She hung her smile at both of lip’s end that seemed sincerely intention. Her two sons Laurentius and Tacitus rubbed dinner room’s table with rag while she was doing it to him.
“Give it to me. It is mine!” He growled because Marcella lifted his guarantee lightly. Sudden anger surged but she kept read it.
“I reconsider you. That centurion Augusta was quite docile to you.” She backed paper softly. His uncomfortness made him clawed her paw. Furrowed appeared and blood dripped like rain day’s farm field but she didn’t care.
“Do you want some drink?” She asked after looked her tore paw then frowned. She fixed her face as covered smile. She seemed didn’t want to break her feeling,
“I don’t want use money.” He replied.
“But I brought wine yesterday.” She didn’t use word grape juice. They healing ability rejected any alcohol. They made wine because it was long. “Tacitus bring jar to me” She ordered her son. He thought that word wine seemed more luxurious. She might want to good price.
“I’m not your fortune. I don’t want drink.” He rejected it with growling. Long journey spread yet before him. He decided to resist her offering unless this greedy wolf chained him like sheep wolf Minerva.
“It is free. I don’t want get price this time. You bent bad wolf. I want cheer up this small event.” She sang with real joy. Joy might rare event at greedy wolf. He got free drink but feeling wasn’t better than his previous visiting at villa. Each pack had complex problem that her saying seemed confirmed he was part of it.
“Do you want to get one small work?” Inn owner Marcella asked when he drank red juice with straw. Her under part was smelled sour. That probably she enjoyed with some male before. She embraced her raised forehead son without reason. Her son Laurentius suddenly downed fur with bewilderment. He even didn’t carry jar before. Their mother’s order seemed harsh. Refen knew reason little later. She irritated he knew her previous playing.
“You only give my letter to other. I will pay you well.” She looked at him as bent her back. It seemed she want turned his thought from her mating. But it made him muse. Mating wasn’t sin at them. It was shame or not that it was almost common work. It was little surprise that greedy inn owner had shame feeling.
“Listen to me.” She insisted. This moment she dragged him from her shameful experience. He noticed she knew his coin condition. He didn’t get any work during his journey. But he smelled her suggestion as suspicious. He already knew in owner’s nature. He decided her suggestion wasn’t fit at his task.
“I should watch our northern wolves and my own wolves. I have fair personality. Both of wolves are my guest but they want to fight. I will look at them because they can harm my inn building.” She explained her honesty. However it’s point at same on grass ground. If wolf said ‘I will don’t eat but love you.’ at sheep it might same mood with her words. Usually in his world, filthy wolf said I’m clean.
“Thank you your drink. I will leave at now. My protector sheep wolf may anger if I late more.” He excused for leaving. Her two sons were rubbing table with sullen face. Their mother might not allow independence from her. But she played with her pleasure. He decided to move his hind leg. He didn’t want to know more of mother’s and pups’ business.
“Wait. Do you know current Minerva’s feeling?” She stopped him effectively. He turned his head.
“She is lonely and haven’t any man and woman closely since her parents died. Lonely wolf have many lust. She will toy you if you don’t show any of your strength. Incapable wolf aren’t good in our world. You need to show you can have something even this land are foreign at you.” He moved but it was not over at three more steps. Power was need as he felt at villa’s house.
“Yes, I do. Who do I send your letter?”
“They are Zephyrinus and Accalia. You know them. Our bad law protector had punished them.” He remembered two legionaries. They groomed fur to each other when he saw them. He wondered why inn owner needed to them but forgot it quickly. He hadn’t right at interfered to her thought. He accepted her suggestion instead of it.
“I call you few days latter. See you then.” She waved her paw as farewell. Hurt paw was healing. He saw flushed flesh that furrow disappeared. Power of healing acted fast at small wound.
His protector wolf Minerva couldn’t block his work. She seemed comfort because inn owner wolf was her friend. Inn owner wolf refused protect when they ran from northern chief’s villa. But Sheep wolf didn’t deny friendship. She said they had deep relationship than his light thought.
He visited inn building when three days after. It was early morning time which sky didn’t conceal its reddish. He yawned with drowsiness. He decided to visit this pack’s archive after his short message carrying ended. Inn owner paid few coins with her letter. It was sealed. This point made his work doubtable. But inn owner glared him that forced him to concern at denarii.
He walked on road. Viae was different with dawn which times his first visiting pack’s city. Hour was early and they sent many members to war but viae had carts and wolves. Little of them seemed as busy and other seemed rest. He went to west north gate as same with his previous visiting.
“I remember you.” Female legionary said with stiff tone. She tried to look over paper which he gave custom bureaucrat. Assistant legionary was astonished with sick bureaucrat when they found Centurion wolf’s sign.
“You have certain right for enter city gate.” She said instead of her sick bureaucrat. Her words contained cynical feeling but he ignored it. He spent ten days for enters their city. This was enough time for predator’s waiting.
“Watch out. Our city have harsh part without you have guarantee or not.” Legionary’s words were not clear. It was advice and cynical words also. He looked her with his bottomless eye. He remembered she caught him before when centurion wolf ordered.
“I traveled one year more. I know how I can care myself.” He didn’t want interfered Legionary’s and her bureaucrat’s thought as like inn owner’s case. It was not his problem that how they met and how she care poor sickness man wolf. Her irritation might be about chore of care sick wolf. He passed them then saw city’s street.
First point which city had was cleanness. They marked their territory and sniffed with sanative nose. Cleanness was base for it. They couldn’t bare it if city was full of stink. Stink of waste made their nose tired and weary unlike variety of forest. It often turned into dirty water. Every residence of them had cleaning staff for them. This city Nasennium was local pack heart. They might have many gathering of cleaning workers.
City was square that streets were same with their basic frame. It was called castrum that locals’ strict and traditional form through Old Era. Sheep wolf Minerva said her heart city wasn’t from Old Era’s ruin. Nasennia pack built new thing mock with their ancestor’s plan.
City had few of new smell but most of it old. Insula built for gathering members who came through time to time. Each family occupied many part or whole as like their watching habit to other. Alpha fair’s den might stood east north side. Den originally called as small cave but present it became large as same as Old Term palace. Clean and wolfish historic city could awe other pack’s member but his most of feeling was fear.
They had history of wild hunt which could be called as murdering time. They covered it all with etiquette. It flowed through streets. However he sensed blood which didn’t clean by their cleaning staff. Many wolves’ urine mark pushed his heart. He had lived city that he entered violence place again.
He asked at market place which columned street. Local said he go to their administrator’s villa who checking their crop production. Her villa smelled grain, lilac and blood. She finished her bloodshed crash before few days ago. He kept walking as ignored passing locals then reached smellfull Insula. It built with stone and concrete and had several outside stairs. Important matter was this Insula wasn’t family’s own. It was gathering of lonely wolves or box of conflicts. He remembered Marcella’s saying then searching its entrance.


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