Harmonia - Chaper eight

Kardien’s note

1. I want to effort to my story. It may reedit when I want more good expressions and correct backgrounds.

2. I want right background. I’m ready to try to get certain background. Please message to me if you know better truths and knowledge.

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By Kardien Lupus.

Chapter. 8

Entrance stood in cornered way. First floor was large business rooms but just few of cook shops opened. Near residents might poor wolves. It had order and rank if one family lived at it. But gathering of different wolves made smell quite afraid. His nose felt stink of blood.
He saw arched lintel. It was colored as red in their custom. However stink of blood was more significant at him. Neighboring predators wanted to bite each other. He stepped stair. Stair was dark by shadow but acided of residents smell made him more worried.
Piece of wooden stair creaked. He walked at fourth and half landing. Building built with concrete and wood that He saw it outside. Fourth and fifth story was wood. More poor residents lived in these stories. Inn owner said at fifth story’s house. He questioned why inn owner want not wealth people. He knew local inn owner’s greedy wolfish smile.
“What are you doing front of my house?” She wolf asked when door opened. He knocked it before. Her stabbing sword pointed at his low abdomen. Northern wolves were high usually than these locals. Her aim of heart missed.
“Are you Accalia?” He asked in fifth floor’s corridor. Building’s inner garden placed over opposite window. He didn’t work as messenger before his life. Rough feeling flowed at short time. It had pausing until She wolf recognized situation.
“Yes, I am.” She wolf downed her sword. He wondered sudden her relax. “This letter which you have at your sack, it radiate anima of Marcella.” Accalia explained with brilliant tone. She was worrier that worrier training included voice fixing. Common wolves thought honor worrier was best at various things. She was same person when he met at gate in second day of this region. She used same soft voice.
“What is stranger?” Voice asked at far side of house.
“He is Marcella’s messenger.” Accalia ushered him at her living room or their. His nose recognized that male lived this house more than three days. It was not proper house at young couple. They needed to find proper den but not this small house. He remembered they were mare legionaries. Their wage couldn’t bare good residence.
“She wrote something intrigued thing. That fastidious mistress bled her own blood.” Paw dragged chair harshly. Accalia seat square table. She read red alphabets.
“I think we should have her quest. We were punished, sadly. Pay master cut our month wage mercilessly.” Grey tunica wolf emerged from sleeping room. He clung at his partner’s next side.
“Don’t you remember me?” Refen asked because it could be trick. He wasn’t saying on his sincerity. Werewolves rarely had it. He was same as others. World had many liar wolves.
“I know you. You are traveler. Centurion Augusta blocked you.” She almost growled but controlled it at least. Her feeling was some notice. That is all her feeling. He expected anger because Centurion wolf found them when he came at their gate.
“Did you trespass illegally?” Male wolf asked with worried face. His ear downed. Two wolves saw him at same time.
“Village’s law protector wrote guarantee to me.” It was irritated moment. Every law protector might have same nature of inquiring.
“Really?” Male wolf might Zephyrinus ignored his female. Accalia tired to establish her dominance but her male move her wrapping paw.
“She really wrote guarantee to me when I visited her villa.” He replied their or his inquisition. Refen’s nose concerned at female wolf. Age had various layer of smell. Visible fur glosses same with smell. Legionaries Accalia’s smell contained mature of warm wetness that meant her age stood at twenties’ layer. But Zephyrinus’ gloss wasn’t lit well under early day’s sunlight. Zephrinus wasn’t twenty yet. Accalia could hold right at her dignity.
“I heard his saying is real. Don’t push me that way.” She snared but not deep. She looked up Zephyrinus with mischief form. Red flesh of tongue licked neck artery instead of fang. It didn’t tear any skin and flesh under fur but moved like snake. Snake’s body made with sin. Their slippy moving and scale confirmed; they had sin. But their sin had intrigued beauty. Likeness or love made even wolves could trust each other.
“Why you work on your duty? This time isn’t your shift?” He asked. He shook his clothes for arrangement. Sun wasn’t reach yet at top. Day was becoming short toward winter one day. But autumn’s clear sky gave clear view at above. He might found important information about Aega who his finding person. This thought made his heart flutter.
“We are punished. You heard centurion Augusta’s sentence. Our generous superior Ovidius shorted sentence but we punished during seven day. Vigil station mentioned to us keep out duty after a while. It is sad event.” Zephyrinus mentioned. Both wolves bow their head at once. Their kind stored food at residence. However Refen only sniffed disappeared bread’s fume. They felt lack of money as punishment of bad centurion’s sentence.
“I’m sorry to you. I need to go now. I’m traveling for finding person. Its name is Aega. I plan to visit your pack’s archive. I may find its name amid stored papers” Refen backed his body. Now time he could spread his won wish. He might prepare words if he could meet Aega werewolf. He remembered her sister’s dearest tone. She asked quest when their family met bad luck.
“Wait, We can usher you to our archive.” Accalia caught him. Her eye saw him with lightly open lip. Punished wolves were wretched things. Even they didn’t be killed but shaming amid public place was dreadful sentence. Predator lived with proud. At least they must be better than sheep.
“We haven’t visitor for a while. Every one avoids punished wolves.” They arranged their seat for usher Refen. They did without his agreement.
“Marcia teased us. She made us to beg for food.” Zephyrinus said with grudge. Refen knew he didn’t experienced upper rank or any of gathering’s head in this region. Zephyrinus’ saying seemed low ranker’s dare. But feeling reached deep red heart. Refen knew public shaming. Wolf chained with silver at any kind of plaza. Other treated them as dog or sheep like teasing. Predator must bore it. They begged food for life. Feeder was often their opponent than friend.
Pleasure and screaming heard at fourth floor. These wolves were mating at daytime. It was not etiquette. But brazen faced individuals and cheap wooden frame made it could hear. Firmness like wolves built insula with hard concrete columns and several iron out stair. However their apartment’s cheapness wasn’t being different with Ancient Time.
Apparently ancestor human greedy rich man built insulae with cheap and low material. It fell at every month and year. Human tenant died always. Rich man pleased when he heard it because he will build another he may call higher price at still houseless plebeius. How is wonder; werewolves often were astonished that just omnivore human had savage at gold and aggressive at enemy.
“Can you go to outer stairs? Your residents seem forget etiquette.” He suggested when they went out. He pointed large window with through iron stairs. They weren’t death at most of falling but it still vary ached event for them. Falling was one of quite bad event. They saw not only falling ground but also sensed process of sinew’s breaking and flesh’ tearing.
“Our residents may suspect at our outer stairs using. It made for collapse of fire.” Accalia sang. Refen thought shortly about scene of collapsed ruin. Residents weren’t death but howl with pain. All of them might emerge from ruin with conscious but bad feeling. They loved firmness stuff for safe; anyway they hardly died.
They went down stairs. Various residents’ urines made his heart shrunk. Unlike him, two legionaries were calmness. Accalia who more experienced at vigil work said.
“I don’t know what your city’s residents live. But our insula have simple rule. If someone comes newly he or she will fight every residents then decided rank. It is simple but strong rule.” Her words had problematic point. Each wolf should have many wound and pain for living. Sometime it could surprise to him. Every city’s liver bore agony for living and money.
“Can I ask to one question?” Refen nodded her question. Her morning bird like voice didn’t contain inquiring tone.
“How north cites law protector keep city’s rule? I’m wondering it long time. I want to know because our world has different packs and cultures.” Her words fit at protector’s mind. Every one wants to know other worker’s doing.
“Violent, Many of norths cites composed with Colonies. Each colony contained part of packs or part of sub species. North cites isn’t owned by one pack. They often fight at wide place. My home land’s law protectors do hard work for block residents’ entire attempt of killing and slaughtering.” They reached at street. Stone of pavement was smooth. Many wolves’ hind leg and its pad stepped it since it covered on dirt ground. Air was flesh. Only few of them walked near street after staff of cleaner swept through. Marking of urine spread at around. It mixed cleaning. Territory making clearly sensed at far away.
“It is same with our tradition. Our factions always want kill other. They do even in this war time.” Accalia said. Shrunk two wolves treat him well. He was their visitor. They had decided usher him. Many of doors and entrance locked. Red blood mark painted as cross shape on these doors. Some of them nailed paper with message. Blood turned brown. Long term passed. Be ushered was safe way; Refen might have luck.
“Every one wants silent us. You may know her family. Strong Candida family isn’t forgettable blood line. Family’s ancestor served since our pack founder Nasennia saved Old Era’s survivor. Our centurion Ovidious said to us. He said Self reflection time need.” Accalia passed few individuals. Wolves avoid couple. Two couple of vigil legionaries wore plain tunica but they didn’t seem as worker stuff.
“People always want ban law. Aren’t it honey?” Zephyrinus said. Their kind loved sweet things. Sugar and honey were two of them. They brought sugar through wide sea. They founded extensive territories at distance place. Honey, they usually thieved bee’s work. They killed competitor bear for it. Honey might right term at them.
“Our members scam always many things.” Accalia replied. She turned muzzle; her eyes pointed at her mate. Abyss like bottomless eyes couldn’t send any sort of feeling. But tradition and shape of fur made her motion was reliable. Refen concerned around thing but not to them. Love seemed cheap. But it had long history and even creature of them could it. Refen thought only his finding. His journey made miss family also beloved sister.
“Why do you avoid your eye from us? These citizens are always worse than us.” Accalia asked as turn her body to back. She wondered at Refen’s concerning. Her mate Zephyrinus found its reason.
“Everyone will be executed if rule is strict. Love isn’t damage at legion. It is natural matter.” Refen could add excusing at law protector’s behavior. Centurion Augusta like wolf was worst kind. Common wolves thought other protector was bad. Some time law protectors kill commoner with doubtful reason of law; even they had pity point. Two wolves looked at him. He was forced to make wolfish smile. His tongue reluctantly jutted. They might abandon their ushering now.
“Law isn’t harsh. It is covered full of practice. I felt it when I joined our Pair’s staff in seven years before. We didn’t make law practical. Our seniors and previous commanders did it.” Accalia sang. Punished wolves hadn’t mind at throw out their glad visitor. It was good mood at Refen.
“Many of us chore is finding adultery.” Zephyrinus said when they saw one scene at opposite side of pavement. One angered wolf chased other male and female. This wasn’t special scene. It was common at predator gathering city. Refen knew it.
“This war time many of member leaved city. Remnants of members missed their mate and friend. Our lust can concentrate at other opponent. Even some did it in front of their mate. Our work blocked their bloodshed.” Refen heard Zephyrinus’s words. He wondered; their love could be broken as their saying because they were werewolf. But never say it behind of them.
Refen tired to ask at their duty. One of these wolves could be death at first of his thought. Then his memory gave more expectation. Angered wolf was strong. Some of them called as berserker. Two wolves versus one angered wolf might make draw. No one might death.
Refen followed them. They passed streets. City made like block, castrum. Each district had grid like street. It went to into small way. They went to large road as backed from small way. Two primary streets crossed at middle of city. Long colonnades covered each. Pillars were large and white marble. Buildings stood behind of pillars. They were market place.
“War time make your city clam.” Refen said. Main street was wide and well paved sort. It was city’s largest road. Market and storage stood at each side of it. Business and all sort of work could make at this. City was made by plan. Primary two streets were traditional as forum.
“Last bloodshed swept market place.” Their forest kin was communicative animal. Refen expected this nature. But Zephyrinus’ reply sounded like different tone. It had bitterness or sharpness.
“Can you see cleaning stuff their? Two days before Patricius Aeliana bureaucrat of coinage’s gathering crashed with Renita’s architects. They covered this road with blood. So many wolves got out even vigil legion couldn’t touch them. Many vigil members joined for war. Only few of us merely kept our station.” Wolves, they just wore tunica. Their tunica was white plain thing. They had mop and were cleaning with soap. Soap made as fatten goat’s belly fat. It mixed with flower. White poppy which was hadn’t toxin. Their dust like smell floated in wide street. Pavement and Flat stoned cart road was cleaned like white. But nose sniffed poppy’s smell unlike sight’s cleanness.
“They are cleaning blood in this daylight time.” Refen said. He wondered at their working. Block horse cart stood at near them. One male who seemed their head looked around staffs. Only few wolves moved in calm street. Cleaning staff rubbed pavement with brush honestly. They could do this work at dawn though locals were few at this time. His sense questioned at their worry.
“Each party crashed. Other feared that. Alpha Pair went with their members. High family followed Alpha Pair. Our Pair said to keep rule but they now stand in far away. Cleaning staff removed flesh and death at after few hour of conflict. But they worried lusted gathering. They are cleaning remnants this time.” Refen heard Zephyrinus’s saying. Northern city had same problem but that is usual. Each branch of main pack, they quickly dragged any of bloody things. They didn’t say about it after then as if it didn’t happen. He concerned word war. He was just stranger and traveler. But their heart, city had something. He could felt it.
Refen followed them in market place. Many of shop closed. Blood line crossed at their door and window. Most of was old but some was raw. Few cart passed wide street. Street stretched to opposite gate. It had arch at middle which heavy stoned building. It might celebrate something. Opposite gate was far away. It didn’t see at his sight.
“Why turn way to branch street?” Refen asked. Zephyrinus turned his body when they reached place which horse’s smell floated. Accalia accepted it. He thought Zephyrinus’ meaning shortly. Zephyrinus meant fastness. It might be old god’s name. He wasn’t agile as like every name named with no will of pup.
They walked smaller street. “His family work as horse carer.” Accalia turned her head at which might horse market stood. Black horses knew wolf’s will. Wolves weren’t killing them usually. But they would hate selling which was taken to unknown predator. That part of market place was surely peaceful part. They lied to black horse with peace. Two legionaries avoid peaceful place.
“It is our personal problem.” Accalia detected Refen’s doubt. Honest usher turned enemy little. Refen’s ear didn’t hear growl but He could knew she did. City contained flesh ripping feeling. City is virtue of cultural life at Old Time. It meant city was proper place. Only right being lived in city at time. Werewolves built city but it was different though they used same plan with their Ancient Time. Refen felt sad and glad feeling as city liver. He couldn’t call city’s mood in his traveling with wild and rural place.
“My family is eques. My family work as scribe. Our work descends more mother to mother. We are long and historical family.” Accalia mentioned her family’s history first. Her mate Zephyrinus seemed little unsatisfied. But rule was rule. Woman established it with their daughters. She kept her saying.
“My mother Valeria had only me.” She said as crashed her tooth by herself. “Mother is still living but I tore her womb.” Werewolves failed birth often. Their healing ability ceased at last month of pregnancy. It was for birth. However they were from chthonic world at least their Old faith. Birth often failed with various reasons. Wolf woman rarely died but some became barren. These wolves usually ignored by fertile others.
“Family’s great mother ordered to me joins Fair’s warrior staff. I couldn’t be through mother’s job because she is powerless. I met my mate at currently my duty.” Could eques get pride from deep part of heart? It was questionable wonder at Refen. Any eques call honor in his homeland north city. So many wolves said historical family story. But rare and archaic family who didn’t throw their male name was fit for it in Refen.
“My family is plebs. Our families hate each other. It is our tragedy.” Zephyrinus sang his words after arrogant his mate. Refen shook fur. Not beautiful milky grey fur moved like battered tapestry. He forgot her aristocratic words. All wolf had wasn’t good part little. He had experienced about these wolves.
“We tried to persuade each family but failed. Accalia’s family rejected any my offering. My great mother pleased at marriage with more high family but she angered at these months.” Zephyrinus downed ear.
“My mother Valeria attempted to murder his great mother. She lied as meeting for our marriage. Our family moved at Mogontiacum. She came back to city with this reason. She entered my mate’s house as good guest then tried to slay his great mother. My mother then ran swiftly. His great mother barely survived. She healed but didn’t forget anger.” Accalia still kept walk.
“My great mother was just grand mother.” As Zephyrinus’ saying, family’s head great mother was usually grand mother who tied blood with all gathering. Woman wolf lived at sixty or seventy. They passed end of year with full grown grand siblings. “My grand mother originally lived in farmland. She ran out her family and established her horse carer family.” He had enough reason for explaining. Few wolves still ran out from family as like their forest kin. Woman had right of establishment but these new family often weak. This region’s wolves had three names as their tradition. Their family name had no weight.
They reached at arch of triumph. It built with white marble as tune with city’s building. Two primary streets crossed at before it. Buildings’ roofs were red terra-cotta. Refen saw it in large cross road. They reached right side. Forum and basilica stood on that side. They went through branch street. Refen saw library like building but not library. It was local pack Nasennia’s archive.
“We hope your good hunt.” Accalia said with unexpected smile. Her jutted tongue made Refen’s feeling different. City was fanged predator’s gathering life. He renoticed it sent feeling as bloody and weird. Brown legionary wolf seemed arrogance before but different with her mate in present. They were poor. They were middle and lower class’s fair.
She barked at building’s keeper as warrior’s staff’s salute. Refen saw she and Zephyrinus putted their muzzle to front. Refen said farewell as words instead of their greeting way. Entrance keeper noticed something then passed Refen without deep checking. He gladded at two vigil legionaries.
Pack’s archive was pediment thing. Pediment was long isosceles structure. It was entrance’s decoration. It was terra cotta roof’s front that was empty place between lintel and smooth rose roof. Pediment was plain except few carved outline. He found only one carved sign and words wrote at middle point. Sign was Capricorn. Half goat and half fish constellation was almost forgotten thing. He knew it because he checked brief information before he reached in this region. Legio XXII Primigenia kept this region at long before. They were real Roman Legion. Nasennia pack’s founder was Nasennia. It was easy and simple way which pack founder give pack’s name as her title. Nasennia might connect with that legion. Refen knew many of their historical term. Pack founder might be just local farmer’s daughter who given birth one legionary’s siblings. Liar wolves, local surely believe their founder was Legion commander’s daughter. Half goat sign was legion’s. Sign said local awed Old Army. They might want honor as Great Roman border keeper. Word read as : PACK’S ARCHIVE.
Local law protector Augusta’s pointing was not absurd. Refen just didn’t say more correct back ground at her family’s atrium. He had chance before; he caught it. He learned about little of loyal tradition. Long journey force to him; he even forgot most his life time city living. This journey was first adventure to other place. He had spent most seasons at his family’s city house. Vacation and hunting game were short portions of his life. One of keeper wolf turned his head to him with smooth motion. It seemed wonderful. Wolf’s neck muscle did good moving. Refen stood low porch. Remembering all memory wasn’t need. He rethought useful few then walked.
He passed corridor. It had facades decoration. Feeling might have some memories, book’s words and smell. But it was hardly saying. He simply knew feeling or it came to him. Internal door was supported by two columns. Columns seemed lime. He noticed old marble rusted. Neat- or concealed facade part- Outer building caged at old one. Suddenly building convinced him quietly. Papyrus emerged at primal era. People wrote numerous their works. Werewolves used clothes paper and some started to use wood’s pulp instead of Old Method. However they inherited writing with alphabet. This pack might write their history for long time.
He changed thought because building forced to his heart. Part of building built at ancient time by human’s tender hand. He noticed it. It might be temple, villa or governor’s office. This pack’s architect was clever individual. He read her message- his sense just accessed to truth. Part of building aged over one millennium. Werewolves’ sly mind accidently led message to this way. He knew not few citizens were fond of ancient stuff. Some of them might worship all of antique which made by proper kind human. Old is important. Fox like sly she architect said her song in front of main hall door. He pushed iron patched door.
“This is my paper. My city’s custom bureaucrat wrote this to me.” He gave paper to old wolf. She was over sixty at least. He sniffed she didn’t have any healing power now. Their various abilities degenerated at latter years. Fur lost gross; eyes didn’t lit well as early stage of life. She might lose her half of hearing ability. Their body was still strong until death came in presence. But they became weary forest kin, normal wolves.
“You confirmed. See that shelves, these books are catalog of papers. I saw my ancestors arranged all stored papers’ list when I merely walked as four legs. These are correct. I will usher you to each camber when you choose your paper.” She didn’t spoiled blood. She didn’t crack her song. Old wolves often vomited blood without reason. But librarian suppressed both. She quickly sucked hot honey water after her saying with straw. Old wolf supported her life with her curing water. He found she sick with cold like human. It made him want to avoid this librarian. He saw her two eyes at same time. He didn’t exclude left or right. She was arrogant and over proud. Her eye hole wasn’t death. Abyss like eye hole was cleared by her plentiful experiences. Hole filled with pure lust of blood. She controlled it. Her pact made him little feared.
He got many guarantees when he prepared his journey. These papers were high bureaucrats’ writings. Customs, administration and law protect these high bureaucrats’ writings allowed his journey and finding. He tried to get papers before. He spent little of effort to that work. Old librarian didn’t look down him unlike her arrogance from age. She wasn’t awe him but she saw his home north city minister’s words and his blood.
Window was made by frame of glasses. Many of square glasses attached at iron frame. Frame was dark that it resembled with Old Era’s window grid. Still many houses’ window adopted textile cover. But government’s house chose clear view; shine of daylight came to hall’s floor. Some square of glasses leaned to outside for fresh air. Glass was different with clothes cover. It blocked air instead of its sight unlike textile.
Wolves loved to make them hot. Glass helped it. It preserved heat. Wolves often rested at under summer’s light with one bucket of water. Sometime day licked water for thirst. But most of time they made their heart very hot. Original wolf hadn’t sweating system. Wolves could make their heart as like dark coal. His sister sometime had that coal like heart.
She liked glass. Sometime her heart appeared. She angered at various problems. But she was docile canine in front of him. He knew she aimed great mother. She wanted to inherited seat from mother. Refen’s and his sister’s grand and grand grand parents died in early time. Mother’s siblings always fought for family head’s seat. They knew next seat placed for them. He was outed from competition when he merely stood with two legs. Anyone didn’t care weak pup. Just mother loved him as one of her puppies. His elder sister was often tired at competition life. She knew where safe place stood. This is Refen. She played with him without worry and threat.
She concerned at beauty when she knew what mother and father did in their private room. She had nose but she knew sight was also important. It wasn’t matter; she was werewolf or not. She said even werewolf could find its charm. She hate stuck out whisker. Most of her wolf whisker gathered as roundly but usually one stuck out to other direction. Glass became looking glass when silver fainted at its back. It reflected light. She plucked whisker with pain in each day. He saw her grooming in her personal room or grass field which located at near city. Their fur grew quickly if they lost it. She checked looking glass every time.
Hall was part of public building. It was rectangle and had arch ceiling. Floor covered with tapestries. Tapestry was plain but outlined thing. Aged yellow out line rounded same aged red background. Wall was plain white but He felt cozy. He recognized fireplace. Hall seemed old family’s room. It was so old and stuffy. His part of mind thought. Werewolf’s mind could separate to several will.
Some of high family’s records might conceal at more private place. Other and other families’ records might have copies at somewhere; or archive preserved these copies. Though, pack’s archive was best place for searching even if other place had special paper. They stored many event records and family trees.
He opened one of catalog books. Book was filled by only family name. Pack had many families, events and decrees through years. He couldn’t breathe by book’s dust shortly. It is same as his worry at old wolf. He knew age gave malicious will and knowledge to her. She was werewolf, wasn’t she? It was same at him and families which wrote at currently open page.
Werewolves were pretended creature. It was because they admired human culture. They were savage creature; human’s Old Culture couldn’t cover it fully. Culture helped them to establish not crazy life. However it made them pretending.
He knew everyone said they were honored. But sexual creature hid their purpose. Everyone was dishonored that was their life. He knew his sister concealed her special purpose against their pretending. That wasn’t dark and brazen secret. She covered it because other would say she was idiot and still pup. She hadn’t any dangerous thought. She just hoped to keep her honorable and only want heartiest love.
He thought her secret purpose. She only said it to him. He spent many time during his name reading. All families might be brazen wolves. Inn owner Marcella said even well minded sheep wolf was it. His temporary protector Minerva seemed had good mind when she saying or acting. He knew; Minerva knew what was good way even her grudge made him was wretched. She never wandered at village’s assembly if she hadn’t any constructive thought. His temporary dominator understood why world bad. But she had their kind’s lust.
He also had their kind’s lust. Werewolf’s lust was uncontrolled and excessive thing; it burst as killing and enjoying dying creature’s despair. Most of time they blocked primary want but could mating at public with others eyes if their nature call them. He couldn’t control his urge often unlike his own thought. But didn’t forget his kind originally wasn’t good.
He loved sister but book didn’t help him. He didn’t find name Aega. It was difficult job finding wolf with only name. Aega might be not family name that he couldn’t find it. He felt little sorrow. It might be reason of his blame himself and his kind. He could spend money to professional worker wolves for searching but he did it before. Coin bag became light. He had not many money now.
Sky was dark when he decided to leave archive’s hall. He only saw catalog books, though. He could visit again next time. Night time wasn’t good to stranger. Nasennium was their city but not his northern shore’s sea port. He stood from chair. Old librarian lit lamps already. She was only librarian at hall or all archive. War might drag other librarians from old wolf. He noticed keepers were not proper guards. Guards joined war; some of left librarians kept Archive instead of them. War was their big business. Their members might fight at the far and hot desert land. Old wolf might be librarian family’s great mother. But she stood alone at front of him. Archive built as same rule with library. Librarian kept archive but it had only one visitor at this day if no one visited it before he arrived. Stiff, he felt his lung hardened. He walked for leave this hall. Old wolf stared him with bent position. Her aged body didn’t allow fully stand straight. He knew she hated poor stranger. He would become old but long years’ and arrogance’s glaring made his heart shrunk.
He went out to city’s street. Wide forum and basilica were calm and quiet. Few locals saw him with watchful eyes. He worried remaining vigil legionaries. They might worry any stranger if Accalia’s and zephyrinus’s saying wasn’t wrong. And his wolfish mind started to want enjoy blood and lust in night.
“Do you come back from archive?” voice called him at near west north gate. It wasn’t gate keeper’s. Many windows bolted with wooden panel. Some was dark. Others lit with light in dark blue sky. Predator’s city felt cold unlike autumn’s warmness.
“Yes, I’m going to my protector’s house.” He felt suspicion from zephyrinus wolf. Why him and his mate stood at front of gate. He noticed they had very watchful eyes than vigil legionaries on their duty. Two off duty legionaries wolves watched him with black eye hall.
“Did you find something?” Zephtrinus said with cozy voice. But voice was lie. It covered their purpose. Legionary wolf missed skill by their training. They use soft song for public work. They said to pack’s other member with well tuned voice. It was their way of working; they arrest that common member or not. Refen’s pointed ear heard many unconcealed points.
“I couldn’t. I think will visit your Archive next time.” He removed words -so old and arrogance- from saying. If he did they might attack him then arrest him as insult at public place. They might ignored they were off duty also. Their forest kin was nocturnal creature. Most of chthonic creature in death land, they was fond of nocturnal mood. Night made control lost. He felt threat at in front of them. He suddenly wanted to attack them.
“Marcella wants to you at her business.” Accalia’s saying made him wondered. Marcella was inn owner’s name. Dose she scheming something? He thought it but didn’t know. “She said at her letter. We should wait for you until you came out from Archive.” Accalia’s confession of previous her mate’s saying; it was suspicious literally. He saw inn owner treated harsh her sons. She just gave order to her sons for her comfortable. He noticed it in day which he got guarantee from bad centurion. Two wolves all saying seemed problematic at him.
“She wants us to meet one administrative bureaucrat for her business. We will talk with bureaucrat as her letter’s words. She promise give coins to us. She thought foreigner will be impressive. She will give coin to you.” Accalia raised her two front paws with rest position. Her lip backed as wolfish smile but it contained bitterness. Smile came with growling. It was obvious over their tricky ability. They were cut their wage. They hadn’t enough money for rent. Round coins made wolf’s life harsh as payback of their greedy habit.
“Wolves, I haven’t any mind in this time. I want go to my protector. I submitted at her. She might be angry by my latening.” He sang excuse against their purpose. Relationship with sheep wolf wasn’t clear yet. But she would get angry at rude subordinate. Sheep wolf Minerva wanted to tie him for irritate northern chief.
Two wolves didn’t reply. It is same as his emerged nature. Dog nature wanted flesh instead of talk. Night’s air wasn’t clean; it was reason most of law protector’s execution occurred at night. Archive’s book dust might defeat his human intelligence. Night never was good time in this world. They often turned to little wild when their eye lit as fluorescent light.
“Please do it for us. If you don’t Marcella may not pay her coin to us. She said about good plan in her letter. We can’t disappoint her.” Accalia asked as polite tone. It seemed part of her warrior training. Poor couple urged to coin. It could be point where there fang showed. Pack had Alpha fair. Alpha fair had government staff. They trimmed their clawed as bureaucrat’s attitude but they still had sharp fang. Her mate Zephyrinus showed him to it. Gum was good red; Refen saw it. Poor couple’s energy of love would turn to Refen in werewolf’s way. He didn’t had necessary to hear her mate’s growl. Werewolf’s energy of love might not honesty to third wolf. He looked around street. No wolf walked at near. Some night had aura; it scared even wolf. They might use large gate at middle of city’s wall if they had purpose. He found west north gate keepers and their vigil centurion. Female centurion looked to him but just chuckled. Refen was northern city’s resident but foreigner in this city. Dim light fell on white limed wall. Moon grew near half way. Its sliver like brightness gave power and weakness. Refen’s thought leaved from moon. He noticed gate keeper centurion would not protect him because two legionaries were her companion.
“Bark! I think about your saying. You are right, I need to obey inn owner’s quest.” Refen’s dog nature took his many parts at this time. It downed his controls. He snared at all around. All sound and smell made him nervous. He thought salty taste of meat and its life. Unlike shivering body he wanted to be taste first. He readied attack to near meats or two wolves. But sudden their stunned face and narrowed eyes made him calm. Refen thought he was doing his work. It helped his quick recover.
Inn owner might find information for him if he did her unwanted quest. He might quest to inn owner about his work as her quest’s returning. Inn owner Marcella was his protector Minerva’s friend. She would not kill him by latening. He decided unwillingly.
“I’m sorry. We teased you. I think you got stress from your finding in our archive. Can I think you are right at now?” She wolf Accalia shouldered him with care. It showed her chest with no defense. But he felt suspicion with his harsh breath. His breath was so harsh. It might melt something in front of him with its acidity. He knew her mate Zephyrinus could harm him only by zephyrinus himself.
Refen felt long missing feeling at his sister. She was only hearty place at wolf’s world. He was fully recovered now as same fast with when his dog nature erupted. Two wolves were ushering him to new destination. He thought deer which his first meal in this region. Sometime wild was better than city in his decision. He met just two wolves but he remembered city’s life and attitude completely. He needed to glow his eye like city liver two wolves. Street wasn’t fully dark. Light of windows lit there eyes. Time wasn’t hour of light-out. They walked city’s well paved pavement. White small stones stuck at pavement. They were spread and well polished. It was stuck at each crack between large flat stones. It dimly lit by candle light; yellowish light floated smoothly over window sill. It came with mare heat which wolf’s whisker could detect. But heat was silenced in air. Light alone reached at pebbles with Selene or her moon’s silverly shine. Two wolves and Refen knew Mighty Goddess will because they believed her. But fluorescent yellow moon was far above from citizen’s city. City was wolves’ gathering; city’s one of attitude was ignoring other predator’s existence.
“We will visit bureaucrat who Inn owner Marcella said at her letter. We visit pub with bureaucrat then.” She didn’t release shouldered her front leg at Refen. Werewolf’s arm and its sinew could hurt him but she gave mild strength for shouldering. Accalia had intention. White cobble used for safe walking. It taught where pavement and cart’s road. It descended from Old architecture. But Refen’s eye caught more than dim light. These white pebbles seemed thousand of eyes who watched him.


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