Harmonia - Chapter six

Kardien’s note

1. I want to effort to my story. It may reedit when I want more good expressions and correct backgrounds.

2. I want right background. I’m ready to try to get certain background. Please message to me if you know better truths and knowledge.

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By Kardien Lupus.

Chapter. 6

He ran with silent mood that was quite silent because his muscle and paw made no sound. It was not proverb that his thigh moved as really did. Werewolf matched word when they only scheming something. It wasn’t good circumstance but worked well. Their ability revealed that way. He ran from sheep wolf’s house swiftly while sheep wolf drugging her sheep with friend. He found then something.
It was musket. He remembered sheep wolf leaved it before. He watched it second with rejection of Sheep wolf’s smell. He then put it at his chest. He decided to stand with two legs and then. Sheep wolf Minerva’s houses weren’t far from spot. Pasture house stood at after him which clearly visible range. Four legs was comfort than two legs when fled from other but he had weapon at now. It might be loaded if his memory correct. He resumed his ran for escape from sight and smell’s area.
He had thought when he was over one valley because his heart tumbled. He spoiled no good but heart just did. It was after effect when one decision chose swiftly. This land’s villager was werewolf every way had dangerous. It had only difference was it big or not. He couldn’t stick at sheep wolf who stranger at him. He should do finding. He shook fur for forget sheep wolf’s want. Worst threat contained truth but he had his work.
He met two villagers while his running. They might say about him at his behind. But they weren’t northern wolf. He might get time if he would keep his face. He concerned what road was best. Large viae might be kept by northern wolves if Sheep wolf’s say was right. He met chief wolf that sheep wolf’s saying might was correct. He thought to choose small and quiet way. He might pass this region safely if he would keep this silence.
He trotted half chopped place. He took trotting that he wanted to watch circumstance. Forest kin moved their shoulder to skipped ground also. Sight resembled at ancient time that Old Resident Chopped forest for their use. Some square place had forest for more artful use like making furniture. Other square was rest grass land or cultivated land or bean yard. Bean which only other crop with their wheat cultivating. They were square or rectangle. This shape had brief reason. Their Ancestor who built Greatest Empire loved four sided figures. Even they had built city like square shape.
This local landscape missed something. His Ancestor these wild men might surprised at one pact like honorable civil their local’s ancestor. Forest kin sometime emerged these cultivated land. They didn’t mind their primary alertness to artificial things in that time. But this landscape surely missed something. Man wrote epigram about their filthiness. One argued if they no existed world would be bettered. But world wasn’t better. He wore clothes at first not wildful feeling. His heart knew this well.
He trotted after checked his coin beg. Sheep wolf Minerva’s spicily smell and salty gunpowder blamed him as if his current act was fault. However there was no satisfying way. Goddess Selene looked at her wolves in each night but though she couldn’t arrange all land as her good will. Smell came to him in this time.
They were northern wolves. Their smell contained grease of skin and rug like tick fur. Their large body fumed deep smell. Northern was showed and outstand kind. Their smell did at first in point of view of nose. He needed to avoid them unlike his misfortune. He took forest which oaks that really used for furniture. He leaned body at near oak. He saw its rimmed line like year. Wind was not good but also not bad. Wind on wandered term that was under clear sky. Many times land was did if it hadn’t strong tide. He went through wood. No method existed. Two wolves stood soiled road that other might stood other small ways. He felt vein that intensive moving as specific event. He knew way of walk of stealth since he was youngling. But two northern blood kin noticed his existence.
“Who are you? Scheming there.” Mild pitched tone voice asked him at distance. It was young woman’s voice because that voice caught little original tone. Man’s voice was now quiver tone. He had more pitched voice that was unstable.
They didn’t notice his blood. White blood acted well. He glimpsed thought yellowish worn white wolf’s fur. That fur was his aunt’s. He tried to pretend didn’t hear that voice then moved through some one’s woods for fortune. But other voice caught him.
“Your fume is suspicious. I don’t know you at my around people.” High pitched voice heard. That was man wolf’s. He met young girl and old man. But they might work part time road keeper and also his kind werewolf. He hesitantly came out for dispute.
“What are you?” Young woman questioned. She armed with axe at her little body. She didn’t wear stola but laborer mode. She and Old wolf both wore only tunica.
“I think we found our object. Young Arnbjorg.” He said politely as upper rank. Woman’s dominance surely work at this minor path way. He couldn’t deny His pack’s women also had bad sexual temper like locals.
“I think you two needs to clean your purpose then I counter same it.” He moaned. Moan was weird this dangerous circumstance but he had only this voice. He felt headache and only little part concerned at voice. He was clumsy wolf but this time he met amount of problem whether he was clumsy wolf or not.
“We will attack him?” She might guarantee to wear stola shortly before days. Newly adult wolf asked to old one. It was clear they recognized him fast. Wolves had point at knowing people. They could know person by brief words from other’s muzzle. It was weird to him that she wolf talk about him in just curious mood.
“I think other method was better. We can drag him to our chief’s villa.” Old wolf said considerate tone. He bent his shoulder for young wolf. She needed to spend more years for mature. Wolf had bad nature that bad natured creature could well live in early time. Adult age was fourteen. Old wolf was courteous that seemed they had more connection then current dominance rule.
“Yip!” Woman wolf shrieked. She jumped and lay. She growled angrily after her shock. Refen fired musket before. Sheep wolf Minerva loaded it well before she threw it yesterday. It missed clearly. Chunk of lead might hit far away’s wood. His eye glimpse saw wood that wood was beech. Werewolf was swift animal. They invented effective weapon but it missed often.
He noticed old wolf had musket also. Some one’s invention caused problem when suffered it reversely. He felt used out musket’s heavy. It wasn’t featherlike thing. Iron for kill had weight. He looked opponent’s gun. Gun’s round ringed end was pointed and he could sniff its salt. He knew salted fish that his home shore city of gulf, wolves usually ate barrel of fish. However artificial salt wasn’t his kind of favorite.
He saw ringed point until last time it erupted flame and smoke. He chose left then leaped forward. He recognized paled smoke that outted from his firing. Sickened smoked flowed as their real effect. He knew lead missed him when he fell at ground. It could surprise which wolf dodged fire and detected many things while did it. It was his nature and then he needed to prepare real fighting.
His sister said ‘count at next you’re biting’. It meant he needed to be thoughtful when He was fighting. Clumsy wolf was weak than other. But artful biting made result different. If he cut other’s heart first, he would win unless his heart and brain was clumsy also. Two wolves came to him after second smoke floated.
Old wolf came first. Wolf tired to bite Refen’s front legs or arm first. He clawed Refen’s two front paws to air but Refen saw his neck showed. Refen stretched muzzle that gave his arm for wolf. Refen learned bone was light like bird and strong as iron. But it was broken after effect. Refen ate flesh though wolf wasn’t death at first attack. Wolf fell at ground as rolled his body. Refen swooped wolf. Refen got at vantage point upon this wolf. Owned fight was excited moment because Refen would get kill. However Refen forgot existence. Young woman waited moment calmly then wield axe at his back.
Agony pushed him. Spinal code had strong structure that bared one massive effect. Refen didn’t see it both shock and position. Only surely knew without looking. His skin and flesh were tore.
He was thrown from between old wolf and sly young woman. They were clever than him. Two volunteer road keeper wolves opened their muzzle with lust. They seemed both had quiet attitude but beast nature currently revealed. Their control was lost.
“Evoe- evhoe- evohe- Euoi! Look away! Our mother’s come!” Howl ringed and penetrated in this moment. He fought with two northern wolves. Their large body covered near then tore out his skin and broke down one rib and one paw’s bone. He didn’t have mind at howl. He dragged old wolf’s skin and flesh with paws. He scratched old’s chest while being attacked.
“Evoe- evhoe- evohe- Euoi! Look away! Our mother’s come!” Howl was keeping at this time from more near site. He couldn’t have mind at anything except his now enemies. They pursued his gut that warm and smooth beautiful texture internal organ. They stripped his parts of belly’s skin. It was became shredded. He shrieked by pain and shock then his jaw caught one of them’s flesh. He bit young woman’s pubic. She cried.
“Euoi! Euoi! Euoi! Euoi!” Look away! Our mother’s come!” Voice was coming. It had familiar tone. He released young wolf. Both of his enemies released him shortly later. First he heard that sound at his birth ritual. He was given one term that was his entitative at inner court of temple. That word had special intriguing. It might contain magic form somewhere deep before time. It introduced priest’s coming at present.
“What are you doing now my lovely children?” priestess asked with deepest concerned tone as her care. It was well covered song at his mind. Werewolves had priesthood system for Selene. Moon was their primary goddess. Mighty goddess’s decision gave light even darkened beast. Priestess might come for make peace as unexpected moment at him.
“Do you want mischievous thing at front of my sight?” priestess asked. He didn’t see her. He was hurt quite. His heart refused concern at her. They all stopped act though still dangerous but not peace. Priest had power because goddess gave fierce scepter or common wolves must put that right. She came that was good for him. He was attacked before and could take breath now then sniffed sheep wolf’s smell.
“That is enough. If you do this more, may some can be hurt.” Priestess ignored Refen already was hurt.
“Teasing is already enough. Do you want still stand place just for refreshing?” Priestess asked. His opponents backed their tooth and claws. His part of grim followed. They stand with two legs and stretched their body as upright. He didn’t know he open eyes all his fighting. Little blood spoiled at his one eye.
“Can you stand up?” Sheep wolf touched his shoulder. He noticed shoulder bone was broke. Werewolves had hard bone like their healing but his it wasn’t. He wanted to bite sheep wolf Minerva that she radiated upsetted anima. He didn’t find reason why she angry at his will for free leaving. It wasn’t fair. But He putted himself to her because Minerva was better than these two northern volunteer road keepers. They might illegal keeper. Most of all he needed to prevent more wound at his body. Blood spurted energy for healing. His body started recovering. But It could be problematic matter if he get additional wound.
“Well you are stand. It isn’t injury because you stand.” Sheep wolf sang with light resonance voice. Feeling was surely weird that he was helped by angered wolf. That anger was from him.
Some Bones was broke but it fastly fetched as temporary fixing. He grasped his belly for prevent gut’s flow. Skin tattered like worn paper. He might survive but Sheep wolf had bad feeling. It had only reason about his escape. He moved with sheep wolf anyway.
“What is your purpose at this standing? I think time is important which we stand under her light or not. Waste was not good to you.” Priestess announced at two northern wolves. They stood regretfully. They smeared his gravy at their muzzle. He felt little pity at meat which ate before.
“Mother, can I ask helping at your rest paw?”Sheep wolf carried him in front of priestess. She wore blue and white stola which was clear wool. She had round pebbles’ necklace and bracelet. All stones were blue and white like her clothes. Necklaces and bracelets wrapped each other that her neck and waists was ample. She had one pendant which was crescent. It meant birth that made by two moon stones. White and blue little glittered at light.
“I accept your request.” Priestess said with mild tone. Her eyes had no lusty intend under iron circlet. Priests always did that was reason werewolves awed them. She grasped other shoulder which sheep wolf didn’t occupy. Priestess didn’t ask permission as she didn’t care sheep wolf’s titling.
They moved way. Forest for coin, restful after harvest land and pasture were usually landscape of region. He was hurt that made him little powerless. They carried him like stuff.
“My clothes spoiled with his blood. It is filthy.” Sheep wolf sang. She ignored he was healing and wasn’t hurt ear.
“My clothes better spoiled than you.” Priestess replied as same tone. He was many spoiled but it wasn’t lethal wound. It would heal completely after several hours. Werewolf wasn’t stuff that pact made him bad. He tried to growl then said any word but priestess paw acted first.
“Is he safe?” Sheep wolf asked. Priestess pulled knife from his back of neck that she stabbed it shortly before.
“Healing just is late for four hours and half. It isn’t problem.” Priestess said with little hard voice that he was more powerless. He thought back attack while two wolves held him on road. But Priestess armed with good intention. She might care him after she reached some place. He didn’t want kick out her intention. Added she was priestess of Selene.
“Don’t bother about it. She will care you.” Assurance dwindled after Sheep wolf’s saying. Angry wolf’s saying had some power of disbelief.
“You say your clothes before then is it rude to use mighty goddess’s wolf for your personal purpose?” Priestess stood that cause problem at tempo of walking. They learned two legged standing but it had lack of balance. Wolf’s structure was originally four legged walking. He bared both queer hospitalities because he needed to keep his wounds. He wanted to only concern his wounds. They almost fell ten recovered. It is not good him. He looked priestess.
“Do you forget a pact between me and mother? So you stabbed your cub already. That is rudeness of your mind.” Sheep wolf Minerva argued. He found he hadn’t any specific knowledge about her. He lived city during his most of life that he hadn’t good Knowledge at shepherding work first. She said mother and cup that high terms but his unwound ears heard with regret.
“Let move our patient swiftly. We can talk problem later.” She accepted him as patient at last. Goddess priest must had nature smile and kind heart. That was shape of priest which Refen see before. She was wrong or he overlooked their inner heart. Two wolves agreed Priestess’ term without his thought.
Small buildings stood on front sight. Mild wall rounded buildings. Gathering of buildings were small and pillared temple pointed from these. He was traveler but he didn’t visit local sanctuary for guarantee of safe journey. He didn’t concern it.
Temple built with Old Tradition. It shaped of rectangle and had pediment. Old People didn’t restrict stiffly at their sanctuary. Small local’s temple had several building for its own purpose. It was bright feeling which enter goddess’s own house even at werewolf.
“Rest at bed. I will prepare water and fruit.” Priestess said as putted him at rest room which one of small building’s. He was lay at bed. Minerva stood outside of door with werewolf’s common staring eyes. She did something when he went from her. Temporary submission might still keep itself. He wanted to ask her but saved it currently. He cared his healing. It wasn’t had magical speed instead of this meaning it went with quite progress. Blood stopped then flesh regrew under mere scab. Structure reconstructed or stuck to wrong way. Fur would grow after all of it.
“Here, water and warm meat.” Priestess went then back with tray. She fed honeyed water then meat while his healing keeps going. He only made sullen face when she did it. He was saved from fighting by forcingly. He saw Priestess’s indifferent act. His journey was completely spoiled.
“I hurry to go for look my herd. They may meet danger. You should give ritual to him.” Sheep wolf’s said with more sullen face than him. Her eyes narrowed without reason and muzzle slightly opened.
“You are rude.” Priestess replied at half of second.
“What did me rude to you?” Sheep wolf upped her body little. Her tail waved smoothly. Wall just plain white and he sniffed only other man’s smell. Local temple might work with one priestess and her assistant. But sheep wolf’s act is brute despite she was priestess anyway.
“How dare.” Priestess putted her one paw at her circlet. She downed ear that earring of growing moons shook. Werewolf was not good creature. All priests were chosen from tender puppies. Priestess hadn’t fighting mood. Priest cut their claw and broke their fangs in his knowledge. She glared sheep wolf at once.
“You borrowed my money.” Sheep wolf opened muzzle.
“Don’t say it at my visitor.” Priestess replied swiftly.
“You borrowed my money for buy vote at your election of high priest term. I will go now.” Sheep wolf disappeared from sight. Wolves had many disputes in their society. Sheep wolf had it with goddess’s priestess.
“I will come after your body healed well.” Priestess hurried to went with empty tray.
Werewolves were unpredictable creature. Their live stuck at unpredictable way sometime. He thought whether he should concern at present problem or not. Finding was his long hope. He hadn’t any long hope before he started this traveling. He closed eyes for short time rest. Any one dare not harm him mighty Goddess’s house.
“I will give ritual to you. I will pray you’re safe.” Priestess came with one tunica after his sleep. He fell sleep long time than his expect. Healing wasn’t complete. Red young flesh showed itself. He noticed he had no clothes. One had torn at first night of inn. He took her offer.
“Priestess, I want to ask one.” He didn’t use title. It seemed excessive at local priest.
“You can say me as Horatia. This is my personal name.” priestess Horatia said to him unlike her first indifferent. She might no have badness originally.
“What about barrowed money, Priestess?” It was rude at Priest under mighty Selene. Selene trusted them then all werewolves awed her. But his curiosity went that way.
“I think I can’t cover my fault well. You already heard it.”
“Sorry to you priestess but I want know clearly. You offered to me certain safe. It seemed from sheep wolf.”
“I was born at warm kind that I never think any fight or blood. However even priestess should think their future. I have age than that Minerva. I want buy some vote to high priest election at city main temple. But I’m fail. Sheep wolf Minerva clever than her title.” Priestess Horatia exhaled breath then putted her paw at her circlet. He noticed it that was white gold. Werewolves didn’t wear silver that wasn’t recommended. It wasn’t shine of moon but tangled stalk like circlet had beauty.
“She harassed me with that reason but I can’t find good way.” She walked to inner court but not pediment building. He followed her. He wanted to more talk with Minerva.
Court was kept by one iron patched door. Bottom of yard was glossy marble. Building stood next side. It had small portico and same door kept it.
“I’m little trembled. Have I right state for ritual?” He asked when Priestess opened wooden door. Door was heavy wood that sound was deep and drew.
“Sometime we do unintended thing. Minerva came to me at early morning. She demanded my act. She thinks you will be better if I pray traveler’s safe for you. It’s isn’t lie. Everyone hesitate when they meet blessed wolf.” Alter stood front at door. It was small flat stone. People stood sculpture at their Old Time. But wolves didn’t it. His kind hadn’t favorite at human incarnation. They avoid to made werewolf’s sculpture also. Stone shelf seemed calm but had white flower for Selene.
“You ready?”
Priestess asked when he crouched. Unwanted or not bless was good protection at wolf. It was Selene’s. Accept was needed. He nodded.
Priestess prepared incense. Door was opened and roof was open at middle. Day shine penetrated at both ways. It lit at dark corner. White poppy’s smell spread to rest space as its small flame.
“Selene, bright shine of goddess, I pray you with all my heart. Your shine has tender warmness. It is neither sun’s harshness nor dark night’s doom. You believed us at land’s last day. Your hand touched us lovely. Thus, we pray you. This wolf want to protection of you’re.”
Priestess sang as opened her front legs. She grasped silver stick in his surprise. He didn’t recognize before. Priestess touched with stick at white marble floor. His eyes caught its end that had pattern of moon’s journey.
“Offer your blood.” He looked Priestess’s eyes. It is visible. She eyes contained sincerity. Most wolves’ eyes were not visible. Abyss like hole did. All priests were specific gathering in common wolves’ knowledge. He should kick out all bad thought in present. He drew paw with knife. Blood dripped at clay cup. She putted it at shelf of alter after poppy’s incense fume intrigued smell. It made intoxicated then cure of healing acted.
“Drink water and take branch.” She offered small bowl of water that might be scooped at night of puddle which moon shined. Branch was willow that bent tree. He took both as guarantee of his safe. Drew wound already healed that his heart calm as if intoxicated and light was Goddess’s care.
“Now you will be safe.” He felt short term. Priestess hugged him after that. Horatia rubbed oil at her body that he noticed it. Priest’s work had some wonder that they could like stranger. Watchful wolves usually didn’t.
“Can I go now?” He asked after ritual. Priestess was arranging place. He had doubt at Sheep wolf Minerva’s intention but temple was good place. His feeling became better than dawning.
“You can do. I will patch my assistant for your safe. I think you will better stay Minerva’s house. Chief wolf Brynhild is bad than sheep wolf at my thought.” She extinguished incense than scattered air with fan.
“Can I request one?” He moved body for really go first. Escape was failed soon then he should go angered wolf’s house. But He could have one more thing with this priestess. It came to his mind at moment before. He wanted to ask dream.
“You didn’t make any previous request. It seemed you just thought it few seconds before. I have many works. I should clean temple place myself. Do you know how difficult to clear smell neatly?” She refused it. Priest wasn’t stuff for all purpose. They had quite degree. He missed priestess shortly.
They went out from inner court. She closed both door. She said her assistant wolf Sextilius might enjoy nap at some where buildings. She opened muzzle for call him. But she turned her face at next moment.
“What is your request? But I will help you only one more thing.” Priestess seemed found sudden interest.
“I had dream. But it seemed weird. Can you read my dream?” Their specific ability decreased during long years. Chthonic ancestor’s blood mixed with human’s then faded. However they still caught remnant of fragment. Priestess was special they can read other’s thought little.
“I can do. Follow me into my room.” Priestess sang. He didn’t feel dull feeling. He thought many wolves ask to her with small reasons.
She leaded to other building. Room had table and chairs with drawers which used for work. Room was also simple white limed wall. He called several memory that temples usually same without region.
“Cut your wrist enough.” They seated around table. She gave knife which was for blood meeting. Their blood contained flow of sprit. They knew each others heart in that way when their blood met. It wasn’t all body of mind but feeling sometime enough than brain.
“Think your protective power ceased then inhaled air. Then close all eyes as don’t think anything. You’re concern is only me.” She said as lit censer. He draw pad of paw as she did. He held it for block healing process. She stretched her paw without hesitation. It was irritative moment then each blood met.
He did as Priestess said. He inhaled air then closed eyes. Her blood was exotic that he just knew it. It seemed like white paper. Her heart was not aggressive. Her heart was plain and content. Priestess was chosen by without their will. Only few wolves contained this heart at whole region. He tried to kick out his thoughts. Time passed while he did.
“It’s not pity.” Priestess Horatia said after blood meeting. She cleaned knife with white textile.
“I was chosen without my will but it is nor bad fate. I’m content now and werewolf’s world always disguised cruelty.” He missed chance to his saying. She kept her voice when he opened muzzle.
“You like your sister. It so many contain at your blood. It hardly missed it. Your sister seemed most closed member of your family or you only have sister now.”
“Don’t say about this. It isn’t our topic.” He growled.
“Ability was restricted thing. You could cover it if you poured more concern. And I think it associated with your journey and dream.”
“You just can say about my dream. I saw my pray which I kill before years.” He don’t covered growl at table. Sister was good companion. He worried she knew his deep heart but soon discarded thought. Priest wolf could read dream or tell fortune that was their ability called. Small boxer dragged him currently. His portion of heart might have guilt. His request was for that animal.
“It may remind you.” She said. He heard it as soft tone without real tone. She was on dream telling. He renoticed it that she read his part of mind. He prepared words but it became useless thing.
“Why it reminded me?” He asked.
“It didn’t lead you at menacing way. It can be read it reminds you and I felt it had any grudge.” Teller’s saying was felt like blurred air. It seemed had visible thing and no had it. He asked other matter.
“But it led me at Chief’s villa. It is trick.”
“You didn’t attack at your dream. You saw bed of flower instead of it.” She said as like she was right. All dream wasn’t be will especially werewolf kind. Far space spread between them and dreaming human. Werewolves one been human’s nightmare. Horse was surely incubus in his opinion.
“Then what is flower’s meaning?” He asked.
“It can mean some important place as regular reading.” She said it quite voice that she was certainly right. “Then you see one different flower.” He knew it previously but pact which she read his mind of dream made him little chill.
“What is that white thing’s meaning?” he asked. It seemed riddle. Her Plain blood met with his then she got thought quickly than he was not. He noticed he read unbalance of ability in that way.
“Specific material indicates you should not miss it. In my opinion you should stay here and find it.” Her last saying was enough to provoke him. Air radiated floating feeling itself while incense keep burning. He wanted to do sister’s asking. It is Obvious at front of priestess. He even felt little anger.
“It isn’t my fault. But reading is this.” She extinguished incense. Her fume became different. She watched him with worn mood from his experience. He sniffed social smell of spice unlike her state. Her telling was end.
“You dealt with that Minerva. I want get out this region. This land had paw trap for me. Your saying is disappointing thing that my nature wants to bite you.”
“It is my job. Every wolf want to know their dream so I read it quickly then said with my knowledge. I can’t argue with my education of priest school.” Anger turned against him. Her eye wasn’t clear at moment. She didn’t have interest in this time. He felt stuffiness that he wanted to out from temple.
“Go out with me. I will call my assistant as I said before.” She smiled at unexpected moment. Her lip backed then tongue stuck out from muzzle. Both of Wolves’ dog nature emerged before moment. He had felt anger and felt uncomfortable at his human like act. Sanctuary of Selene was sacred. He could felt that fear or light but werewolves could spoil it also.
“I read many dreams. You remind me.” She said at back when he went out temple with her assistant.
“Does she treat you well? I’m worry at your sheep wolf.” Assistant said while they walking. He wore white tunica as Refen’s given clothes. White might mean shine like mind and clear heart.
“I’m not Minerva’s.” Refen minded sheep wolf name. He might see her for time more. “You don’t know my homeland and me at least you didn’t trip it.” He added it.
“However I see circumstance. My best traveling is visited Mogontiacum. But I didn’t think traveling is important. I’m lived well in this region my Home Pack.” Assistant wolf said then downed his head and searched possible threat from hostile northern wolf.
“Anyway she isn’t and you seem like your priestess.” Refen snorted.
“She is good. I’m happy to help our priestess.” Assistant wolf kept his searching. Sudden Refen felt urge to fight for submission. He is half of northern wolf but this region’s wolves so small. Wolf seemed to live with easygoing mood that clumsy wolf him might overwhelm this wolf. Refen erased it quickly when Assistant wolf saw him.
Small and black horse was not faded in Refen’s mind. He didn’t want to be tricked by his pray. It was unmovable line at mind. But he should solve with sheep wolf at first.
“Vale, I go.” Assistant wolf leaved him at Sheep wolf’s house. He heard sheep’s whimpering. They noticed him as well as him. Wolf’s sense immediately equipped mood of livestock thefting that he tried to remove it. He found He grasped willow branch still. Paw wasn’t kind at grasping. It was hard work though wolf lived man like life. It could be good meant. He putted it at inside of clothes.
Near road side had wooden sign. It read like this : This is my pasture. I will slaughter you if you steal my any of sheep. It was written as large letter that he felt big worry. He thought thefting before moment.
He heard Minerva. She didn’t say but howl as song. It heard as short a- roo-. Natural language became special in werewolf’s society. It was wide and big method. It might hear from Milia. He wondered any kind on land had better good voice than wolf. But anyone avoid use howling in this time. Many wolves gathered at one place that howl could provoke third wolves. Real howl only use at wide place like pasture or wheat field in present day. Her howl meant standing.
“Are you happy to refuse my advice?” Minerva descended from slope. She didn’t wear clothes and fastened small chimes at her four legs. He was city residence that he didn’t know well shepherding wolf’s special treating. He thought it many since he met this sheep wolf. She looked at herd which gathered at slope then threw topic to him.
“I regret you.” Her next saying contained anger. He thought fight for new domination rule. But both wolves don’t have it mind. Sheep wolf didn’t want take dangerous and he didn’t want low possibility work. Then she ate his meat of shoulder as reconfirmation of her domination. His clothes tore again and He was turned her snack. Pain surged after then. His bone wasn’t broken. Lost of portion wasn’t deep. He felt lack of energy that he spent it for previous healing.
“Village’s wolves will talk about northern wolves at forum next day. You can find way to solve your threat in that time.” She announced. She putted her muzzle at water of bucket leave him entrance of her pasture. She ran with four legs then hurried to go her herd of sheep. Their dizzy of trick started to loose. Her tail waved. Aromatic oil fumed. Wolf disguised well as sheepdog which protector of herd. He thought he might learn about it in next days or weeks without his pact as male.
He crouched as thiefing minded wolf that he ignored sign. He went then to sheep wolf’s house. Lectus cover was thrown near ground. She might bite viciously it with hate of his smell. He wanted to four legged walking but didn’t that he already entered house. He wanted to sleep at corner but not new sheeted lectus couch or bed. He was blocked by northern wolves. Priestess read dream as like that way. He need to concern her word about next day talking.


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