Script - Zephyrinus

Harmonia – Wolves
Zephyrinus(Zephyrinus Nasennia Crispina)

Crispina was brave wolf which can walk on unsafe way. She was born at pasturing family who lived nearby pack’s city Nasennium. She leaved her family for new way. It was dangerous that she leaved her own blood. She wanted to make her new family which named after her. She wanted fortune also. However she failed through years in city but she saved one things. That was her only child.
Independence was difficult matter to wolf. All bond and warmness ended when wolf decided to stand alone. Opportunity of stand own name was only for woman. They could bare child then children most was after her name. Some wolves wanted her pack as her name despite of isolation on bad creature’s society.
Crispina passed many working as selling and watching finally horse caring. She chose this job on colonnades of city market. Her first and only daughter Balbina kept mother’s work and mother’s name. Other wolves call it wasn’t proper family. Balbina bore three daughters and two sons but still new family had short power. Caring horse for selling was low working. Other wolves ignored new family. Balbina’s two daughters and one son survived at now. Two daughters inherited family’s work but one son went different way for family’s power. Zephyrinus joined at Alphas’ warrior horde.
Zephrinus felt family’s duty whiles his two sisters making place and money for new family. He joined main force of warriors. He met Accalia in that time. They used bed site nearby at each other then became they were one fair. Wolves had bad nature but they also had love. Love was unpredictable than wolves themselves. They saw each other and sniffed each other’s acid smell. That was all. They decided to leaved pack’s main force then went vigil work. It wasn’t honorable than real warrior but it provide cozy shelter and many time for love.
Family’s founder and Great mother Crispina wasn’t against grand son’s wish. Accalia was born at good equites. Marriage would make family honored. New family welcomed her though Accalia’s scribe family hated it.
One bad event occurred at few months ago. Accalia’s mother Valeria came to his family attempted kill great mother. It was ambush which disguised as personal meeting about their daughter and son. Trick and lie were usual treat at werewolves but it surely provoked mess of bloodshed. Valeria came back to Mogontiacum cleverly. Family angered at crime but couldn’t kill Accalia for vengeance because she was good and powerful family’s member. Family demanded breaking to him instead of killing. He resisted but mother’s harsh words made deep wound at his heart.
War left problems at remnant people and their city. War began at last slow melt spring. Many days passed through war times. Now he met starving citizen who want for blood and got problem of love in his First second adult years.


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