Script - Accalia

Harmonia – Wolves
Accalia(Accalia Nasennia Lavinia)

History of transcription was so long that it couldn’t measure its origin. Apparently it was after first era of letter but wolves agreed only one implement loyal paper papyri. Wolves thought it opened all of transcription until some thoughtful wolf used grape press to printing.
She was born at one of these scribe family. Valeria bore first pup after three stillborn births. She named pup as Accalia which was one of ancestor’s name. Her womb was tore at her last bearing. She couldn’t have child. Accalia became her only offspring.
She grew in her werewolf family Lavinia. Families replaced pack as primitive measure after pack grown large number members. She had mother’s own love because she was actuality barren. Originally wolf had selective birth role. Rule was one male and one female. Werewolves had trouble at birth. Their birth was hard that Family allowed to every female can pregnancy. However one pact was still strong at wolves rule. Many children meant power to woman. Valeria became out ranked and her one pup Accalia was did like her. She didn’t inherited mother’s job after she got enough age then passed event of wear stola. Great mother wanted outlinked member who connect outside power like legion. She obeyed that order.
She loosed Family’s own business but it gave other thing to her. It was more closed to her and ecstatic at her. She found her mate suddenly. She had planned to join main force which Alpha fair’s herd. But she turned to local vigil when she met her mate Zephyrinus fourth year of her duty. She wanted to live with him.
First Family demanded responsibility at her son and daughter. She already had pups as family’s duty. Werewolves thought pup as pack’s property. She hadn’t marriage yet that she just bore her pups as only her name. She replied could take two responsibilities at once that love and pups.
Second her mother frenzied. Valeria over concerned at her only child that Accalia wanted to live with plebii. Lavinia family moved to Mogontiacum was after their patricii. Family class was equites which middle class werewolves. Family continued their work through many years. They prided at their scribe job. They didn’t want to mix at low and nameless blood.
She tried to overcome against Family’s intention. She got house at insula which stood in north east part of city. She decided to live with her own vigil pay. Family kicked out her duty as punishment. She was rearranged from keeper of Alphas’ strong box to low gate keeper. She bared it. However before few months ago one bad event entangled at her situation.
It was third problem. Her mother came to Pack’s city Nasennium then visited Zephyrinus’ grandmother. Valeria attempted kill Accalia’s mate’s great mother. It failed but Zephyrinus’ grandmother got deep wound. Healing took three weeks though werewolf was good healer. Two Families were completely against to each other.
War has begun. Many members of pack joined for war. Remnant of wolves work hard for leaved war members. But emptiness caused problem. They are savage and brutal creature. This feeling leaked to empty part. City was threatening by inhumanity which could demolish their fragile civilization. She kept it and tried to keep her own love.


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