Harmonia - Chapter four

Kardien’s note

1. I want to effort to my story. It may reedit when I want more good expressions and correct backgrounds.

2. I want right background. I’m ready to try to get certain background. Please message to me if you know better truths and knowledge.

Last rectifying Jan 8th /2011

By Kardien Lupus.

Chapter. 4

He leaved inn after wolves’ siesta. It was little late noon. Villager wolves were still lazy when they walking. Inn owner said ‘Go to forum’. He could meet wolf who ushered him to northern wolves’ residence. Village was large habitation than usual wolf’s local habitation. They flourished through years but yet didn’t reach human’s Old Population. Wolves also needed many land than their bright ancestor human. Most villages were small and far away from others. This big village meant this place was important.
Local wolves walked or gathered at forum and its two marble colonnades which stood each side of forum’s entrance. It wasn’t big like city’s but it built as good marble. It mildly glared under autumn’s clear sky. Refen saw sky that weather might best at this time in this region. He searched inside of forum. He recognized Basilica and library first. Long block work office stood behind side. He looked locals then found they were all lazy. Harvest was end. This bright time was their rest term of season.
“I will bite you!” He heard birdlike high voice. It hadn’t proper pronunciation. Two puppies chased after other one. They ran as four legs. Wolves were trained to use only two legs as also their ethics. But they were young puppies. Their mother released them to play. It was one of few times which werewolf pelt happiness. Refen was adult. He countered more difficult matters.
He chose wolves at basilica instead of wolves who talk about woolen fabric. Those wolves talked hard with bunch of wool.
“Can I ask to you some thing?” He came to one group of locals after passed playful puppies. Women and men watched him little suspiciously. It might sign of risk but soon their tensed fur downed. One of women asked to him.
“I know you. You are northern visitor, right? We know Marcella had abnormal guest at her inn.” She said quietly with wolfish indifferent. That feeling contained confidence and little lust of blood. She wore light red stola.
“Do you know where other northern live?” He asked without more confirmation. Praise of words was needed when Old Era but wolves had sense and well used it. She already knew him. Refen questioned himself about what are words at him. But it didn’t have good answer. He decided to wolfish smile then showed his neck artery as his good intention.
“You want our village for visit these wolves?” She backed her body. It was swiftness act. Muscle pulled for half second. She backed 30cm more then looked him. It was not good sign.
Yip-. He moaned at none alphabet. It was sign of whine which low attitude. His nose sniffed their. Their body didn’t make stink of musk or not yet. He looked around quickly. He sensed entangled thing. Local wolves at basilica, they might have some problem. Asking on common generous turned to dogs at refuge. He needed to recover it.
“We hate some outsider like thing? Are we?” Other women who stood next side at First sayer. Werewolves kept many wild’s behavior which they stood entrance of basilica or not. They surely had rank when they gathered at any reason. His pointed ear heard it as second’s assistance.
“Oh, really we do though it isn’t proper etiquette.” She replied as looked ground. It wasn’t offensive but mild problematic mood. Canine didn’t look opponent when they didn’t want any crash. Rest four wolves opened their muzzle as smooth feeling. “We weren’t hunting now. I cared grain field.” She smiled with jutted tongue. He noticed they stood on citizen life. Good sky might make them happy. Anyway it was safe.
“Come here at me but not to them.” Another voice called him. It came from back. His nose sniffed her usually acid but small was more friendly. His whisker sensed at her. Their body couldn’t hit out to use skin. Their breath was often hot or warm instead of skin. He felt intense warm. He headed back then muzzle met someone’s shoulder.
“Come to me.” Long height woman wolf said nearby him. Some wolves attached to other often. Body to Body was old habit from forest kin. It wasn’t other trick because he recognized she was northern tribe. He felt sudden happy. Refen want to familiar feeling but she radiated growing worry. Her breath slowly fasted. “I will go with him.” She said to other.
“Why did you block them to me?” He asked as followed her. He didn’t expect he meet his half of tribe at first. She cautioned him as sharp claw at his shoulder. She wore proper stola as custom of in this region. She opened her muzzle at entrance of forum. Marble colonnade stood with bright light. She allowed exhale to singing like mocking voice.
“I heard northern visitor who lodging inn but didn’t think you visit from our mother tribe.” She said carefully looked at wolves who still stood in front of basilica. She lowered head as wolf’s looking form.
Werewolf could mock alphabet words which use their luring voice.  But their jaw moving was play for comfort look. Sharp tooth confirmed wasn’t useful at word saying. Refen meet his one part of blood for year but she said with him as stony muzzle rudely. Voice just came back from deep inside of lung.
“Sorry. We northern wolves in this region had small problem with them. I just felt little urgency.” She looked them again. “Please wait at this site.” She said it with her jaw moving and wolfish long smile. Her voice was good thing. Northern wolves had deep voice. He heard this good luring after long time. He seemed to meet proper northern wolves in this region. It might good result which he meet his part of blood at first. They might help him if they all had her like smile. She went to between white columns. He noticed she grasped water bucket. He looked around with just one wagging. He sniffed water that fresh thing that Small fountain stood at forum.
“I need to rest my work shortly.” She said at inside of behind building. Wooden sign hung on at column. ‘PARVUS’? He read it. Village Neumagen wasn’t small village. Forum could have small shops for locals though Neumagen stood on not far from city. He looked building which built at back of left colonnade. He heard more saying when He counted unlimed blocks.
“What is your meaning?” One curious voice asked.
“That visitor, He said he went to visit us as his tribe.” She said with whimpering. Shop had windows that plate of glasses. He saw wolves through it. Rough glass curved shape like it stood under water but He recognized three wolves. Two northern wolves and one crossbreed. They said about him at store.
“I knew that ex-mercenary wolf. Is he merchant who want to visit lord’s city Nasennium? We didn’t hear mother pack concern to us at last 10 years.” Male wolf sang with unexpected mood and little suspicion. Refen’s eyes met woman wolf’s. She knew he looked them. He turned his eyes to store’s goods. Small iron boxed stacked at near windows. Boxes decorated with squarish pattern at side. Keys putted beside neatly. She opened door and came to him.
“Do you come for pack’s business? Do our thought right?” She came with good face. Eyes widened and muzzle lightly opened. It is goodness. He thought he had said he was on other part of bloods winterer at village’s centurion and inn owner. He didn’t stand his northern blood now but he noticed crossbreed woman at shop then realized this wolf didn’t care about pure blood.
“I’m traveler. I heard my blood live on this region. Inn owner said about it.” He sang saw wolf’s skirt of blue stola. Immense hind paws appeared from it. Werewolves didn’t wear sandal. They had natural soft pad and feel comfort from it. Wolves usually washed their hind foots for clearness. It radiated smell of soaping oil.
“Ha, are you looking help from us? I know. -yip.” She whimpered shortly then came back to store. They said something in low voice. It seemed questionable but he didn’t concern to voice. He met his blood kin easily. That pact already made him comfort. He grew at large city that he hated large wolf’s gathering but this time he missed it many.
“This shop was our in this village.” She said shook clothes. She changed mood with her shaking. She might want to usher him to northern wolves’ residence. He want to know her name that he asked to her.
“What is your name?” He asked. Naturally Forest kin didn’t have name. They just were roaming shade ground. But werewolves weren’t truthful animal that they lurked some lie. It was like one of offspring said love to other siblings as real luring for family’s ruler seat. They relied at certain name.
“Solveig.” Solveig said. He wanted to who is her mother but didn’t ask it. That was little forward question. She looked forum’s wolves again. Women who still were talking about wool stood same site. But wolves at basilica disappeared. Other wolves gathered at portico of local office. It seemed they kept something. Refen found one pact when playful young wolves were running near him. There was no northern wolf though forum was good center of village. Solveig pulled his wool garment silently.
“Do you know what they think about our northern tribe?”
She said with flowed bubble at muzzle. She felt bad feeling. They passed two local wolves at forum’s entrance then were walking at long lined village’s large road.
“What they think at you?” Wolves had neophobiatic animal that could turned to familiar to same blood. He didn’t see this wolf before but she thought him as friend. It was weird though reason was enough. Local seemed to hate northern resident.
“They want to kill us even we serviced for their load.” She said with downhearted ear. They felt fangless feeling sometime like this. They walked with wolf and walked with man when they do anything. Human’s sense caught well sorrow
“I didn’t hear about this part of our pack. Why I couldn’t hear it?” He asked with his own question. Norse moved widely before then white wolves invaded to shore of gulf. Gulf’s cites usually many pack blinding. They growled at other packs. They Sent letters to mother tribe. Main members knew other branch also. It couldn’t make sense.
“We aren’t powerful. We just served for other’s alpha fair. We know they will don’t care us. We are threatened by locals after war began. Many their member followed their fair then remnants suddenly aggressive to us.” She went to south branch of road. Small houses gathered at large houses. Some small things might storage then other things might Family’s small branch lived in. Large house was for family’s ruler. Wolves gather for great mother. Several large houses stood on far side of south part. He saw gray wolves near these houses. They were his kin. Local wolves seemed restness after harvesting but northern wolves seemed not.
“We had several conflicts with them. They hate us because we are foreigner who also served for their loyal fair. Last conflict was so hard. Many of us death and I had wounded enough.” Blood shedding usually occurred at wolf’s society. He looked her and noticed she didn’t have one ear. Cut never be healed. He not only met kindly kin but also met blood event.
“Do not afraid to it. We meet you with hospitality. Our dispute was because of our savage. That mercenary said you had only half blood but we still are welcomed to you.” She said after then barked at air several times without reason. She crouched as other northern noticed him. Sometime time they much said words that their human part discharged. Dog nature emerged then they acted just dog for little moment. She stood on four legs then got up only hind legs.
“Some time our nature couldn’t be kept.” She said with panting smile with embarrassment.
“He had business to us?” Man wolf interfered to Refen and her. Wolf lowered his body and fore legs light upped with tense. Tail flattened at ground. Refen saw many theses low form. His home norse’s city of gulf had many these suspecting wolves. What suspecting? Refen was confused.
Two wolves talked with gestures. Solveig putted her fore paws at man wolf’s shoulder. Man wolf touched her nose. “Come to our house.”  Man wolf said.
Refen couldn’t read these gestures. Their gesture wasn’t regular meaning. Wolves ability like this : one wolf send A with gesture B another wolf understood A then replied with gesture C. This pact might associate with werewolf’s ability of trick detection. Ancestor Cerberus might fight with liar soul who wanted to escape from underland.
He was ushered to Man wolf’s house. He found wooden fence stood border of houses and road. It wasn’t marble or lime. Northern wolves like wood when they made something. Big and high Marble structure stood on end of village. Refen asked it with watching mind. New and big things often hesitated to werewolf.
“Theater, that is reconstructed thing. This village once been ruined but that Nasennia‘s wolves rebuilt it.” Solveig said. Theater was Old era’s stuff. It seemed reconstructed for memory of Human Era. Now werewolves didn’t favor at acting. He felt more sensual things which like kill, teasing and sex. They tried to really did or read it as books secretly.
House wasn’t different with local wolves. Several limed small house gathered at large one. Wolves lived under family when pack grew at large number. Branches made under pack which branch called family. Most wolves lived with their mother wolf. Just few brave or stupid one wanted to live alone.
Man wolf opened iron attached door. It was both of human and his kind. Human had wanted sacred mark of home though wolves just want defense. Large house surely had several additional doors as exits for worst happening. Wolves had also some worrying. Human part inherited fear of vicious thing.
“I will talk with him at his mother’s room. I think his mother know good hospitality for our blood than we wretched wolves.” She smiled and went with man wolf. He heard from distance away she call man wolf as some wolf’s right hand.
He seated at lectus. This drawing room same with local’s tradition at this region. Ceiling opened at middle for light and wall painted with simple red strip. Old Civilization was standard of all werewolves but they didn’t care correctly now. Each tribe went to more their way. This part of Red Creek and Pine Forest Tribe was seemed pushed by local. Northern wolves had out braved favor that caused usual small fights in gulf of cities. This northern wolves followed local life in calm mood. Inn owner said they were her alpha family’s private guard but His norse’s and winterer’s sense both said they were wasn’t or lurking silver like sharp mood.
“I appreciate to your mother. Your mother bore good offspring. However my other blood is cool white wolf’s. This blood wants to ask. What is meaning your word mercenary?” He calmed his dog nature. Their dog heart tried to block human like act when they deepened at human acting. Dog‘s panting or roaming wasn’t good at other’s house. Also they just welcome him with hospitality. But he many suffered wolves since his mother seeding father’s sperm at her womb. His nature wanted to check it.
“Village’s inn owner had radiated her bad nature. She said she had one northern wolf for few coins that information cost.” She turned her body. She grasped wood tablet that use for clipping note. He thought previous night. Inn owner didn’t show her feeling though sword stabbed at her shoulder and she had some nature for coins.
They leaved at room. He watched Old fashioned amphora. Two wolves played on it. People draw Great gods and heroes in ancient time but wolves now draw their forest kin. It stood near small water basin. It seemed ornament but cheap. It wasn’t well polished. He moved eye from it. Sudden welcoming wasn’t weird at werewolf. Their nature often escaped from normal standard. Inn owner spread her words and these wolves missed their companions. It could be accepted though he had beast’s heart.
‘Why they left me alone?’ He questioned it to himself. He often followed mother’s meeting. He saw woman wolf’s perfumed room many. He waited with mother until room’s owner allowed entering. Visiting meant to enter other’s territory. However this time he caught different thing. Welcoming without weighty reason that seemed to fit they had one or three purpose.
He brought out fang from lip skin. Forest wolf had sharp tooth and human had many tooth. These pacts composed at werewolf. They had many fatal teeth. Fang showed itself while he watching around room.
Aega. Problematic words stood on next at his brain. His heart wanted to easy pleasure like mating with any female, eat red meat and see some one’s agony. Wolf could turn to long tracking hunter but it bored work at werewolf. He learned hard at patience like mother taught her puppies with her iron like claws. People said ‘he is clumsy’. He might argue to about his cute part if human existed. But they were gone. His sister once said waiting is important. His heart still was waiting for find wolf Aega. Refen want to find this wolf now without reason.
“A Person existed who want to meet you.” Solveig came to him later with opened fore legs. This was human’s etiquette. She hung wolfish smile. Her tongue jutted out of muzzle. Only one ear seemed unbalance but some wolves had cut after fighting.
“I appreciated with you. I think to happy about this my part’s hospitality. Can I ask to you? What is your parent’s name?” Refen said. Northern wolves thought what’s own is important. Every thing had its owner that was their thought and their standard until it start to own itself. He found Man wolf disappeared.
“Thorhildr, I’m Thorhidr’s daughter Solveig.” She sang then more closed to him. “I had message from our high conductor. You invited to our chief’s villa.” Solveig kept her blunt smile. He recognized her smile was blunt. It meant this situation wasn’t proper rest.
“Last bad event wasn’t far from now. We few of northern wolves are still stiff.” She read him. Werewolves started to feel problem when they adapted sound good but luring voice. Wolves’ talking was meant entered watching.
“What is chief’s villa?” He asked with correct human words.
“I don’t know. We first thought you crossbreed are just nameless traveler or merchant of gulf. Next Marcella informed to us. Your half blood was coincidentally our. We had many thought then barked as gossip. Our chief’s wolves want to encourage us with visitor form our blood line. Last event-” she paused word “wretched that we didn’t care your other blood was winterer or not.” She downed head as wolf’s then whimpered shortly.
“I came for find wolf Aega.” Refen needed to ask it first. He hadn’t any message from main pack. He was on winterer that meant he had lived with white wolves. White wolves were cool piercing killer. Excessive hospitality irritated him. He hated first fighter because they were make problem then usually couldn’t make end. He preferred at back seat which could see circumstance calmly. But this time he was acted first crasher.
“I want to help for my finding. This is reason I decided to visit my part of blood.” He skipped about centurion wolf. His heart walked with back step. He said enough information.
“Then you can ask help at our chief’s villa.” She said in bright mood.
Two wolves came to house then he walked with them. They were chief house’s households. He heard that village’s house was Ragnbjorg’s that man wolf’s family was best rank of village’s northern wolves. He felt responsibility at unexpected hospitality while he walking. He met soft hearted wolves or they had reason. He decided think reason that was more accurate. Two subordinators guided him to chief’s villa. He heard confliction. Wolves usually made blood. Village had dangerous threatening if really many wolves died. They walked around north road. Two wolves avoided to through village. Wind blew to unpaved small road. Near sight had fences and small contained faint sheep’s but no animal saw at near sight. He might get information or assurance for enter to city that he thought. Centurion wolf that called Augusta was vivid problem in his mind.
Villa stood sloop of hill. Near sight was natural land which hard working wolves didn’t touch. Flowers these purple and red yellow things spread at near road. Smell came through wind. He saw old trees then felt nature feeling of wolf that indifferent or calmness. White limed wall was around villa.
One of subordinator wolf howled when their smell might reach at porch of villa. Answering heard loudly. They passed opened entrance door. Villa was proper tradition of local’s. Large buildings stood around plat stoned ground. Main house stood on in front of gate. Two other subordinators saw him and his guides. One wolf emerged from porch of main house. She only wore dalmatica and one gem necklace. Thick and plentiful fur showed from clothes. She was blue eyes and had good muzzle and face these seemed smooth things. He found she untied her dalamtica. Fatted belly bugle under clothes. Werewolves use amount of energy. Plenty of fat was hard to get. She surely afforded to eat many foods.
“You, Sigrun’s son Refen right? Neumagen’s Inn owner Marcella said about you but I didn’t think you visit for our part of northern on business.” She wolf hung her smile at end of muzzle. He questioned what inn owner did. He might need to rethink her. He also questioned about this wolf’s rank. He ushered at chief house but he doubted to directly meet these wolves’ head. But they seemed not many. He didn’t notice them until he heard about his part of blood from inn owner.
“Guomundr, don’t do that. He was visitor. We waited main pack’s person for long time.” She ordered offensive guide. He had snarled for forced him before. He wanted to make him submission at her. His sense detected that she was these wolf’s best chief. They seemed small number but one group’s chief was awed person. He couldn’t say to fix her ignorance about him in this moment.
“Came to me we surely need to say something.” Well fed wolf said. Opportunity of get food at will meant high social position. He followed her that went to her direction. They passed short passage then reached at cozy room. Wall was covered hung rugs or furs. It was northern’s tradition. Winter became sharp after glacier descended to near shore of gulf that northern wolves usually kept cold with warm stuff. Room had table and chair but not lectus. She pawed him to seat.
“What is news?” Chief wolf asked with expecting pant. She seemed wasn’t powerful. She might just inherit her position from powerful mother. She was chief anyway. He could hear to roar from disappointed wolf but felt to say truth.
“I didn’t come with news and I stand my another part winterer’s side. I’m just traveler and met problem. I come to my northern part of blood for asking help.” He said except growling of irritation. Wolves’ head had right about it.
“You are not on news?” She said with disappoint of whimpering. She dragged wooden table with claw that unexpected feeling.
“I’m not on news just visit for my business.”
“Ha, we expected it. They seemed forgot us who their branch. Merely one traveler usually not messenger.” She exhaled with long sadness. Room had one fireside and ceiling hole but they weren’t lit. She twitched her neck that seemed she want to say. She opened muzzle then say her story.
“We live long time on this region. We don’t know why our father and mother came to this land. They wanted to live this land that they offered their strength for local load. Our members work as their fair’s private guard because these local’s have treacherous sense. Our members live near villages from this villa because their fair granted this land to my parents. However local wolves watch us.” She said about her northern wolves. It could be tactic or just real explain. She called her subordinate for bring foods. He didn’t feel comfortness about he was used subject of encouragement on conflictive wolves.
One of his guides came to with foods. Bread, grief and mild warmed meat putted on tray. He heard his name was Guomundr that he brought more food soon. Table was plentiful of foods.
“Do you have any news which we don’t know?” She grasped meat first that mild warmed meat was enough cooked. Blood dropped with vapor of it. “It don’t meant about important message. I just want hear about event of gulf side.”
“I leaved my house before year. Cities of gulf had usual conflict. I heard some packs’ dispute from other’s muzzle. But I didn’t know special thing.”
“Hmm, I often send my subordinate for bring some homeland’s news. You didn’t have better ear than me and our northern wolves.” She grasped bread with blooded paws. She tipped it at small cup of honey. Wolves loved honeyed thing. They had many energy and taste of sweet. Bread was still on their favor about this way. He heart felt worry slowly. He knew about banquet. It was big or not couldn’t matter. It needed to proper status. He knew about many kind of banquet but he was lone traveler at present. He wasn’t pleasure at foods.
“Why are you sullen? You don’t conceal it in front of other predator. That was prey’s habit. Do you want order food like fish? I’ll bring this with my paws.” He didn’t conceal it as she wolf’s saying. She didn’t allowed words at him then went out cozy room. Room had one window. It covered with white fabric. He made work at hostess herself. Werewolves were bit self-doing animal that their sense wanted to know all around things. But it felt anyway not etiquette.
“These are salmons that sweet flesh thing.” She came with large tray. Two fishes were merely cooked things. He felt warm vapor but blood surely didn’t dry. He noticed these fished were freshly cooked things when he arrive this chief’s villa. Fatten chief wolf had favor to him. He felt another burden.
“I’m not powerful head. I just inherited my parents’ status. They were powerful fair which their offspring me live with good honor. We live other’s territory. That will not be better. I decided live with good foods. I enjoyed it. I take soft life.” She read his heart. He failed to conceal it again. Werewolves often read other that he was hard to this discomfort seat. Werewolves made their rank strictly. You could change to it but without this mind you needed to obey well. Small wolf’s head wanted to easy enjoying but his instinct irritated by it.
“What is your aim at travel? Wolf should chase its purpose sincerely.” She added verse. High ranked wolves usually did. He knew it. But her word wasn’t fully stood on alphabet. Voice mocking wasn’t complete that their talking contained with whimper or growling likes tone. Some wolves say with almost complete human words but she wasn’t these accurate love kind.
“I finding person. It named as Aega.” Refen replied as grasped salmon’s flesh. Wolves weren’t water like kind but Forest wolves learned from bear. Salmon was good foods. It was light and also sweet. Werewolves learned this habit both human’s remain papyri and forest kin’s behavior.
“Aega?” She asked like whimpering. Her eyes searched his face and upper body. She researched him with her reason suddenly.
“Chief, you know that named wolf?” He asked with little hope. Wolves damned massive populated human but they grew amount of them through one millennium. Finding one person was hard thing.
“You can call me Fritha’s Brynhild.” She fixed his word chief. She picked one grape grain delicately then eats. She was panting few times after eating because they couldn’t take all action. They couldn’t sweat. They need to tune their temperature after human like none panting eating.
“We worked as servant for their fair’s favor. We had several hundred members after our first settler set down then start this business. I remembered many of my pack’s member but not all of them. If you want, I let say to find this wolf among us or ask to near region.” It was happy words. Refen hadn’t any help during his journey or at least he used his gems for help. Werewolves watch kind that point was effect badly at his work.
“We will say about you as return of eating. Locals teased us hard even we serve for their fair. They want to harm or drive out us. Northern visitor can encourage us at least it was better than papers of north news. You should accept this.” Brynhild quit her saying with one bite. That bite invisible thing. Refen didn’t want provoke local wolves. Originally he was traveler.
“You are members work for this local’s Alpha fair. Can you write sure guarantee?” He thought bulk wolf Augusta while dining keeping. Wolves had not much kind of foods at their table but they liked much quantity. Sheep meat, bread, honey, grape and salmon these are much on table. Fatten wolf brynhild eat these with pleasantly. Refen thought he got good chance.
“What is your reason?” she asked as fragments of foods fell to bottom from her muzzle.
“Local village’s centurion. She blocked my right at city’s gate.”
“Augusta? That brutal animal? Completely not all our members work for fair but many of us did. Augusta was born at patricius family. That pact make to beast can roam. Do you see her clearly?” He nodded. Werewolves avoid to inhuman words when they say about other because they were already beast. They weren’t completely human in pact. Some called as inhuman words that meant it was out rank even by wolf themselves. It was not good expression.
“I will assure it. I want to make this crazy outlaw beast angry.” Brynhild smiled with hung her lip at end of muzzle. She also saw her red tongue that it was clear red by sheep meat’s blood. Dining was keeping. They talk about shore of gulf and northern wolf’s life stories. It seemed good except Chief wolf’s questionable acting. She made pause for concern her thinking though this little preparing was usual at careful werewolf.
“We left one point.” She said with picked up last remain of sheep meat. Meat was guts that sweetest part. Refen think he might sleep at this chief villa. But he lost one point opposite Chief wolf. Werewolf was unpredictable creature that full belly slowly made it.
“I waited for your right saying. We talked about our gulf shore but you didn’t say one thing about it. I knew it from my regular message from gulf. Main pack had dispute with your winterer.” It contained bitter taste. Her acid breath contained started digesting stink smell. Their organ used strong acid for quick digesting. Mood of cozy room seemed to turn it matched as end of dining. He stared her and nosed her.
“Corvine winterer and Red creek’s wolf don’t have war.” He countered bitter saying.
“Because cardinal stopped war. Selene’s priest and priestess made one rule at centuries before. They don’t want bloodshed amid werewolf. They believed it touched goddess’s feeling badly.”
“Winterer and northern wolf made tie before also. Some of them married to other. These offspring is me. I’m confirmation of it.”
Quarrel was sting like talk. I would lead wolves to not good event. She seemed to finish her decision. What is her thinking? He thought.
“That tie is already broken. It isn’t like our tie with local because it gives to us stability with them. I had said we are wretched part who lives on other’s territory. I want welcome you at first but then I don’t want make conflict with main pack. We already have our neighbor locals. I thought you as chief’s work since time that inn owner informed you. I invited you because I needed to set my opinion about you clearly.” Good feast could turn to flanking swiftly in werewolf’s society. They weren’t good animal naturally. This time he was flanked.
“Guomundr!” She howled. Chief wolf didn’t say fetch dog. They were dog themselves. He saw her fatten neck. It had plentiful flesh and tough skin. Wolves covered their neck well but it could tear off if sharp fang stabbed it. He felt urge though she already prepared.
She didn’t turn down table instead of it she went to room’s entrance. He read her thought. She wanted to block him. She was fatten wolf similar with clumsy Refen but threw other took some time. Her subordinates would come to her before she was badly harmed. He drove with his all strength. Doubtful animal acted quickly.
Two predators crashed. She really didn’t have fight experience like her saying. He tumbled with amount of scream that was both of them. Werewolf’s life seemed like drill. They had training at many ways. He got up then ran with hind legs. He didn’t have weapon but habit left fore legs freely. He passed short passage. Guomundr wielded axe he barely dodged. He ran to outside of villa with four legs. He hadn’t special weapon that nature of canine overwhelmed him shortly. He felt some then he knew what he feel when he turned back at house. One of guide of villa aimed him with musket. Gun that salt smell thing was malicious. Werewolves finally invented it through thousand years. It wasn’t small but enough big to damage wolf badly. Werewolves finally got long range weapon without claws and sharp tooth.
He aimed well it. He stabbed rod on ground for support weight of iron. He well prepared with musket. Wolves had anticraft hand though end of iron pointed at Refen. Werewolf was agile creature but He could be hit at body or head also. Little moment of see seemed long time until he decided to move right. Large noise penetrated at ears. It was another shooting because he didn’t hit any part. Wolf tumbled with effect. His stuffs scattered at bottom. Wolf howled with agony that he needed to time for get up. Pale mist of smoke came to his nose. Refen sneezed despite of present situation. He saw at front. Small local wolf stood with her musket.
“We don’t have time.” she shouted with widely opened muzzle. It made Refen bewilder. She wore white stola and had musket and axe. She seemed to come for fight with some wolf but he didn’t know reason to her sudden appearance. She extended paw at him.
“They are after you. Hurry.” She gripped him made him stood with hind legs. He turned back again then saw angry chief wolf at entrance of main house. He needed to hurry for ran.
They fled from villa. He followed local wolf without reason. His sense urged him to follow her. It wasn’t reason but feeling. Small wolf helped him with sudden interfering.
They ran to forest after she putted her weapon at strap. Dense wood was friendly to wolf. They passed trunk of woods like fish of water. Small animals calm at two carnivores’ exist. They ran fast with wind. Forest was not big thing then soon cultivated land appeared. Small wolf seemed to know well this region. She took one road without any hesitation with full speed. It was rare experience to him. Werewolves were strong kind that they usually didn’t use their all strength at once. He kept ran with four legs. Hind legs pushed ground hard. He noticed she dashed at village.
“Marcella, please help me.” Inn owner was playing dice with her friend when She wolf shouted at inn. Inn owner’s two sons and friend’s daughters stood around them. Dices were six and one at inn owner’s paw. She looked at panting wolf and Refen.
“Did you say you visit to your part of northern blood?” Inn owner asked with innocent smile. She surely knows something.
“That brutal beasts attempt to kill this wolf.” She wolf answered instead of Refen. He felt stiff feeling. That seemed only he didn’t know truth which around him.
“That is their business. That is their right about to kill or not at suspicious visitor.” Inn owner snorted. She resumed her game with her friend. She lost in this turn that she gave one copper coin to her friend. Two wolves breathed as wolf’s chuckle. They didn’t care about Refen and she wolf.
“What are you doing?” She insisted as her fur bristled but mood of dining room didn’t change.
“I’m natural position. I’m fair. I will deal with my blood and also northern wolves. Minerva, I had said my standard.” Inn owner sang with birdlike voice. She was indifferent at another friend’s pled. Refen hadn’t chance for his own words but he knew northern wolves lived at part of this village.
“grr-, You brach.” She wolf growled.
“What do you want to say about me?” She was still on singing voice. That trained luring voice heard like from clear sky which spread on outside. But inn owner stared she wolf. Brach meant a dog that was insult.
“You are bad.” She hissed like poisoned sneak then bit Refen’s shoulder. He was dragged to out side.
“What are you doing to me?” They ran from inn then reached house which stood on grass field. He follow her because he want to far away that northern wolves anyway. He was tricked at their bad nature and this she wolf bitten him without special reason. He shoulder still bled.
“I hate them. They attempt to ban our law. Law hadn’t section at kill every innocent visitor.”
“But it wasn’t fit at reason. Why you spent your energy for saving me. I didn’t know you.” Refen thought words which he heard at yesterday. Wolves were sexual creature then this wolf could chain him for toying. He worried about it after checking near grass land for watch aggressive northern wolf. Fortunately no northern wolf stood near sight but this small wolf was suspicious.
“My plan was originally kill their visitor. Your ear surly hears my saying.” These words made him stiffen. He calmed necessarily.
House stood with several cottages. Well and long troughs stood on left side. He found barns at end of structures. Fences surrounded mild hill in front of structures. It reminded at him that he wanted to open muzzle and ask.
“Are you shepherd?” He asked to her with hesitate feeling. Their past was certain thing. They started to pasturing when their population grew then couldn’t be supported by nature supply. But they had one uncoverable nature also. Wolf was thief of sheep. Werewolf had that feeling when they saw sheep. It hadn’t difference sheep was fattened or not. It was one of their primeval natures.
“Sheep wolf.” She fixed pronunciation. Refen looked again her. Sheep wolves were accused had special ability at luring. Wolves were meat eating carnivore that many of them work at shepherding though left of wolves watch their luring ability which made sheep follow their predator. Cold breath was made at inside of him. It was instead of human sweating. He wanted to pant it with worry but Sheep wolf stared him once.
“Come to my house.” Sheep wolf called him. She quickly went to her house which shabby limed house. It was patched with one additional wooden pillar, mud and few new roof tiles. He saw inside of house. Darkened table stood on middle place and sleeping part and kitchen stuff putted at each side. Lectus was left side and fire place was right. He noticed that he didn’t say asking for coming. Doubtful animal had many etiquettes.
“What are you doing?” Refen asked instead of sorry for none permission entering. She opened two wooden windows then placed two loaded muskets. It was weird doing.
“I didn’t think they quit their attacking. They may come to my house. That is I assumed it.” She wolf said. She didn’t turn her head to him. She stared outside grassland and road which they walked before. Sudden problem became more complex thing.


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