Legends of Wolves

Legends of wolves.

 I appreciate at two works. These two works are Dragon heart and Legends of wolves. I recall these two works only now. Many stories loosed their favor at my heart but these two stories still remain.
 Alice borchardt wrote passionate works. Her Legends of wolves are vivid and get deep reality. Her expressions and words make fictitious story down to real world. It is great writing and not over written work. Books say about two main characters Regeane and Maeniel but others get their certain roles. The Silver Wolf say at Regeane, Night of The Wolf say at Maeniel and third book The Wolf King say at wide landscape of fallen world. She knew how write one era. That is from people side to whole age. But I feel one loose point that stories are little spread. I have favorite at more concentrate story after time. I like over concentrated feeling that give beyond reality. But it is still good mark at my writing and aim.
 She is sister of Ann rice though I don’t think they stood same position. Ann’s stories(I don’t read many of her works.) are like chronicle. She gives essence of feeling from stories. But Alice didn’t. She gives feeling at story. It isn’t seem elegant but seem real.


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