Harmonia - Chapter five

Kardien’s note

1. I want to effort to my story. It may reedit when I want more good expressions and correct backgrounds.

2. I want right background. I’m ready to try to get certain background. Please message to me if you know better truths and knowledge.

Last rectifying Jan 8th /2011

By Kardien Lupus.

Chapter. 5

“Do you think they really come?” Refen asked as crouched nearby her site. She aimed musket breathlessly. Sheep wolf said her name as Minerva. He didn’t well know about traditional names’ history but Minerva was common and cheap name. That named meant once been goddess but now she seemed destroyed.
“May be or may be not.” Sheep wolf Minerva snorted. Werewolf’s snort was eruption of vapor that seemed like invisible hot spring but she had calm mood than that spring. Werewolf’s body language often exaggerated though Cerberus might do in its life. She was on hard mood. Bubbled snorting surely had bitter taste.
“I know about little of fatten Brynhild. She is not good attacker that she know there have numberless tombs for normal attackers. She enjoyed writing at paper in back seat of her den. She is nasty wolf.” She grasped her muzzle then head with paws after then she lay on tapestry for rug. She sighed then vapor of warm air spread to fast. Worn tapestry was decorated with two playful forest wolves. Werewolves awed at their natural kin. She wasn’t erupted anger but controlled it like natural wolf. Might be it was because she was sheep wolf.
“She has one proper thing as werewolf. She has jealousy well. She never gives up her almost caught prey in my opinion.” She recovered her stunning soon. She rose up her body without any help of paws then quickly grasped musket. That swiftness wasn’t surprise at werewolf because they already favored at attempt kill innocent visitor on only suspicion. Refen could ignore Sheep wolf’s mention about prey because He was caught at preceding badness.
“Minerva, do you think these muskets can dismiss northern wolves?” He didn’t say our that he decided stood on only white wolf. He heard about dispute that made him worry. He could be fall to prey at this sheep wolf’s thought. Every sheep wolf was master of prey. He knew it. He didn’t want to be mastered by her.
“You can give one day more wound if you hit other at last. You may already know it. It is almost verse. You can hit their heart also if you get fortune from our goddess.” She opened muzzle curtly then stare front side of grass field. Anyone came within sight. Any smell came to him and Minerva’s nose. Just nervous feeling floated like invisible clouds.
House’s living room had two windows at east part. Two muskets hung at each window frame. These was not small tings. They were about 25kg or more. They were heavy thing that werewolves handled it with their endurance. He saw it tear out small animal and killed deer immediately. They were powerful but it didn’t kill wolf at once. Healing creature was caught by death hardly.
He thought at least they would ran him and sheep wolf might be ten more wolves at once. There was one way that could kill werewolf at once. That was cannon. That was invented when some thoughtful wolf found ominous kitten like black powder. Sheep wolf surely hadn’t it. That was quite large and needed several black horses. Weak sheep’s smell was major element at air which in her small pasture house. It was not good circumstance. Werewolves didn’t kill everything when they defeated same kind. Wolves now gathered at their mothers that women at least had little warmness. They just put shame at captive hard. But this time it was different. Northern wolves’ chief wolf might want to kill him at first.
Small came first. Friendly smells went with horses. He thought they might have cannon but it was soon disappeared. Fifteen wolves went to house slowly. He recognized figure one wolf rode at horse back. It was that chief wolf. He found her smell amid of them or not His fangs pointed out. Wolf seemed lazy though long distance. She rode with horse because she bothered at walking. He could assure it.
“Young Domina?” Chief wolf howled as unmounted at horse. Horse snorted as shook its head. That clever boxer dealt with their predator. Horse knew wolf didn’t want eat them. It was reason wolves could mount them. Horse might hate this fatten wolf also. He thought because horse had this intelligence.
Grrr-. Sheep wolf Minerva said no word. Northern wolf’s saying was kidding. Shabby house’s owner would not be good owner Dominus. Refen looked at her. Brown and small wolf’s dog nature erupted. She got bubble at her mouth while Chief wolf’s wolves scatter as hunting form. It was good if it was tactic.
“I hate you!” Minerva howled when she recovered human part nature. Their good lung made air shook. His ears was batted that he snared. She ignored him then aimed Chief wolf. This situation was about jealousy. He was embarrassed because he became subject of jealousy.
Sheep wolf dashed out in that time through window with hard iron musket. He found fatten wolf was vulnerable except two subordinates. One of them was his previous guides, Guomundr. Fight with ten more wolves was out brave act but this time his nature provoked though he had clumsy heart. Refen’s other part canine. It didn’t avoid fight. They also banned law. He lost control shortly.
He ran with four legs that chasing form. It broke when its mood fell. Senses made Refen this. Smell effected good or badly. Wind was on its pleasure. It just roamed as common moment. First hunting tactic was scattering. It was for surrounding. Ten northern wolves spread but they didn’t conceal their smell. They were many. They could catch him and sheep wolf Minerva who ran in front of him. She stood when Refen realized he ran out from safe place. Chief wolf brynhild wondered. She barked at her two subordinates for wielding their axe at Sheep wolf. Then Chief wolf unmounted and started loaded her musket that small but convenient thing. Black horse trotted to back. It knew its lord wasn’t good protector than possibility of it turns to meat but not equipment for werewolf.
Sheep wolf aimed her heavy musket that malicious thing was black art of werewolf’s invention. Weapon wasn’t good in that moment. Their good ancestor human said it was glorious thing even when it used at bloodshed event. But it was little exception. It surely all sort of remain papyri decided to shame at their previous owner. Musket wasn’t thin but large and hard as well its own iron. It could attack wolf as it’s a lot of hammering at forge. Refen sudden had question. What is her next action? Northern wolves spread and Chief wolf brynhild might aren’t death at once.
“I order you stop all of your illegal acting!” One wolf said at that time. It seemed no have other place. It seemed just appeared at this place. He knew it was shock later. That sound was loud then Red and brown bulk wolf appeared. He saw local centurion Augusta.
“It isn’t your business, centurion.” Chief hissed. She narrowed eyes at Augusta. “It is my problem. I have right at kill suspicious visitor or not.” She more hissed. Horse disappeared and her two subordinates readied their muscle. “I have legal immunity.” She ended her quote. She had some grudge at this law protector. He saw many local hated her. It surely had reason like canniblaltic manner.
“You just write letters at your house but you didn’t appear at my fair work.” Centurion wolf said without singing like voice. That guttural thing might horror at grass eating prey.
“I send my members at our lord’s war then fetched my members for our lord strongbox. I knew thieves who want to climb rank for steal mighty lord’s authority. That is I write letter at my cozy den.” She snorted. Acid breath vapored from nose. Its two holes shortly turn to chimney of invisible smoke. Wolves made many invisible things like irritated feeling.
“I heard about your crime. You have crime that you attempt kill innocent visitor who went our pack.” It felt like formal words but with guttural voice. It was also dreadful. Refen felt little confuse in that time. Local centurion wolf gave suspicion at him. It was bad for him. But she wanted to save him now though it was on law. He felt worry but felt pity also. She was metis like him. He knew isolated feeling between two bloods and parents. It was little like wasted and more like get hateful look. Werewolves watched at other. That made some wolves hard.
“Do not interfere to our talk.” Sheep wolf sang. Her stola was dirtied. Refen looked it. Short emotional feeling swiftly faded. It might have reason like hard life or other reason. Fading was easy in drill like werewolf’s life. He noticed he stood on dispute.
“It is our business but not for you.” Sheep wolf insisted. Minerva was old goddess of wisdom. She wasn’t act like her name. It seemed dangerous which argue in front of bad centurion. He noticed this problem had right of his life. That he soon wanted to support centurion wolf’s saying of saving.
“If she has right moment, that moment is this.” Chief wolf Brynhild helped opponent’s argue. It could weird moment but werewolves unpredictable creature. He needed to wait if he wanted to know what sudden ally’s reason is. He felt he stood on dangerous moment even back seat.
“Law has principle.” Centurion wolf said that her voice get singing or luring pattern. But still was dreadful. Potential murderer wolf, sheep wolf and cannibalistic law protector that He trapped amid at these wolves. His fangs demanded act. He needed to thought good solution. He should think it.
“This is my problem and that Patricius attempted murder me.” Refen sang with quite voice. Wolfish mind readied. Narrowed eye was symbol of it. He had experienced disputes. His heart usually wanted to back seat but some time he couldn’t do that. Greedy was one of it. There human like intelligence often concentrated at gold. It might inherited by chthonic Cerberus. Wretched death soul might offer gold to beast. Souls might have hope about beast know precious of gold. Bad wolves attempted wielding axe at peaceful sleep traveler’s neck. Refen knew many events despite law punished it. This moment wasn’t better than primitive desire about greed.
“Don’t interfere at talk you winterer’s spy.” Chief concluded he as spy.
“Protect or not is my decision. I received this territory from our warmness Alpha Fair. It is in front of my hind paws exactly.” Sheep wolf whimpered as looked down at ground. He knew it had jealousy. Northern Chief wolf and this wolf Minerva might have previous conflict. Sheep wolf had jealously about northern wolf who would enjoy her killing at suspicious wolf(Now he was alleged as spy of heavy fur white wolf. It was bad). Forest kin’s fight was quiet because they all sensed well. Fight erupted at final stage with quote of growling which like explosion of dust. Werewolf’s nature like it but it had more as always their habit did. Refen howled first as his nature ordered.
“It is my problem at law. I know packs of wolves have certain constitution of law under night shine of Selene.” It seemed like puppy’s moaning. But he pointed at these wolves. These leaded action was important their nature. Some proclamation could catch air and others lung. He tried to it.
“I ask to crime’s victim. Can you confirm about their attempting murder?” Centurion wolf questioned. Wolves had tendency about sudden air’s resonance. It made they calm without specific reason. Scattering wolves would act very viciously if their Chief harmed. But this moment he caught air though bulk and bad wolf helped him.
“This patricius want to kill innocent traveler instead of hospitality.” Refen made pause. Puppy like moaning seemed not good against many werewolves. But puppies were demanding kind that they asked well to other for their small desire. He said that wide spreading voice. It was his tactic. “This sheep wolf tired to protect law on this crime.” He thought once then said about sheep wolf Minerva.
“Law is clear. I sentence to you at your crime.” Centurion wolf said. He found she was on correct position of law protector. Her saying confirmed it though her bulk body wasn’t looked good anyway. He thought to rethink her. Other said she had cannibalistic sense but He knew about metis not dusty. Wolves had vision that was image of thought. Northern wolves could imagine brown beach soil and intrigued dark sea. White wolves also imagine melting snow which preparing spring. But crossbreed no had vision. It was often confused life. Refen thought about blood shortly that he might want to any ally. Centurion wolf could bad as others saying. Two she wolves had attempted to ally because they very hate this wolf Augusta.
“Legal immunity.”Chief wolf stared at Centurion wolf.
“You aren’t on you duty.” Bulk reddish wolf replied.
“Legal immunity has term until it ends. It is on pack’s constitution. I’m guard chief of lord. Lord’s directly adviser surely have legal immunity until lord discharge it. My term isn’t finish which I stand it or not.” Chief wolf growled. Her subordinates readied at dreadful large wolf. They had good loyalty but compared with them Refen was only himself.
“I will write about you.” Reddish wolf said.
“Candida’s Augusta. It is your freedom.” Chief wolf stared. Long pause flowed in that mood. Centurion wolf saw him with greenish fluorescent eye. He felt to he won though it wasn’t full of his trying. It irritated him. He noticed centurion wolf soon departure at her direction. She might walk to station or post which she said her schedule previously.
 “We will to go our den.” Chief wolf howled at her all subordinates. It was not order but wolves had habit that usually followed their leader. Augusta walked without any sign. Her tail was calm than anything. Chief wolf Brynhild walked to road shortly then reminded something. She ordered at subordinates then called her guards. Refen noticed her anger with nose. She radiated spicy musk to air. Irritated werewolf decided to punish dishonored horse. Chief wolf Brynhild started to finding fled horse with bared tooth.
They went out to their direction. Refen could exhale with relief. Ownerlees smell floated at air. He and white stola wolf left. Road was bared soil which crumpled naturally. Grass grew nearby it. They stood on road which wide for one horse cart or sheep herd. Refen saw sheep wolf suddenly he wanted to ask many. She stared him as same position. Sheep wolf sighed then opened muzzle when He felt needed to talk.
“We need to go back my house. We need to go back it.” She snared then walked to her worn red roofed house.
“Why trying to sell me before? You tried to block your local law protector that as same as sell me.” He ignored that argue could threaten sheep wolf’s safety also. Sheep wolf could be swooped if centurion wolf didn’t come but that was her matter. He needed to arrange this circumstance.
“I need time.” Sheep wolf crouched then he met her glaring eyes. She walked with four legs. Loaded gun fell at ground. She seemed didn’t have mood at her hind leg walking. Refen followed her but she didn’t go to home then just crouch near ground with bristled fur. She also didn’t mood at talk. Wolves acted only with instinct when didn’t control themselves well.
It felt as trouble when entered house. He didn’t have permission that his eyes surely narrowed. House wasn’t attacker’s own but He felt as if he was small. Sheep wolf Minerva had saved him though currently she crouched at near ground. Other’s house had full of other’s smell. It seemed like hugged other werewolf. Werewolves weren’t like hugging with stranger. He felt to be pushed feeling though she wolf protected him before.
Entangled feeling needed to solve it. But first he wanted to talk with sheep wolf. She might know what circumstance is. Door was wood and rusty iron patched it around. Room was covered as white lime. Loosed tapestry mountain hung at south wall. He seated at wide lectus. His nosed only smelled sheep wolf’s musk. She was lonely wolf. He noticed it. Lonely shepherd could meet many dangerous in her life.
“Sorry, I didn’t control myself at short time.” Sheep wolf Minerva came inside of house. Her soiled paw touched nose. Black nose and soiled pad met to each other. Black nose was smooth part they had sensitive sense which like their smell detecting. She wanted stimulus that rough dirt putted on nose. She hoped certain consciousness that stood in her house with safety.
 “We have conflict with northern wolves. I’m sorry you if felt bad as on your one of blood. We think they tricked our Alpha fair. Why they guarded our fair directly? I think they built up their plan through years. Present chief Brynhild especially doing it.” She pawed at Refen. She Suggested to seat at table instead of her lectus bed and seat.
“What is this event? I saw you hate chief wolf and you hate centurion wolf with chief wolf? I heard about conflict as you saying.”
He experienced several murder attempts. He had been swooped at city of swamp. He talked with one party of wolves for his inquiring then another part of wolves flanked this party. Wolves died and left broke part then ran away. He survived at his first stage of journey and he tasted bloodshed. That was best bad event because die hard werewolves were death many. He got luck and learn hard dispute. He had mission that made him want to find way.
“We hate them through years because they are arrogant at their standing. Our werewolf ancestor gave land at them then our Alpha fair keep that promise. But they often block our relation with Alpha for they are fair’s private guard. They even stay in this war time.”
“Stand it? Did you say they are private guard?” wolves demanded not at their rank unlike human but they hoped sincerity. Doubtful life was common at era of wild hunt. Werewolves killed at will, wanted rape and lost in front of blood. It was first time after human fell. Werewolves tried to try to destroy everything until few self control wolves bring the new shine in dark night. They became most current alpha families’ blood. They demand sincerely instead of bestiality.
“They didn’t without reason. They say they should keep alpha fair’s strongbox as if us want to steal it. They try to take our land for their fortune. We bled our blood often. But we live with them against will. We works with them like cultivating and pasturing. We fought about that after little time of harvest.” She said with acid smell that was bitter.
“What is event?” He said with whimpered tempo. Lungs pushed air then rough way made it tough. Wolfish flat tongue gave singing like temper then pointed tooth gave wolf’s heavy to it. He needed whimpering because of not having way. No one couldn’t pluck lion’s whisker in desert. It was same in wolf’s case though they hate bad memory more than lose whisker.
“We have business with them against our will.” She stared amid square of window. It was just staring because every werewolf well did it but sometime bad mood was made by only this staring. “Watermill caused problem. We use middle watermill. Mill connected with aqueduct that we use it helpfully. It is owned by one citizen family and northern family. They needed to divide their benefit after harvesting milling. That Thorhildr’s northern family insisted they had all benefit from it even it almost villager’s sharing. They mentioned reason that is our citizen didn’t care it’s replacing parts. I have question do any wolf could caring it when northern bitches kept on it?!” Sheep wolf’s accurate voice broke finally. It seemed she couldn’t bare her grudge. Refen felt large insult that bitch was supreme swear at werewolf. But he suppressed it because he knew that he stood other’s house.
“I’m very sorry my uncontrolled feeling. My insulting about your one of blood was my fault.” Sheep wolf said as her head down and ear also did. She had stabbed heart. Wolves rebuilt proper society but wildness claws follow them with fur. Problem made hurt heart.
“I’m well. I don’t care it, sheep wolf.” He replied sweetly that he questioned his body controlled well. It radiated acid aggressive smell. He didn’t forget he stood alone. Her house was not home.
“You can call me as Minerva my name.” Minerva fixed. Uncomfortable feeling floated at table. Two wolves stared each other. Refen say first before mood more difficult.
“Thank you saving me though you first thought wants to kill their visitor me. I asked to sleep your house if you aren’t hate it I will give submission for one day. I will go then for my business. I need to find one person it named as Aega.” Submission was good etiquette. He didn’t want to bad event again which at northern wolf’ villa. He wondered what is feeling sleep near sheep without hungry feeling at it.
“You couldn’t escape our pack’s territory.” Sudden her words made stiff all air.
“Why you blocked my freedom?” He hissed with great anger. This was reason they couldn’t organize slavery. Human strapped themselves that wolves knew they avoid freedom with pale white shine of moon. Goddess Selene made them knew it.
“It isn’t my fault. They strictly obeyed pack law which our fairs fixed from old tablet but it is in our territory. They might chase then kill you out of our territory. No one will blame that murder because other pack’s member killed by other pack’s member. They surely don’t protect you.”
“I will ran with full of my speed.” He said instead of flee. He had long journey. His heart never allowed more long line. But it caused her saying.
“We knew other survivors live through Old Lime after Great Extermination. Lime was Ancient border of nation. We flourished after then we decided to gather at Senate like our forefather and mother. Senate’s packs took most near land except wide barren land. Northern wolves knew about it because they serve our Pack’s Alpha Fair. They planted their wolves at Senate’s packs.” It wasn’t threat because she said with her serious. It was quite sense to him. He planed to leave this territory that his ears caught it well.
“What can I do then?”
“I think you can make them tired.” Minerva said with indifferent as her ear downed but her eyes narrowed that surely meant she had something. He asked to her though his be lied feeling.
“You can be against to them with our members. Northern chief wolf may give out favor to you later. You can also help us that northern wolves will bother at your exist. I will keep you. I have right status for it.” He read owner like feeling from her saying. He didn’t want interfered at other’s fight. It was enough at his first experience of swamp’s city. It was not his favor about this following.
“I don’t like it.”
“You have no choice.”
He opened muzzle lightly with complex. Sheep wolf Minerva’s saying wasn’t wrong. He putted two paws on table with bewilder that he had question how merely sheep wolf can protect some wolves’ chief.
“What is your protection?” pads absorbed intensive power of his.
“I cared special herd of sheep.” Minerva said with proud and loud voice.
“What do you say, my dominator?” He sang with not good voice.
“I cared good fatten sheep for my Alpha Family.” It was small howl She said as showed muzzle to front. When first time Alpha guided hunt, now was different. They stuck pasturing and cultivating except little time for joy. Alpha Fair and high stated family were concerning at politics. They want to eat delicious meat but didn’t have time. Sheep herding job which care sheep for Alpha fair might be honor job if she said right words. He sniffed her rightness after then. Sometime their sense informed fastly. His temporary dominator became more difficult thing.
“What about your centurion wolf?” He felt more doglike feeling. He knew his reason of saving. Minerva wanted blocked northern chief’s happy. Werewolf could hang its life for only jealousy. He wondered he should gratitude at werewolf’s unpredictable doing. Human like talk didn’t saving his traveling though canine feeling also.
“I did stupid thing. I saved you with mere hatred feeling then it brought me at dangerous. That centurion wolf Augusta might knew about dispute. She hate northern wolf deeply and I hate both and that chief wolf hate me. It seem triangle to you.” He didn’t felt sorry at her regret of saving. Wolves were teasing animal to each other so now was important. He fell at hating wolves but fortunately she seemed to keep him sincerely. He could read deep jealousy now from Sheep wolf’s all shape and fur.
“How I can help you?” He said with doubt. Some time control broke like ecstasies concerned at blood. It little like trap which forest of mood had amount of paw traps. These traps putted by werewolves through many years. Passed trapful forest might dangerous even predator. Other’s problem changed to his problem. It is not good which he thought again.
“I no have it but we can build it from present.” Cureless wolf said with smile that might fit for ancient pet dog’s plea. They might show this smile if they did solutionless work. He was werewolf that he sudden felt dizzy from temporary dominator.
“Village’s wolves hate them and your existence cause headache at them. We have bad law protector Augusta who watches at every werewolf as potential offenders.” She said fragment of gadgets though it wasn’t method. He exhaled as ignored her looking. He had been caught as suspected with stock thief. It was lie. That he had been stabbed by ill favored wolf with stick. That wolf also attempted abuse him at sexual use. He might be died or tortured if that region’s local law protector didn’t rush with his two legionaries. He still remembered that day’s clouded sky and dampness air. He still can growl when he thought it. He experienced it at far west region then he met trouble which caught his ankle.
“What do you want from offer me safe sleep?” He asked because he finally accepted present situation. That heart was not from neither Cerberus nor human. That present looking habitation was from forest kin wolf. Anyway werewolves could forget before matter with fur shaking. He needed to escape this region but first he need to assurance for safe.
“You swear you can provide all of your things if I want?” She asked with little teasing. She pulled back none back chair then stood straight. She wanted to larger than him that was dominator’s usual habit.
“Yip.” He didn’t say on alphabet but said yes on whimpering. He didn’t fight with her previous. He was rent of litter but result always made after fight but not before. He must kick out from her house if he fights with her. Ritual defeat was important matter. Wolves knew there was many reason about couldn’t measure with fighting. He pushed his instinct when her muzzle approached.
She bit his shoulder that his cross scar mark existed. Wound by silver wasn’t healing and would recover. Her jaw of tooth broke his shoulder blade smoothly. She laid him as dominance then chewed his flesh deliciously.
“I learned right sentence when I get submission. I like proper procedure. I can eat all of you meat but don’t.” mention of meat that old rule. Everyone was everyone’s predators in time of wild hunt. They hunt and eat live other werewolf when their great appetite made region’s prey extinct. Habit was still living. Didn’t eat more of other’s meat was important. Fortunately she had good mind. She smiled again then extended her right paw.
“Don’t you pee on me?” he asked that he knew some wolves held their skirt then get urine or stool. Some favored wolves want to show subordinate was his or her own.
“That is excessive and made my tapestry dirt.” She said with lazy muscle. She hadn’t any visible point but all sinews released as fish beneath skin. Most of his feeling wasn’t aggressive at her that instinct acted strongly. Some time their nature overwhelmed high intelligence.
“Is there no sheep at barn?” Smell of near barns came through window. He recognized sheep’s excretion that most signatural thing to him. But it was old that was not few days more but enough one day. She had said she was caring fatten sheep for high fair.
“I put them to my friend sheep wolf. Now I’m so good but I had maddened from few days before. I so upset at these days then maddened for a time.” He saw after madden wolf. He might knew feeling if He sleep near her which he experienced last of her our controlled time. He saw out side then inside. Both of wolves knew they forgot use candlelight. Even werewolves could miss important thing.
“You gave submission at me and I need to bring back herd at near dawning. I will not be maddened after like this. I heard as you are clumsy wolf.” Refen want to question at her why she mentioned him that way but sheep wolf went to one of right door then. She brought one thing that covered with thick fabric. She putted it at table then ordered undress.
“What is that?” He asked with some worry.
“We need to sleep right now. I don’t want my subordinator sleep at out of my sight. You will sleep at inside of house. Do you want wear custom even sleeping time?” Minerva untied strap then escape from wide clothes of both stola and tunica. She folded up these then downed on table. Awful, small and brown and eight breasted wolf was awful. They respected at custom though it didn’t mean they felt shame. Their nature included with brazen mood that would stood well even if they didn’t have fur. She rolled her wrist with textile swiftly. It made him bewilder than he noticed that fabric covered thing was silver stuff.
“I chained shackles with our left wrists. We will not harm each other because we will poison if you moved and made scar then blood meet with silver.” She Represented her plan while he escaped dalmatica(Escape fit for than wear off) hesitantly. He soon found one unfairness.
“You wore clothes at your wrist.” He hissed.
“Do you want break submission?” She growled superiority. She had right. He must need protected sleep site.
“You are bad wolf.” It was right unless his blood meet silver. She locked both wrist then putted key at table which far from her wide lectus. His fur downed and skin sent dangerous threat. Silver was both lethal and dreadful. He might dream with succubus. She might scream by him werewolf. Now power reserved though Succubus lured human when Old Time. It was still bad night which hears endless scramming by feared opponent.
“But you can sleep and owner’s lectus.” She snorted. They met their back at lectus. She covered bodies with blanket. He felt hot that caused by sheep wolf’s favor.
“We are fur warm but blanket made us hot. I want hot temperature when I sleep.” She snorted then it was her last saying. His trip and finding fully spilled at one day. He slept with unknown werewolf. He felt many complex feelings when his eye lid was heavy.

He dreamed that was not bloodshed. Werewolf had often this feeling but dream acted differently. That was blunt and faded like middle of mist. It wasn’t like endless bottom which their eyes. But dream was interrupted part then became another burden of werewolf’s life. He thought different problem in his this dream but it surely burden to him.
Refen saw grass field but instead to research his dream land first that he felt to sink at dream. Werewolf was weary creature that they half got up through ten minutes for watching threat. He hated it yesterday dawning but sudden he felt worry at now. He shook fur at dream land though dream didn’t give up him to escape.
He saw small horse then noticed he was little puppy. He learned hind legs standing in that time. He researched black boxer in front of him. It was not mature which youngling. He sniffed it then recognized it was his horse. Mother wolf gave it to him at that time.
That was far around story until this horse came to him. Some wolves searched to everyone well living way after Great Hunt end. They had good tricking ability which even used to themselves. Some wolves tricked sheep that they wore deep flower oil. They carried sheep to fence with warmness mocked voice. They knew satyr’s flute which made by reed later then brass. Wolves lied sheep at least they weren’t seemed dangerous. Their works succeeded by power which from under world. But it required one standard. Werewolves needed to real warmness that was plentiful or not. Men werewolves developed great hostility while women kept little lifeness by their creation. It changed all role that woman only could care large stock of sheep.
He thought in dream. He didn’t met specific man in few days of in this region. Women wolves took role of packs against Old Time. It started from their first settle of recivilizing Women got profit of pasturing then own early settlement. It wasn’t to be different when they started cultivating. They knew their wretched past and had power of creation.
Male wolf couldn’t take work of breeding that horse was specific thing to him. He was runt of litter which most weak thing. These puppies were usually killed but his mother didn’t. Wolves killed their weaker thing. It wasn’t they want to strong puppies though they needed prevent problem. These problem wasn’t fit for saying because he had it.
His mother wolf Sigrun had tried to fix few of problems. That little horse was one of treat. Horse was clever things. They developed good intelligence while other animals desperately ran from wolves. Male couldn’t breed but small horse could deal with him. Mother wolf believed horse calm his excessive personality while he lived with potential prey.
Refen didn’t say to horse and horse didn’t see him also. It had moral but didn’t make happy end. He slaughtered small horse at third month of living. Mother clawed him like her other failures. He knew it. He thought it turned some sort of incubus.
It trotted to some where front of road. He wanted to say words at his ex-kill but couldn’t say. He noticed it was wretched if this specter went far away from him with fear or disgust. No animal couldn’t kick out bad spirit easily except more bad werewolf. He decided to follow it in dream land. He didn’t want felt loneness until he got up.
It trotted slope. He saw peaceful grass field which spread through road. His kind made peaceful land existing only dream land. He knew about it but didn’t care. He knew it was dream at first. He walked then soon found this slope went to local chief’s villa. He grabbed muzzle with paws then felt dizzy. He knew he might fight with mock chief wolf and her subordinates. It might be bloody dream even he knew he should did meaningless fight. He stood but not move then thought ripping feeling by other’s paws. That little horse was surely sort of incubus.
He saw numerous flowers at slope. Slope was greenish degree then spottful flowers bloomed on ground. They spoiled of green but even none-beauty werewolf knew its grace. They could be called beautiful. He recognized color which red, purple and blue. There was also brown and dark who didn’t exist naturally. He saw front that had no horse and chief’s villa. Flowers were different then reality easily be differed at dream. He concerned it and felt needed to prepare attack. Sadly and despite of good flowers dream might prepare ambush for him. That would be hard fight he thought then sighed.
He found only white flower that time. He nosed detected it was one of sort of blub plants. That might be sweet that he thought. He remembered some long before memory. That was- That good sweetness-. He loved sweet taste. It might only one proper nature because historian said it was better than salt through Old History. He kept it well though his nature clumsy. He didn’t get up by wolf’s good vigilance but he was waked.
“I tried to get up you at three times but you kept sleep that surly malicious trick at me.” Sheep wolf growled. She broke his could be end as sweet feeling dream. He felt badness first then his noticed he still shackles with silver. He fully opened eyes soon but still dizzy.
“You broke my good dream. Sleeping wolf couldn’t swoop at other.” He moaned with pawing air. He didn’t fully get up yet and silver shackles jingled at air. He sniffed silver or sensed it(usually metal had only little or no smell.) then finally got up.
“That was ambush. That surely ambush!” Sheep wolf Minerva howled. Refen’s ear closed at her muzzle. Wolf’s good lung turned to sound attack that his two eardrums and heart tumble.
“I promised for protection but I will chain you at wall then toy as sheep if you did swooping again at in front of me.” She snapped with sharp four fangs. He thought that this region’s women had ill favorite at their men. He heard about chaining even countryside which full of calm field.
“I will unchain you. Then you go to any corner.” Sheep wolf ordered him with sharp shape of eye lid. That flesh acted well to him. Minerva picked brass key from near table. Table was dragged abnormally. Then she turned to it at alloy silver shackles. Order was first her wrist. Soon he felt burden of lethal metal. It was quite bad in any reason. She unlocked her first that was bad. Silver was Shined metal(Werewolf originally cursed kind that sacred shine was sadly dangerous) that was alloy iron or not. Doubtful wolf unlocked his wrist hesitatingly. He had question that he can fix her misunderstanding.
Sheep wolf act quickly as their morning habit. Wolves’ world usually had more which didn’t matter to what is more. All sprits of werewolf needed to prepare. She arranged her bad site then table. She putted chain at middle strong box then carried it to one of right door. Silver was precious stuff that any wolf avoid became silversmith. He checked his wrist at corner of kitchen part. It swelled little but that was all. He sighed then appreciated his werewolf ancestor who built little resistance at skin. These days silver’s poison needed to meet blood.
Sheep wolf went out then came with mop and bucket. She acted more quickly. She dusted away at some stuff and mopped floor sincerely.
“Don’t touch at any food!” Sheep wolf hissed like vapor. He felt unfairness and stupidity against working hard sheep wolf. He didn’t favored bread which near fire pot and also one day passed soup. But he submitted and he no had safe place in this region now. He decided to bare it. This time was yet early dawning.
Dusty sky seemed someone hung red hanging globe. Light wasn’t much lit but enough to see at werewolf. He looked dim red light certainly effected at Sheep wolf. Werewolf was slumbering kind that was no had impressive reason. It was only to become problem of their life cycle unlike dreadful creature themselves. So he saw slumbering sheep wolf which pitiful shapes. She tumbled several time at bottom directly then shook her fur when she carried mop and bucket of water(but she didn’t spoil them.). She yawned at last of her morning cleaning.
“Bread and soup aren’t bad. Sheep love these smell than meat.” He heard her saying when she poured boiled soup. His sense detected one day more soup’s gluten. It seemed chicken soup when it made at first. But boiled during each meal time then chicken, onion and flour mangled to others. It seemed just yellow. He thought starved deer’s face. It was poor meal like bread.
“You can eat. You don’t do like children. You go out my house now if you don’t want to my breakfast.” She said one by one alphabet. He watched her hole of muzzle. He didn’t replied then putted one large spoon of soup in breakfast table.
Meal time ended but still sky was dawning. Wolves didn’t get up at early time in their day cycle. It was same at sheep wolf. He heard early morning acting could provoke sheep’s worry. He questioned what her purpose was then sniffed another wolf and herd of live sheep. It wasn’t old smell because he heard music of satyr’s flute.
“Is she your friend?” He asked little bitter sound. He couldn’t like her not warm treating and didn’t want to other interrupt at this. That was talkable words which she dominator or not.
“I said I maddened at before. I left herd of sheep at my friend before I poked bad northern chief. I had strong heart in that time from my sudden angry. She carring sheep because I’m alive and calmed.” Her fur downed but lungs and muzzle sighed. She just looked at table. It was difficult feeling after mess. Long hatred stood before her saving.
“Don’t move my house. Sheep hate male stuff.” She informed him while music growing intense. She putted dishes at kitchen part. It had nails with and pans two long tables for brief cooking. She rubbed table with rug at once. “If you touched my stuff more then I will crucifix you with silver spikes.” She said then walked out to ground. He regretted at he couldn’t solve doubtful wolf’s suspicion. He hadn’t sneak like smooth tongue for oratoring. He knew she had real silver stuff at one of her room.
 He knew about that music of flute. It inherited from malicious sprit pan. That archaic time pan tricked nymphs with his flute. That had no good purpose except teasing rape. All sprits were possessed at beautiful music then were wretched by goaty god. Werewolves had that tricking ability. Their muzzle could bit his flute. They didn’t search nymph that they didn’t exist now. They used music at more bad thing. They tricked sheep for follow their eater.
He came to window that he little possessed by soft music. It seemed lullaby which smooth wave. He recovered from sound soon that music had ability but he never want became prey. He couldn’t give his body for doubtful sheep wolf. He decided to do not show his face at window. He lowered his head at under windowsill. His two ears shook little for hearing.
“All my good friends.” She sang with beautiful tone. She concealed She didn’t have friend with meats. Song kept going at mournful parting part that he heard numerous sheep gathered at flutist. He sniffed dirt smell or their dung.
“Think you, Bellona. You heard my living at forum.” She said at her friend Bellona shortly then cared sheep. He guessed she might check herd’s condition. That he questioned they completely concealed sheep’s poor doom and thought her friend might sniffed him.
“You don’t care him. Don’t you hear clumsy northern or white wolf? Gray milky wolf seated at my house in present. He looked more like northern wolf but he is chased by his that blood. I will keep him for provoking northern wolf. Yesterday’s problem solved. It isn’t serious problem in this moment.” She said low voice to don’t irritated sheep. His ear heard her words as like she wanted to lock up him at this shabby house. Some of sheep whimpered at their laziness of song. Moment he thought escape. He might become stock as like sheep which cared by sheep wolf Minerva. She was hardly known wolf at him and He might don’t measure safe future. Future was invisible thing, many proverbs said like this. Werewolves were often unkind at other. Sometime it didn’t depend on past kind behavior. Wolves had vapor like zigzag sense for covering their move. It was from their archaic mother echidna.
“Please keep your music for time. I think I need to flour drug at their water. They seemed weary at our.” Sheep wolves didn’t use their flute when they didn’t move with sheep. Their every day caring and voice could lure sheep for standing. He heard about drug for water. They used drug then made sheep little dimly if they felt difficulty at controlling. It would take time fed water to all herd. He could attempt to runaway.
He heard she enter one of sheds. It might for finding bottle of drug. He rubbed sheet of lectus while music going. This white sheet would hold his smell sometime. He didn’t want give up finding for mere local’s dispute. He crossed window which opposite at herd and trough. It was through road on grass land.


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