Script - Ulixes

Ulixes(Ulixes Nasennia silius)

He was bureaurat which was faithful Pack member’s job. His job was work and care to pack’s all matter for their honorable alpha. Work of bureaucrat was never different from old civilization. Ulixes cared papers and ordered about pack’s matters. His family did this job before they became werewolf. His family was one of oldest members which joined pack from pack’s start. But now his family has been fallen. They were still bureaucrat but these were only low seat. He worked low bureaucrat in pack.
He had bad sickness that he poisoned with silver. Silver was very lethal poison to werewolves. They developed resistance against silver through centuries but silver was still dangerous to them. Almost of healing power collapsed when he poisoned with silver. He had almost died. But werewolf’s immense resistance saved him at death’s door. Sliver and his ability dealt with each other. He lost his ability then became just animal. He was alive but silver still remained his vein. Wolf’s strength dealt it every time but he was never stopped his bleeding and weakness. He should be helped with other for his living.
Wolves who knew him were avoided him because poisoned blood was very cursed thing to them. He was trying to do his normal life even he didn’t move without any help. He seemed despaired but never said it to others.
He was poisoned by his elder sister which was jealousy to his parents’ love. This event often in werewolf’s society that parents truly loved their child puppies but Child wolves saw their brother and sister as rival who should be defeated. His parents worried his life when he awaked from water of silver grit. She was winner even she poisoned him in sight of her parents. They promised to give all of their properties to her when they died. But it contained one rule that didn’t more harm to her brother. He leaved his family’s domus that got his house and Pack attached guard to him in true concern.
He worked in custom part that he did part’s ordinary work. He was trying to keep common’s tempo that he didn’t want to be looked as useless wolf. He didn’t hope next because of his sickness but tried saw his present.


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