Script - Brynhild

Brynhild(Daughter of Fritha)

She was head of northern family which lived in Pack Nasennia’s territory. Wolves didn’t know when they came to their territory. But their living was quite long time for during several centuries. They bowed to Nasennia Pack’s leader when these northern wolves settled in Pack’s own land. They were became Pure’s private guards since they did homage to all Pack Alpha’s blood forever.
Many Pack’s Potentates and legion families questioned to foreigner’s duty for Alpha. They insisted pack should be pureness. These foreigners’ join in pack was not usual in wolf society. But this part of northen wolves did and they seemed never betrayed their lord.
Pack’s wolves accepted their existing through long term. However they still had doubt about northern family. Local and north wolves only had little association in their blood line. They had metises but they were only few and often were abandoned. Two parties of wolves acted like water and oil. Northern wolves seemed accepted Nasennia Pack rule but Locals never gave up doubt.
Northern wolves had link with their home pack which located in north gulf. They were still northern pack but obeyed other’s Alpha. They kept this weird relation. Local said they played double in dishonor.
War time began in early spring that Pack many members and Alpha couple went to fight in distant land. Many of private guard northern wolves also follow their lord. But they were different with local wolves. Rule of war was sent their honorable and powerful warrior members that northern wolves only sent their low and powerless members. Family’s mother and major members remain Nsaennia Pack’s territory. Remained locals blamed them that they were left for safety against generous Alpha’s care to them. Local watched them but northern wolves seemed were calm during spring to autumn.
Wolves sent their wheat and foods to war place after their harvesting. Their territory seemed little empty because their many members and foods went and were sent. Northern family’s members kept Alpha’s private places and protected remained pure members. Local wolves said they were doing something during pack Alpha’s absence but it didn’t reveal.
Northern family’s mother Brynhild knew this hate. Every wolf contained their savage mind in their heart. They didn’t thrust each other because they knew their dark and true nature. This was reason that they especially watched foreign pack’s member. Brynhild claimed to them ‘We are just kept duty’.
Brynhild was typical northern gray wolf. She was big and thick fur which could make live in northern hard winter. She had good muscle but wasn’t warrior like shape. She well lived during her puppyhood that made her good body but this is all. She had belly fat and loved eat. She also wanted every joy that she hoped. Local said she was profligate.
She was doing some duty as northern pack’s mother. She apparently wrote some papers and showed her body in pure’s private places which was kept by her northern members. She seemed didn’t care local’s hate.
Several wolves saw her in top of hill which near by northern wolves’ villa. Witnesses said she usually saw autumn’s sky as if prayed something to rich sky. What was pray’s mean? Wolves didn’t know like her northern family’s origin.


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