Script - Horatia

Horatia(Horatia of Gray valley priestess)

She was one of Nasennia Pack’s priests that she was priest of Goddess Moon Selene. She kept Gray Valley Temple that she was sent to this temple when she ended her priestess education. She was this temple’s head and administrator. Gray Valley Temple was marble building that some concrete used to them but Temple wasn’t different with ancient things. Wolves kept belief of goddess like they preserved their ancient architecture.
Why they choose this belief or why Goddess choose this savage wolves as her people wasn’t clear. Cardinal and historian said past event confirmed her existence. Goddess blessed and saved them when beasts were destroying world and even themselves that goddess tamed beast and led them to light of moon. Wolves didn’t know how daemonic beasts back to humanity and Civilization that they just knew about story of Lupa and could saw eternal bright of goddess gift moon. Selene who was antique and first goddess of moon that she was now worships by wolves.
She hadn’t been major god through titanic old ear through Olympian era. It almost seemed never solved problem why she was now almost only and most grace god. Most wolves said ‘She is just best’ but some said only Selene helped this pitiful beast amid of gods. She was werewolves’ goddess and they follow her in this era. She became monotheistic goddess.
Horatia lived her childhood at great temple’s education camber. She joined this place when she was little youngling. She had right that could become Selene’s priestess. She was dream watcher that she parents knew it when her mother had her. Her ability was special to wolves because their goddess Selene was also deity of dream when moon lit night. She saw dream world clearly even could walk in it. Selene kept her when she tripped in dream. Work in the dream world and saw other dream and its sprits were special ability and mystery. She was special wolf that she had been joined at great temple.
Temple’s discipline was hard to little wolf. Elder Priestesses made her sacred but it was lock in her dream and lock in her body as silver metal. Priestesses needed tame wolf that not was free but for goddess of moon. Ritual of divinity hurt young wolf. She pelts pain after years. She learned about priest’s work during her remain maturing time.
She had great power of dream even it locked by ritual of divinity. She could become priestess who worked in one of important sacred places. But she couldn’t. She was free hearted wolf which heart could move freely in spiritual world. Freedom, warm, and peace located in this land. Elder Priestesses stopped her opportunity then leaded her to way for common wolves. They said she had mission that showed spirit’s grace that freedom, warm and peace to savage common wolves. She denied it when she got enough age to become priest that she had ceremony. She spoiled her ceremony of ordination. She denied superior Priestess’ words that she said she wants own dream not for others.
She was locked in small room after her unsacred ceremony. Elders ordered reflection and to know about herself. She didn’t know even now why she choice why to others that Elder Priestesses wanted. She locked in small room for two years with chain until she gave out her want. Elder priestesses lose her when she accepted her duty. She became priestess with no resistance. But this seat never was important place because she had once resisted mission. She appointed to Gray Valley Temple after new ceremony. This Temple wasn’t big place that it had main temple and several additional buildings. Its width and given farmland just fit for one of local priest but she easily accepted it with no displeasure.
She became villager’s good priestess who was connector between goddess and wolves and gave Selene’s shine to them. Villagers liked her that they thought she was really fit for shape of goddess servant. She seemed was kind. She also looked Pack’s omegas and cared them. She also cares villages’ shrines.
She remained in pack when war begun. Important priestess followed to Pack’s war members but she didn’t. She was just villages’ priestess and she should care remnants. She cheered were left wolves and managed and prayed for pack’s good harvesting during spring to autumn. She slept with her own dream in autumn. It was unusual to priestess who served for goddess moon. Power of dream should always use to help common wolves that her power dragged commons to Selene’s bless. She swore it when she was freed from chain. Use her power only to herself was dishonor but she had wanted it. She didn’t know why her old pleasure emerged. But it showed in this autumn after harvesting.


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