Script - Refen


Anyone didn’t know this weird visitor. He came from north as he said. He was high and bold bone but weak that he had only bright muscle. His fur was rich as his northern kind but it seemed was never erect. His fur always downed like him. Even sensual wolves couldn’t detect stranger’s all things but one point was clear in his case. He was runt of the litter.
Weaker puppies’ life weren’t comfortable in wolf society. They were not only less strong but also defenseless. Most of wolves didn’t care these weak wolves. They were usually called as puppies even they passed their coming-of-age ceremony. They were also called fortuner who their mother saved them in her choice. Werewolf female delivered many puppies in several pregnancies. But they were not all good puppies like their savage lycanthropic blood that many of them born with madness, only want for kill and were damned to live with malformation. Mother wolves killed their wrong puppies like cardinals’ discipline or their tradition of self-breeding. Most of young things were killed only one or two of them were right for live as good pack’s member. But Wolves now get massive society like their ancestor human that they were not in Nature’s chain as predator. They were top of animal kinds. They should save less wrong puppies for keep up their society or pack member’s population. They save less malformatic puppies. But madness things were always killed.
Refen was this kind of wolves. He was weak that he seemed have some sicknesses. He was pale and watched around things. He came to this land for find a wolf that had name Aega according to his words. He wore northern wolves’ dalmatica and wore wool out garment that was decorated with worn weasel’s fur.
He visited Nasennia Pack in after harvesting. He had fast but this pack’s wolves seemed didn’t figure it. They just thought they met one weird weaker. He arrived now in village Neumagen. He would search the wolf Aega.


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