Script - Minerva


She was shepherd also sheepdog herself. Wolves were doing shepherding in this era alike their none-predatic ancestor. Usually they didn’t hunt now because they were outnumbered than natural predator supporting. They mocked their ancestor even they had old papyruses about ancestor’s farming and animal husbandry. Wolves could shepherd action because they were part of dog categories. But this shepherding had different points against ancestral way. They didn’t use a dog that they were also sheepdog themselves. Werewolf shepherd wore leather belts which had banded small chimes. It called chime belt that used making sound for sheep. Stock of Sheep usually recognized sheep-wolf’s signal even they had instinctive fear of wolf. Sheep-wolves trained them to obeyed chime’s sound when they were little limbs. They used another leather belt which hung leather tool bag it was same their ancestral shepherd. But they didn’t use shepherd’s crook. They used long-stick hunting ax which could use in various way for them.
Every sheep-wolf was demanded one virtue that was patience. Werewolf was savage predator that their heart lurked urge for kill. Sheep was not powerful animal even they seemed were defenseless. Sheep was prey but they should keep them. Sheep-wolves suppressed their savage urge when they guided stork of sheep in meadow. Sheep accepted relationship with wolf for hundred of years. Werewolf’s dark side always could be harm to sheep. This was reason werewolf shepherding was one of difficult job to them.
She knew her sheep believe her over predator’s and prey’s natural relationship. She devoted to them for years that they finally trusted her. Sheep still watched other werewolves even they accepted her. Her house and sheep’s meadow were away from village. Shepherd was lonely job because sheep distrusted every wolf but sheep-wolf.
She started this job before stola praetexta(Coming-of-age ceremony). She cared sheep for passed many winter and spring. She was away from wolves’ instinctive conflict, fight and conspiracy for years. She dislikes fight with other in claw by claw method. Lone place matched to this her personality. She was Pure(Pack’s high born state)’s sheep-wolf who bring special sheep for his or her high born state. No one attempt trick to slaughter few of her sheep since she get this job and then now. Wolves didn’t know how she get this duty that bring sheep for Pure was honorable and responsible job. Pure’s meat should be excellent as their respectable state. She well cared and was trying to fattened to sheep. But it didn’t defend meat’s good quality. She usually worked alone that only one family helped her sometime. Few wolves had doubt to her right but they didn’t find any her mistake.
She was always lone wolf but she had friend few years ago. She knew Marcella who was running her inn nearby village. They became closed friend for years. Make good friend take many time in werewolf’s society because they had too monstrous mind to trust some-wolf. Villager wolves saw them for often. They usually talk in Marcella inn or clustered with Marcella’s two sons Laurentius and Tacitus to do somting.
Sheep-wolf Minerva( as called patience thing) had one little plan. She was homo novus(new citizen; now mean new family or its founder) that she had only one name. She planed to meet good male then sex with him, and then get lovely puppies. She would bring these puppies and make her new family.

Minerva is 25 years. Her name ‘Minerva’ mean wisdom or intelligence.


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