Script - Octavius

Harmonia – wolves
Octavius(Octavius Eyeis’ mate)

If you go Neumagen and see its forum then you notice two small lines of pillars stand each side of square. This is typical shape of village’s canter from archean era. Village is small that werewolves need many supplies that only small population gathering in wide place. But it contains every thing from archean architecture standard. It have shrine that was not temple but enough to small populated village. It have store that sell various gadgets and have forge that make or fix useful equipments for farmer wolves and sheep wolves. And also It have local basilica and conference hall. They are all constructed by marble. Flat marble pavestones covered village’s canter place.
One alley located nearby village’s store. Store was set inside of left line of marble pillars. It had name PARVUS(small). Little wooden sign hung in under store’s large stone signboard. It was written some words that was ‘If you want to meet Octavius’ and his lovely mate Eyeis’ pharmacy call store’s clerk wolf’.
If you go this store and ask Octavius’ pharmacy he may say ‘go to alley’. Alley which is stood near by store is wide that one of horse cart and half can enter to it if it hasn’t wooden barrier. If you search alley some minutes you may notice it isn’t alley but old temple’s entrance. You can go inside through line of roofed pillar through entrance’s barrier then you can see old temple’s archean rust.
Village was built in ancient time but had abandoned when disease spread to it. This disease was werewolves that they destroyed it. Ruin of village wasted for centuries. Five century before wolves came from Nasennium rebuilt it. All of village’s building recovered even additional building built. But only one building temple neglected. They rebuilt village’s temple based on ruin but they had belief about other god Selene. Cardinals couldn’t stop worshipping of pan and Ceres. Wolves also knew about Minerva, Februus, Saturn, Diana, Epona, and Divine Julius Caesar. They didn’t demolish other gods’ and goddess’ sanctuary even they only belief goddess Selene. They knew value of divinity and beauty but couldn’t know temple’s owner. Temple might offer local god but it was forgotten that wolves never knew temple’s own god. Temple neglected for long time then before one century one werewolf built pharmacy in was rebuilt but abandoned temple.
Octavius and his mate Eyeis were now this pharmacy’s owners. Werewolves usually didn’t need drug and even surgery because they had immense power of healing. They recovered almost everything with their power. Wolves said ‘Selene give power to us’. But they still needed pharmacy and physician working. Pharmacist could help deep wound with his surgery skill and his or her drug could help some lethal illness which was beyond physical wound that like spiritual biting.
Octavius also sell some or many sex drugs that werewolves found some pacts which usable drugs could ignore their healing system. They loved sex. They also were brutal but it banned and makes deep scars. But sexual lust had different point. This was intense and huge action but didn’t left hatred or badness. It was just playful. Wolves could enjoy it without worry. Their awesome power could make great happiness in mating. Octavius helped this lover and got his pay. He had fame about his sex drug.
Every drugs and medical equipment needed careful concern. Temple was fit for these stuffs. It had basement, could cover daylight’s intensity and also had enough space. Temple was built in little rising ground and was calm then city’s forum. It was fit place for pharmacy. Octavius’ and his mate Eyeis’ pharmacy was known at near village and cites.
Wolves said ‘Temple and dead local god may still have some power’ but Octavius never mentioned about it. Temple was still calm and comfortable place as time that was ancient temple was built.


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