Scirpt - Old Wife

Harmonia – wolves
Old Wife(Magia Old Wife)

Silva Nigra(Black forest) stood in over Old River. Local wolves avoided to enter this dark forest as their legend. Forest’s conifers were too many thick to allow light which shined from sky. Werewolves weren’t normal animal but even they avoid this forest. This dark land of forest seemed taken harmful aura. Wolves still felt their ancestor fear.
Ruin of small garrison fort stood in Old River’s branch that was Pack’s first starting point. This place was legend and sacred. Last tribe’s viae ended at this ruin. No one remained over this ruin that even little barbarian thing. Almost everything was destroyed when disease flowed in world. Only ominous forest stood in over ancient fort and border. But villager Wolves knew one resident in this forest. She was called Old wife and Magia(Witch). Villager wolves saw her sometimes in road, some one’s villa and city. Many wolves watched her but it wasn’t she was Silva Nigra’s resident that she was witch. Werewolves knew witchcraft.
Selene’s cardinals tried to ban witchcraft since start of goddess moon’s era. They said ‘only truthly belief is for Selene’. Other belief against Selene officially banned with growing belief of Goddess. But werewolves never could be sincere creature that werewolves knew themselves. They still had belief other gods and sprits. Farmer wolves loved Ceres and sheep wolves loved pan. Witchcraft also survived because they needed it like farmer and shepherd. Werewolves’ society wasn’t clear but fill with jealousy and greedy. Official religion never solved this bad intention. But Witchcraft could solve it.
Local priest and priestess wanted to kill this witch but Old Wolf was always protected by someone who wants her witchcraft, Selene’s wolves tried to punish this bad wolf during her witchcraft spoiled local society. But Old Wife was clever wolf that she changed her client many time and always got protection from client. Local priestess did sermon Black arts’ dirty but Wolves want witchcraft because they were too savage to throw their hate.
Old Wife still processed her business in this autumn. Many powerful Pack’s members went to war then weak members remained in territory. These weak wolves could attempt conspiracy during dominators absence. They needed her. Some wolves saw smoke from Old wife’s cottage that they say ‘she have commission’. They thought she was making magic ointment.


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