Script - Marcella


Common wolves said ‘She is once outlawed’. But she was not metis or crossbreed. She was fully Pack’s blood when she came to Pack’s territory. She insisted ‘Vita is my mother’ Vita who ran away from pack fifty years ago. Vita had guilt when she fled from Pack but her daughter came to mother’s Pack in brave mood. Villager wolves had doubt who is her father. Her mother’s and father’s blood were Pack’s own blood. Pack’s wolves sensed it. Apparently her father was Marcus who ran out from Pack as same as Vita’s reason. Her parents both were condemned by pack that their daughter came then settled in pack with brave mood. Each pack usually watched others especially outlaws. However she seemed successfully settled.
She was running her inn in Neumagen which rural area was dominated by Candida family. She became business were’ her several own houses and lands were scattered in pack’s territory. She was also running small forge in city(Nasennium). She lived in her inn as innkeeper. Running inn for its guest in this world was difficult job. Every werewolf was brutal and violence even they were re-civilized. They could be dangerous predator to each other when they escaped Pack’s range. Innkeeper should cared these un-trustful foreign.
She had two suns their name were Laurentius and Tacitus. Their father wasn’t known. She had them seemed in private way. Female population was twice than male in werewolf society. Male babies were less survived than female babies when they were born with lycanthropy. Wolves kept their marriage tradition alike their human ancestor that half of female never had their husband. She hadn’t opportunity to get her groom. She seemed choose another way which sleep with favorite male in few days then breed puppies alone.
She took some fruits from her little success. One of precious fruits was villagers accepted her inhabitation. She was born outlaw like her mother but now settled as one of Pack’s members. She was living with her two sons. She was keeping her business and had plan which give her property to their sons.
She had only some aureus coins when she came in mother’s home-pack at first. But she was success in this time. Her shape wasn’t different from Pack’s other members. But she had especially deep scar which dug at bone. Her face was covered by bright brown fur with scar at right side that made her age seemed was old. She was now 39 years old. She felt her healing power was waning that she should prepare remain years. Werewolf was not longevity animal. She had two sons who passed their coming-of-age ceremorny(toga praetexta). She hadn’t plan about wealth in her time. She hoped two sons’ great success when she given birth to herself. She decided to have some plat for her two sons.

Laurentius and Tacitus are 21 years old males.


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