Concept - Two poisons

Harmonia – World
Werewolf’s poisons

Werewolves are strong healing creature. Even powerful poisons don’t kill these werewolves but there two lethal toxins still remain.
Sliver : It was one of dangerous poisons. Werewolves are conspiratorial creature. This is their basic nature. They made delicate toxins through centuries but Silver is nature metal that it was poison from first werewolf generation.
It destroys werewolf’s life. Werewolf’s immunity developed through centuries that they resisted small quantity Silver. But Silver is still lethal.
Historian say Silver is moon’s shine metal that has divine and ability of purification. It contains sharp power like shining sharpened axe blade. Even they survived from Silver but they barely live with terrible agony like be cutting by axe. Werewolf is unholy animal that usually divine stuff dangerous to them. Silver is typical thing.
Wolfsbane : This is still useful toxin source. Werewolf’s immunity can not detect this plant. Werewolf is killed directly by this plant. There is no detoxification like sliver but Wolves invent examination kit in this century. They need to survey food or drink with kit when they had doubt about wolfsbane.
It had folklore. Their sprit and body divide when they were poisoned by this plant. Mindless body only want kill, eat and sex that they will make mass and chaos at Local wolves. Divided sprit emerges when body was defeated by others. Cursed sprit wandering near death place and start succubusing and incubusing to other wolves’ sprits.


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