Concept - Taste of Death

Harmonia – World
Werewolf’s Taste of Death

Only one purpose survived to all kind of animal through numberless years. It is life. No one lives without this main purpose except unnatural things that isn’t kind of animal. These creature werewolves seem like other thing that is taste of death. It is their basic nature that they didn’t develop it. They love death especially dying thing. They seem have another sense which detects death’s fear. Werewolves joy prey’s death. Dying animal’s fear is most great their mind food. It make them delight even enlighten. Fear extract from despair of dying. Werewolves can be sociable. brave, lovely, literary and even get favor of immense art on basic of this taste. They never stop this behavior even they live in civilized life. They enjoy taste of death on their civilization without worrying. Sometime these wolves feel importantly it than their own life.


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