Harmonia - Chapter one

Kardien’s note

1. I want to effort to my story. It may reedit when I want more good expressions and correct backgrounds.

2. I want right background. I’m ready to try to get certain background. Please message to me if you know better truths and knowledge.

Last rectifying Jan 7th /2011

By Kardien Lupus.

Chapter. 1

Dazzle sunlight invaded into cool soil ground through dense of leaves. Many board leaves blocked autumn’s clear sunlight only remain beam of light lit the forest ground. It seemed to whole sky’s brightness concentrated on it. Forest lit by shines that mixed to plants and soil but cool. High above leaves prevented more energy than shine. Bight also cool, this mood of forest could make someone’s happiness.
Deer emerged from bush. He or She was seemed finding something. Was it a grass? If it was not grass so then was it a special plant only could joy in this autumn? It was finding something near its sight. It found food that its head was down. Deer started to eat greenish plant deliciously. Forest’s wind was clam as if it capsuled shine and peaceful daylight. Forest was so silent that if one stood this place could hear its chewing sound. Suddenly forest’s wind blew that was mild wind. It headed up as its natural instinct of deer. Its smell rode on wind. It was she. She-deer was a doe.
Deer released her short time watching then ate. She headed up once more during her pleasant lunch. Frost’s day sight was good even for merely strong animal like her. It filled with woods and plants sometime wonderful flower perfume. If she had little knowledge that she could joy different woods’ names like oak and beech and also maple. But she couldn’t just watch it. Sight of little height of forest was radiating mild and continues landscape. This was her life and her height of head. It always gave food and will give her beautiful mate. But deer had missed one that short time forest wind was not from front of her but back. It could only carry her smell.
Deer was forest’s sprit. It was born from humid brown soil and learned to eat forest’s various plants from mother. It ran through trunk of woods and slept at some where cozy place which only it knew. Someone said they are shy and also grace. It was smooth walker who gained all life from forest. But this time forest supplied another thing.
An opponent had learned one point ‘don’t hesitate when you got chance even it is seem be impossible’. It wasn’t kind of proverb. But he learned it from his numerous experiences. He didn’t fully ready but emerged from some where dark side of forest. His body was stiff that he lurked behind small size of vines so long time. His muscles complained as acid of sore. But he ran that he got priority of chase. He snared and was after deer.
Deer saw him then ran for life. She fled like wind with her light legs. She was professional runner that she knew everywhere in forest. Tangled bush wavered after effect. She disappeared into maze of trunks that her opponent didn’t see her suddenly. But he knew about delicate tool that was his nose. He also knew how to use it. Stink of deer radiated on its trail in still winded forest. Smell was her grace that spice musk could call male of her kind and even dragged jealousy of other. But in this time her opponent only felt lure of meat.
Deer ran with tangled stepping that was crossed trees and jumped with art. She knew from her instinct that must made to dizzy her enemy. Her chaser now concentrated on her smell. He ran with his muscle power. His body was fine predator’s things. Its paw and firm bone and clung chunk of muscles could make great speed and charge. Woods were passed also plants were passed with greenish sight that she made speed with zigzag jumping. It could make carnivore tired when it chased her. But He was good thing. Especially he was different with others.
Chasing was continued. She didn’t shake off her predator. She was forest’s sprit but her fear made impatient to her. She met large and plat stone which entangled with two of different kinds of trees. She knew about this mark that over this stone light degree slope started. She ran over stone that she hoped this slope land make her enemy tired. He saw stone then stepping with his large and plentiful muscled legs that was different point with his kin. He was over it and thought about shape of slope land. He wasn’t like deer or his kin that could saw various colorful lands. Most was green, trunk’s middle and soil’s dark brown but some flower showed red, purple and yellow. Brilliant orange shine downed through leaves. There was different brown which mixed white spots. He recognized deer and keep chasing.
Deer ran fast in slope supported by her light weight. He rolled his tongue. Large mass of saliva spattered. He little opened his mouth that sound of breath spreading from gap. It was same with his kin but his muzzle and whole body were immensely big than kin. He was keeping chase. Deer ran to slope and slope and slope for reach more high place. She intended to make tried her predator. But he didn’t that his body was strong even he was little starved in now. His blood extracted power that his body was slender but almost structured by muscle. He was starved but was not normal that he kept powerful speed.
Mild slope continued to high degree it. Wood still stood straight but soil didn’t. It barely covered by leaves that this weather wasn’t fully autumn that was just started. Mild wind blow to low ground and Shines come with slight degree with after midday. It seemed grace but deer wasn’t. Her left hind hoof slightly missed sloped soil. She didn’t fall but her zigzag running failed. Her opponent was keeping his chase to after her with his savage fangs. She now didn’t easily think to put off her predator. She ran as could as for her life.
Forest seemed just good in wide view but its individual part sometimes took ruckus like this. Every other animal disappeared as they sensed this chase. Trunks of trees suddenly turned to circus’ track. Plentiful leaves also turned stand’s awning. Carnivore’s and prey’s chase usually was for life to each other. Prey ran for life and carnivore ran for meat that was its food. However this time he was only after for joy.
Deer ran but this moment it wasn’t continuing. She stumbled because her predator approached very closely. She was panic that made her mistake. She was forest’s sprit but no more was it when she headed back then saw her predator’s face. Canine was grin. Happy panting dog’s smile hanged at its opened muzzle and gap of inside. He swooped prey in opposite of slope which they ran then tumbled into little valley of creek.
Fallen to bottom they damaged from ground. Small rocks and stumps made them were hurt. Roots of trees hit their lambs while they were falling. Crashed with ground seemed made their bone broke. Top to bottom wasn’t short distance. It could make speed like wind when something was downing. Deer’s legs broke after speed of wind. She struggled but couldn’t get up. He didn’t be hurt by strong crash in creek. He got up and shook his fur that his all body had no harm.
How can I do more play with her? He thought. It wasn’t natural thinking of predator But was different even more intelligent. He was not normal carnivore. He had more.
He approached to his prey. It shivered as struggled with her legs. He looked it that seemed deliciously. His muzzle met with its body. Fluffy fur of brown skin vividly moved and shook with vein’s flow. Warmed and desperate spice smell made him happy. Its legs kicked him when his tongue licked its felt. It made him angry but not be hurt. Its weird point because every carnivores worried prey’s kicking. Desperate kicking could made their bone broke. He wasn’t hurt that he was strong than most of animals in world. He was unnatural thing.
His nature built as lust for blood that was usually not for life. He broke unbroken deer’s legs. It couldn’t more kick him that he was pleasure.
What can I do with her? He thought as reached prey’s neck. It saw him with deer’s clear brown eye but he ignored. Choke prey’s airway was usual predator’s behavior. His muzzle pressed its neck that line of blood trickled from fangs. It twitched but he didn’t care. He stopped moment because he had another thought but not mercy.
How can I best enjoy with her? He thought. It entirely wasn’t natural thought of animal. Every animal in this world choose best action for life. Predator and prey were as same as one point. They didn’t play with food because life was hard that they needed to don’t waste their strength. But he didn’t that he was more than these animals.
He chooses better pleasure that backed from prey’s neck. He moved his body few passus that his muzzle pointed prey’s abdomen. He bit then got chunk of delicate flesh. Blood spattered and invisible warm vapor spread from deep wound. He sensed all and smelled that delicate his sensory could catch even small change. He saw its organs with blood that organs were still moving. It was alive. He saw its fragile eyes. But he only thought blood’s sweet stink. He bit its living organs.
That never was predator’s behavior. Even wild animal arranged its food before eat. Only urgent and worrying carnivore ate living prey. It wasn’t they were savage but they were afraid to other carnivore steal their food. But he was powerful and had great strength thing. He just wanted living prey’s doom. Blood flow from his lips to chin.
He chewed meat that was warm. He was content that he got someone’s life and fate. Even beast could made smile. Usually muscles of mouth were flexible and detailed. He made his happy smile that was from someone’s agony until immense power of shock chased him.
He stumbled suddenly attack. He was swinging his four legs. Claws got attacker’s skins. It had plentiful hair on its body. He struggled to get his right stand but didn’t. It had weight than him. He was suppressed by its strength. His back bumped with creek’s round stones. Some water flooded near him. He showed his abdomen to Attacker that made him frenzy. He knew what he’d done before. He clawed with his fore two legs to attacker’s chest that attack was right but plentiful flesh of it blocked way to its heart and vein. It suppressed his fore legs that used its fore things. He was defenseless except his fang and jaw but he knew his attacker could know straight attack to his neck avoid his muzzle. He might be death when he loses his flesh of neck. He struggled heavily twice.
He tried to turn unfair balance for him that he should be getting upside in this fight. What was flanked him must get vantage point. He tried to turn in left but it blocked with attacker’s immense paw. He tried to turn in right also it blocked with attacker’s jaw that It bit him. He shouted with his angry and pain. He tried to kick with his hind legs but it’s revealed as useless struggle. Attacker’s lower part locked his legs effectively. Only his plentiful tail was free. He tried to up his head and bit whatever in front of him that he realized he closed his eyes. It quietly wasn’t good chose in fight. He opened eyes immediately with felt shame that his clumsy heart made him feared then closed eyes. He met with attacker’s eyes that it was clear green like fluorescence color. He saw brief its muzzle pointed his neck most defenseless point in now. He gasped that breath filled his two lungs then his notice it was she she-wolf or she-beast.
“I knew you worry for your life. Did you think I will kill you? If you keep this struggle I will do but-.” It said words human words. It was weird point that beast could say human language. But He didn’t think it only felt fear didn’t understand her words. He was blocked his all fight back that she pressed his chest with her abnormal large paws and her elbow or fore knee filmy locked his fore legs or arms. He struggle with his was left all strength that made her siege wavered. He felt spice and musk mixing smell and also sniffed dirt acid smell form its inside of muzzle. He saw her fur it was red, brown and black. She was dark wolf or more thing than forest kin. She almost loses her grip when he struggled with all strength. But she suppressed it then clawed his neck deeply that blood trickled from wounds. She said more like animal’s guttural growling than human tongue.
“Submission.” She demanded. She wanted flesh of neck and might be want cut spin cord but suddenly stopped all action. Bright green eyes glared like sunrise. Carnivore’s eye was reflected light thing. But she didn’t look sun or shine. She saw downside that was shaded place. It no had source of light was weird thing. Anyway it was sufficient to show her intention.
“What do you want?” He hissed like cornered snake. His heart was throbbing that He dare not think of fight. His sense organ was too so sensitive to couldn’t detect attacker’s power and skill.
“Submission.” She wanted it. He saw her eyes that were glaring things. Eyes were deep as their kin’s things. Bottomless hole located at green center. Pupil was roundly diamond that was neither human nor snake. It was bad things than these two animal kinds. White part of eye covered it. Green part of eyes was seemed like reversed slope to bottom but dark center had no visible things even it was window of mind to other kinds of creatures. Dark animal was different than other and more than others. Eyes revealed nothing but dark except sometime showed red that it made to seemed they were no mind things. That was scared point.
“What do you want from me?” He shivered. Guttural voice was plugged by shivering airway. Pronounces crumpled that seemed just growling. He recounted his opponent as saw that bottomless eye. It was clear as he had counted. His attacker was strong than him and skilled than him. It was reason of his shivered feeling. He thought deer that he ate. She could this to him. He felt anima that only she and he like beast could made. It was through by smell, temperature and damp of moisture and also savage mood that might only these beasts can radiate to real atmosphere. His kind’s nature was unpredictable, thirst and knew about taste of death. He lived in now almost unharmed because his attacker had clear thought about her purpose that meant submission. He didn’t know her next purpose. He opened his muzzle when his fast healing process done its job in his wounded right foreleg.
“I see. You can take my own things right now.” He submitted. He released his all tension from muscles that he was defenseless. His opponent already get on his body that she always could harm him. He released power from his four legs added even from tail. These were against to attacker’s claws but now her weight pressed straightly. Gray and brown fur met to each other. Their odors marked to each other fur and skin. Skin color didn’t important that red or black. Dominator got control feeling and subordinate got disgrace feeling when their skin met. Submitted feeling was not proud but better than fear. It could make even beast obedient. This was weird connecting which their kin developed through numberless years. But it worked to unnatural creature who inherited kin’s blood. Dominator’s and subordinate relation was more than hostility and familiar. He showed his vulnerable neck when met again her green eyes. He didn’t know her thought from those black bottoms but he had submitted that he lowered his eared and waited. His tail hardens even that didn’t put between his legs. He knew what is waiting meant. If one animal obeyed that another surly leaded it but his kind was unnatural. He gave submission that could be back as brutality. He waited. She’s muzzle came to his neck and bit little flesh then drawn back. Blood trickled from his wound. She saw him briefly then drawn back whole body. She ate his little of flesh that wasn’t mean her lack of ability. She just could ate his remain body later. She stood with only her hinds legs then said.
“Follow me.” She turned her body that he saw her entire body shape. She was quietly bulk werewolf. Usually male was bigger than female in their kind but she overwhelmed these two standards even she was seemed bigger than northern his tribe. Muscles clung at her bones and fat doesn’t exist, reddish fur covered her body. She had plenty muscles but it didn’t mean excessive. She still had smooth curve as normal light and agile werewolves despite her immense shape. Sunlight which shined to this creek made her body more remarkable. He saw clear her shape and heard sound of water from his near side. He got his sense from confuse. He smelled her that was disgust stink. Every werewolf made this stink that even they could feel it with disgusting.
He saw her tail that plentiful tail released as if she met just normal situation. She already moved few steps that werewolves’ stepping was usually fast. But it was still within leaping range he could swoop to her with vantage point. She didn’t care it just walk. He surveyed it for few seconds when his got up with his hands or forepaws. It was because he had submitted or She could deal him easily even she was planked. He liked later conclusion because he never saw this immense wolf. He might here this type of wolves before long time. Submission acted well even between these savage wolves. She was now his dominator he had no choice. He was clumsy thing that he didn’t want be against his originally wolf nature. He followed with her.
“Why did you make ruckus in this forest?” She asked sharply as looked back at him. She walked on slope. He was behind her. Her tail was up vertically it wavered little. He thought it was content about his submission. She stepped rock that her Digitigrades feet bended like bow. It was wolf’s but had more muscle and hard bone that made stood her with only hind legs.
“I just wanted hunting.” He said gutturally. It was mocking voice not fully like human. She stared him then completely stopped. Her lip backed he saw bared tooth. These were full of white what was wolf ate their quick cycle made it always clean. He just sniffed acid smell some part of it was his blood. Staring green eyes watched him. It was not good moment to him.
“It is wild place but not someone’s territory.” He complained more gutturally. He didn’t want proof reason of her attacking.
“That creek is very near from territory.” She stiffly said. She didn’t think to reattack him that he checked it with his sense. He didn’t read some emotion from language. It was made for human not for two legged beast. It always hears like broken growling. He was uncomfortable about words. Deer’s blood vapored from gut. Why do I politely act? He thought.
“I’m not broke rule. I wanted to fill my lust before enter territory. Are it bad?” If she wasn’t his kind might not hear his words. It was seemed like animal barking. His feeling was still uncomfortable. He knew about unfairness. However even clumsy thing could argue that he did.
“Language, Language was which basically connected on alphabet. Do you want barking? Barking can pass some feeling like eat, hunt, go or sex. We need more accurate express. Do not barking.” She ordered. He thought her muzzle was big also thought he was ached if he was bit again. He agreed. He shows his neck artery as bowed his head to left. It was acceptation sign to his kind.
“I’m innocent. I never broke rule.” He was weak creature in his kind. He wasn’t born well. He was skinny and had little strength. Weakness wasn’t good in his kind. He felt it when he was young. He knew his life.
“Voice.” She said. He already fixed his pronounce but she wanted more. She wants singing sound like howling. They had used their strong lungs for luring prey when they are merely roaming creature. Singing like sound was good except it was originally used as trick.
“Where are you from?” She wolf asked. She walked with only hind legs but it mixed with wolf’s various running action. Her kind didn’t straight when they were running because they had unstable form only stood with their tiptoe not full of foot. They got speed like her but it needs additional balancing. They always bowed when their walking or running. Various muscle worked. Foot muscle more attached than their forest kin. They supported weight and worked efficiently when foot’s pad press softly to ground. Forelegs or hand swinging like anthropoid but its muscles tensed as if they will soon run as four legs. Her kind could run with four legs as their hind leg walking if they wanted.
“A northern tribe.” He said looked to her bulk body. It is immense and surely rare. He rethought her shape.
“What northern?” She asked but it wasn’t sharp. Their singing voice was similar with adjusted delicately howling. Their neck and muzzle only had little influence from human. Their voice band more like human than these organs but wasn’t enough to got human’s sound. Fortunately they had good lungs. They could mimic vocal organ’s result like ventriloquism that was ancient show. She added luring song to this art.
“Winterer, under pole of crow.” He said.
She looked at him like examination. Her voice was clear but he could smell others. Her spicy smell still stunk. That meant she had suspicion. Breath was continuous stable but her each breath was different at smell. His kind bad carnivore normally made acid smell. Each breath had different consistence of acidification. That meant she wasn’t release. Their kind is usually different with heart and skin. He thought. It was little bit liar.
“I heard winterer’s fur is white. You have gray fur.” She said opened her muzzle. Her muzzle had teeth that each other tooth was bigger than his’ parts. Impress. He thought.
“Only half of my blood, another part is from common northern tribe.” He replied. Instant sense could smell various things that covered around. He could see sky through leaves could enjoy sun’s bright shine. He could smell autumn fruit’s growing perfume. His whisker could detect forest’s moisture. It was little damp. He heard no one’s sound that meant all animal that stood near already ran away from him and her. His paw pad footed rotten leaves it felt like last year’s. He swallowed his spat but his taste organ couldn’t work because her bight green eyes looked at him.
“You are metis.” She said then she thought something. He wanted to read her thought but that bottomless black center- pupil or vitreous humor. He thought right words- blocked all attempt. He gave up his sense from her also from around things. His kind’s sense was so strong that if someone analyzed all information form his or her sense his or her brain might explode. He needed to concentrate one thing that he decided to make wolfish smile. Old proverb said ‘People didn’t kill smile man’. He ignored he wasn’t human.
“Do I see your mark?” She asked. Her staring eyes made him worried. She stood straight two forelegs released and muzzle was indifferent. Only her eyes looked at him. It was werewolf’s waiting form. Waiting dominator was usually arrogant. He should give answer. This place was her’s far from his northern pine place.
 He pushed his fur on left shoulder that two blade scars crossed on shoulder. It was made by special weapon pure silver. His healing power couldn’t heal it. It was mark of his tribe.
“I heard you winterer tattoo on skin with special paints. It seemed like your northern tribe other part’s tradition.” She said with little suspicious that her muscles recovered tension from relax. He sensed muscles’ small twitch. His kind’s eye was not good than eagle but better than any usual animal. He saw her skin’s ripple that was muscle’s smooth move. How beautiful. He thought. Glossy fur made wave when muscle and sinew moved in it’s beneath. Fierce beast own this good body even marked on it for their favor.
“I’m mixed-blood. I grew amid of northern tribe and winterer. I said I know about winterer but my other part composes with northern tribe Norse.” He replied. Coordinative air passed through his fangs. He felt proud or complex feeling. Blood mixing could get each other line’s tradition and honor when ancient age. But now each other horde and tribe cautioned to other.
“Well, you proofed yourself if it wasn’t your lie.” She said with little indifferent voice. She opened her jars that were traditional way which seemed to make words with long muzzle and tooth like human way. Their mocking voice only got physical result but not its way.
How she is immense women. He thought. His kind usually was looked badly but her feature was awful. She was looked like always was in bad temper.
“Why did you come to this place? Do you have any purpose?” She asked when they passed two slopes. Wide grassland spread over end of forest. Low palisades stood sporadically and one watch post stood behind of palisades. It was border of life about being human and none human. They kept fertile grassland which important part of inhabitant. Weather was autumn but brilliant grass seemed to don’t know its mean. They was seemed never lose their brightness down autumn’s clear sky.
“I have mission from my family. I should find person who is called as Aega.” He said.
“I have business to this post.” She said as touched palisade’s end. Her large and black padded paw met with end of stake. Stake was hard wood trunk and had sharp edge like blade. But Line of palisade had many gaps that were seemed to neglect. He thought it then got result. Palisade was looked strong but his kind was more powerful than these stakes. It was symbol none brutal world.
They passed ditch which one of defense material. It covered with worn grass and was high slope. She walked to wooden post in up place which over ditch. Post was two story square building. It wasn’t large and composed by old wood that wood panel seemed black. Parapet surrounded second story that had form as little gallery. Two doors were made at wall. One of it stood in parapet and other stood in ground as entrance. It was traditional shape and was looked as formally. Roof tile was bright terracotta that style was kept through years.
His eyes sensed other things. These were stuff of living. He saw clothesline and its reddish clothes. Clothespin hung up clothes in line that clothes wasn’t wet but still had little dampness. Other daily stuffs putted on rectangle table. Iron Axe, useful short sword and etc. They were seemed to wash. He could feel metal’s coolness. Blades twinkled under late noon’s sun. They also were sharpened. He smelled foods from inside of post. He felt cook which had been gone but smell still was left with acid cooking equipments.
“I should put more questions to you because you visit this land. But please you wait a minutes in your site. Don’t move.” She said. He thought his brutal lunch and this artful lunch’s smell when she opened her muzzle. Cooking was complex way than enjoying deer’s doom. This post was formally and complex. He thought.
“Are these your clothes?” He asked in discomfort mind. He looked to strange sight in this world. She walked to clothesline then was wearing clothes even she had fluffy bulk beast body. She wore red tunica or putted her body to it. Fortunately it had enough size for her. She shook it as if it was her fur that was his kin’s behavior. He smelled this tunica. It had her smell that was her clothes. It was little damp but enough for wearing.
“It is custom and because we have human part. I was naked shortly before because I was bathing when sensed your existence.” She said. She wore equipments and leather outer skirt. She buckled belt that was blateus which had tuft like ornament. Blateus was soldier’s belt. He figured out her. Can I find out woman’s grace from her? He thought. Apparently human women was fragile but had tender heart because their womb must grow child. She was not that. She was beast. It was fluffy creature if her womb got something. She was none natural things than her sex. She had enough right for solider.
“Do you have any problem?” She asked with staring eyes. He noticed he met local force. He was tame for a while because he gave submission for her. She could kill him and taste him before but didn’t. She allowed he gave submission to her. Submission was strong natural habit which his kind got from their forest kin wolf. He could keep this until he broke it but this time he thought different thing. This post and this artificial cooked smell meant he entered some civilized area. What was it appear when he met organized power that some sort of Old Civilization? He needed to reconsider her.
He shook his wolfish head. It was human’s habit. She wore her armor that was old fashioned lorica seqmentata. It was brief thing because it didn’t cover lower abdomen but chest and shoulder. She wore her weapons these were axes and heavy musket. Musket was advanced technology thing. He found she was even officer when she wore her cloak and crested galea helmet.
“These days we suffer lack of person. I’m scheduled to stay this post for a week.” Centurion wolf said when he turned his head to left and right looking for her persons. He thought he could have problem because meet one of local pack’s superior could bring his or her wolves. It was bad event for him also this land was their. She said she is alone but he couldn’t believe.
“What is your name?” She asked. Clothesed her feature seemed more scary. These clothes helped her if it had right use to beast. Bulged fur from clothes was not good sight. Fluorescent green eyes glittered under sky and crested galea helmet. Helmet was once human’s but now it was reconstructed to long fit for wolfish head. She had her weapon axes and musket. When did we start to use these artificial stuffs instead of our own tooth and claws? He thought but it was long time ago when they were recivilized.
“Refen, son of Sigrun.” Refen replied. He was keeping his watching looking for her person. Autumn’s sky was clear as usually. Plain was glow as green and it didn’t contain alien mammal at least his sense’s range and accuracy. But he didn’t give up his watching because his kind werewolf was suspicious thing even his opponent covered with clothes of civilization.
“Refen, My word is real. We really suffered lack of person. And, I want to ask about your illegal acting which hunting nearby our territory.”
“It isn’t your territory. I just wanted to fill my thirst because we are beast as I and you feel.” He replied as opened gray muzzle. He had sagged and poor colored fur which was bad than her. It covered all part of his body. He extended his sense that abnormal wolf’s thing. It detected to around well and gave detailed feeling from his body. Other werewolves usually said ‘your fur look bad’. They thought they had some right because they acted like human.
“You should go through road to our pack if you wanted to visit our residence. Unlicensed hunting was illegal because we have civilization.” Centurion said. She seemed arrogant that clothes made her this way. Human made Special costume. They hadn’t good sense and detection organs but his kin and their blood different. He could detect her power and status only to use her naked body. But she rode different way to wear clothes.
“Do you say I need to behave like fangless and clawless human? We are another thing. We could have our problem and our reason. You said about civilization but it is from human. It is not from we entity werewolf.” He refuted as noticed he said wrong words but spoiled word couldn’t be backed. He had fragile temper. He was problematic kind that he had loose control. Sometime he was angry but He had not clever mind and strong body. He learned about civilizaitonal way as her. It could give benefit and cure to he like bad tempered wolf. But He spoiled wrong words which could add few problems to this place. His words were unpleasant things because-.
“Human was extinct.” Centurion said as her singing voice creaked. She hesitated few moments then added. “By our tooth. We will be never know what human really did.” She said it sadly. It was rare scene that werewolf was sad to other kind but human had right because human was their ancestor.
“Do you feel shame? You don’t wear clothes.” She pointed him with her short sword gladius which was so old but still useful weapon. She didn’t really stab him but gave warning to him. “Let find your clothes.” She ordered.
Refen guided her leaved autumn’s good sky landscape. It had no cloud was special sight. Sky was always filled with various things like cloud, dust, rain and storm. Land animal could see this good landscape only few days but Refen and centurion went into forest which was little dark and little damped place. Forest just had half of bright but it was friendly place to wolves and even werewolves. It contained numberless life. One of parts of them was born from it. This time they went to find other things his clothes and stuffs.
“You look much better.” Centurion said when Refen clothed. He wore dlamatica and worn wool out garment. These are northern tribe’s costume. Northern wolves also wore clothes as if they were human. Centurion’s voice regained singing tempo. Mocking voice made good result that sound didn’t escape from alphabet.
They went to road. He leaved his clothes not far away from road. He really planned to fill his thirst before he entered village which was her pack. Enough blood could made werewolf tamed. He didn’t want fight at amid other pack because many wolves had memory of Old Civilization especially her pack had it.
“You say you find people Aega. Why didn’t start it at Moguntiacum that old legion’s basement?” They walked on road that road was not large viae but it was covered by pebble like stone and mortar with ditches. Refen pawed it. This was old way that only last civilization used. They had structured roads even this like small way. He looked around forest. It was green and brown of wood trunk. He inhaled it that had freshness taste. Human had built constructions but he knew way forest’s air was fresh. He submitted her and knew she is officer. She led him to man like way that was always structured things. He decided to think his mission.
 “I heard about your place. Your pack has long history and tradition. I learned phrase that if you want to find something at large sand shore, you must start to from small place. I just decided to start my finding at your pack but not large place like Moguntiacum.” He walked with her. He was better tamed than when he first smelled deer. Bulk wolf leaded in road. He thought his sight really disturbed by her shape. She was large things even he rethought. She seemed didn’t worry his position that he knew this also. He couldn’t win even he attacked at her back. Dominator and subordinate always had closed connection that was certain nature. But werewolves didn’t they had unpredictable temper. He was still concentrate to her.
“You said human or so then do you know our pack’s origin?” She said as walked to road. She didn’t look back to him. It was her personality Refen noticed it. It was arrogance also she knew her power.
“Yes, I know.”
“How many?” She said to him still without looked back to him.
“Only names.” He said. His kind’s kin wolf was social animal that their weird cousin werewolves sometime became sociable. But she didn’t say about their violent habit or their forest kin wolf.
“Once been most magnus civilization stood in this world. It named after their mother city which named as-.” She stopped words. Name was taboo at now because they stood other standpoint with human. They were once been against human. Wolves knew what they did. “Rome Roman Empire.” She said.
“Empire was standing against grow strong barbarians after her glorious era. Her strong front line Lime was threatened by savage tribes. Ambitious but greedy mans chased after emperor seat. There was no one wise leader who should lead to her people. She had sickness from inside and outside but still was immense. Empire was still greatest country amid whole world until diseased spread.” She kept her walking was not concern Refen’s response but she knew he heard it. It was too clear to use wolf’s sense. Responsibility remained in their blood through years.
“Apparently disease came from outside of world. It took some years to come to her from shore of world. First Lime her strong barrier resisted against it but finally was failed. Disease spread to her fertile land widely it took some another years. Empire struggled against it through those years. Near day of doom it crossed one river as a man who was their dictator and first emperor but it didn’t have grace. Last and strongest legion was failed then it destroyed mother of empire her Capital.” She stopped shortly then thought something. She opened her muzzle when she started walking.
“Do you know why them was failed?” she asked. Refen knew his answer but didn’t dare say it. He silenced and let her question backed to her. “Because it didn’t have clear shape or force. It was disease which infected their neighbor and family. Human was warm heart animal. They had problem when they had fate which they must kill their loved ones. Human and their civilization were failed because they didn’t stab their friend’s heart. Savage and brutal disease only remain in this world. It is we werewolf.” She declared with low voice. She said truth which was also taboo with Human Civilization. Remnant werewolves dominated this world. It might be shame to world that unearth beast stood on her skin.
“Our pack’s history started from it. Originally werewolves were no mind beast but few strong personalities could overcome it. Our pack’s founder Nasennia did. She was local commander’s daughter that she saved survived legionaries who had protected lime at local fort. Ruin of ancestor’s fort still remains at over Old River. Civilization was failed then never is recovered but wolves who had their ancestor as them lived at parts of old border. My pack is one of these remnants.” Her word was half proud and half sad. It was just certain history but wolves knew they had sin.
“Please, don’t say it more.” Refen quested. He released his concentration shortly. Smell, his heart’s throbbing and forest which spread at each side of road that his sense gave over information. He might accept all things if he was full of wolf. But he wasn’t his brain was more like human than wolf. Human’s mind was high intelligent things though it only could care few information. He wasn’t covered wolf’s skin but he was skin itself. Suddenly he felt empty feeling. He turned his sense from nature’s panorama then decided to make end at her story.
“We are just illness. I never read our historian’s claim but heard legends. All survivors’ packs had same origin’s end. First, second, third and forth generations’ wolves had ability to transform to human but they missed it because that transform only just meant to wear clothes of human skin. I’m really sorry if you blame my illegal hunting. Please don’t say to we are merely disease.” Refen noticed she turned back to him. Usually subordinate obeyed to dominator not insisted like him. She was also officer who could punish him with Pack’s name. Her reddish brown shape was front of him. It made him worried but she just wanted to say something.
“Your refutation was right. What do you think to what I do if you hunted at inside of territory?” she asked. Refen hesitated. It might be one of trick. Is wolf’s habit submission still strong at werewolves? He thought in his mind until she opened her muzzle. He sniffed her breath that contained her lunch chicken soup. Wolves discarded random killing then started pasturing and farming. Chicken now became werewolves’ favorite food.
“I had killed you.” He missed his chance then she let her word. They loved civilized way in this era. They even banned some human habit like crucify which Roman loved. Impulsive hunting could turn to murder of other wolves that was reason law banned it. He felt chill. He will fight until his death if she will attack to him. But It hadn’t meaning because he had felt her power and skill. He readied to fight when he thought to her word was signal of broken wolf habit. She quickly putted her paw to his shoulder even before his muscle readied.
“Don’t do it. I had said I’m on civilized way. You didn’t break our law officially.” She ignored practice way. “Civil vigil’s duty was also included lead traveler to safe place.”
“You are not in legion?” Refen asked with surprise. He didn’t thought what is her duty and hadn’t aware she led him to safe place.
“My duty is help pack’s wolves and you don’t look around even if I have sufficient people maximum is ten.” Indifferent face but her especial shape made it bit dreadful. He saw large curved fangs when she opened her muzzle. It was big things than werewolves’ standard. She read his thought that he was keeping to worry of her lurking persons. Werewolves were doubtable kind that Refen held this temper. She said just ten but to Refen it meant ten force than him alone.
“Where did you lead to me?” He asked with doubt.
“Nearby village. You can see this?” She pointed Marble column which was half height of him. It was Marker which Old Civilization used. He nodded. “It is village Neumagen’s Marker. We reached almost there.” He sniffed smell of dwelling when she ended her words. She was right. They walked little then saw landscape of village on mild grass slope. Their kin forest wolf was neophobia animal. They worried about new things usually. Werewolf inherited this habit that they were also neophobia animal. It reveal as Kept old tradition in werewolf’s case. Refen looked to forum Marble buildings and white pavestones. This village built with ancestor tradition which Old People had.
“It wasn’t new village. It existed from ancient era. It once been ruined but our wolves who went from mother city rebuilt it few centuries before.” She commented. Landscape spread smoothly from his site. Refen looked forum, small library and basilica. Refen found shrine which located in far sight of village. Round shrine decorated with blue. It glittered under sky. He turned his head to left and found aqueduct which was huge water way. It might go to city but small branch went to small castellum. It was quite ancient way as red terra cotta roofs.
“Where are marble from?” He asked as searched village with gray eyes. “Dacia, apparently it takes much aureus.” She replied.


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