Concept - Eyes, Voice and Paws

Harmonia – World
Werewolf’s Eyes, Voice and paws

They have roundly diamond shape pupil. It is neither like human’s nor snake’s but more than two kinds. It may be limitation of sharp eyes in mammal kinds. Werewolves are sharp kind. Their sharpness make them can do savage acting. If their blood contains more source of iron it has form of small blade. Eyes are seemed triangle shape in their face. Skin and face muscle covered round eye balls like that. Their eyelid is thick. It makes Distinctive mark when their eyes are open. Part of white of eyes reveal to out side but most visible part is their pupil It have various color usually it is brown but include yellow, green or blue. Sometime it reveal as ominous red or gray. They have good night vision that their eyes sometime light as night animal. Most of their important part is black hole. Ancient people said ‘The eyes are the windows of the mind.’ But it is not their case. Their hole is just black like bottomless abyss. No one read Werewolves mind from eyes. It is just seem bad only red reveal sometime like death place which Pluto’s land. It makes them as unpredictable creature. Often even He or she wolf don’t know what their eyes show to others.
They have two voices. First is guttural thing. It is their natural voice when they say human language in their wolfish airway. It is seem disgust but they don’t have choice but be ripped and almost meaningless growling. Another voice is singing like their kin’s howling. It isn’t loud like howling but small and like music playing. Werewolves found their voice had great sound ability. It is lure voice when they hunt prey. It can mock various sound of animal because they need to lie their prey as one of their friend. This voice use official sound when they speak human language in this modern era. Wolves thought singing voice batter than guttural sound after they rebuilt their civilization. It has only one bad point now they always lure others as prey when they talk.
Both of voice have problem. They have problem when they sad human language because their entire voice organs was wolfish. They have muzzle not mouth. Their language is like ventriloquism mock pronounces. They didn’t well say F, V, B, P and M as like ventriloquism.
Fore paws were mixed with human organ. These two paws are one of most human like parts in their beasty body. It compose as form of wolf paw that four front fingers show up at front and their ancestry thumb back to became dewclaw. They ancestry was human that their blood still flood with human’s. Fore paws’ fingers don’t attached like their kin wolf. It is long and independent which can do various actions like human’s hand. It have sharp claw but werewolves cut this claw for their soft and civilized life. Loss of lose thumb give inconvenience to them. Thumb was made for helping to griping that was reason human thumb is little separated from rest fingers. Werewolves use their forefinger as thumb but their handing demand a lot of effort. They practiced it hard during their puppyhood. Thumb is useless part for them but it still have bone and muscle that if werewolf wants can move it. Wolves think it is proud knot as evidence of human era.


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