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This short story may have many uncorrected sentences.

“What are those?”
“Beasts, or may be more cunning things.”
She said. Over the window at bottom of out side they have existed. A man who made question to her avoid from window went to middle of floor.
“We are in dangerous circumstance.”
He spoke, It like a sigh. He saw down floor.
“I accepted. We were put in hard matters; but, what we extricate from this matter? Have any solutions?”
Another man asked to two of both. Young man just that little more grew than juvenile.
It’s a small moment, Old and dim place covered by silence. Floor and desk on drawing room has piled in dust. Anyone says nothing. It seemed they don’t know what they say. Bright yellow light may from flames through at window to drawing room. Even they didn’t think anything but sure known what flames meant. These’s sort of anxiousness.
“Now, what are we doing?”
Young man said to other. He’s smooth skin and face they still got softly condition but some calluses rose up to skin. He’s Workshops apprentice.
“I don’t know. I just carried you at this place from all other disasters. They roam at outside. I mistook to figure out for we’re route. We lose our way.”
She sighed and not doing anything.
“Why we confined in this room? Do have any answer? Might it some of your fault?”
Old man has dressed dark coat he glared at her and said. He look like got antipathy to her.
“Hah, I hardly know what are you told some. Well, if you any have migraine?”
She ignored. It like almost she felt honorable mood.
“You’re told a words that not acceptable. I knew way did colla-.”
“Please both of you quit. Why are you argument at this place?”
Young man raised his voice for said. His smooth face started wearing.
“That had become from his blunder. He just doing blame me even that make anything better.”
She spit out when she had apathetic face and motionless body. Callous air filled to room.
“What hell…”
Old man his yell was blocked by young man’s glare. Whoever are arguments the problem need to solve.
“Hey, young apprentice. What your master told you when he ordered to work with him?”
Her not appreciate help for stopped old man’s blame by trainee. Then she questioned him what he worked.
“I obeyed my superior.” He answered and adds word. “Superior, he’d been told me that is a roll.”
“That’s right. We may call short straw party as I told you at first time.”
Silence that has be occupied at this drawing room. They know what this meant from several hours before they decided escape. That time she told what last card is. The card most worried then the orders.
“Do you that, really?
Old man asked to her but broken face has not changed. She answered him.
“We had brawl.” She said. “And brawls prove started losing humanity. If we will little more brawling at each orders insistence we has to be fight finally as damned as beast in outside window.”
She said truth.
After she’s words end a pause covered them. She’s resigned and two men have feared. Finally young trainee brought three straws from her pocket. Two of them long but one short then order.
“One century ago my foregoers started experiment. They want knew what we are. They thought it could proved through They made new one enough spiritual creature.”
She said.
“We made effort to reach achievement from Generation by generation. Now we made those beasts but had to mistake we misjudgment human. Like we argument in last minute with thrown honesty.”
She took straws out of young man’s grip then she declared started short straw party.
Old man took the one. Straw was not short. Next, young man took the order one. Also his straw was not short. She giggled only her straw is long. She didn’t stop the laughter.
“I didn’t care if anyone says that was fully long.”
She took out one syringe at bag on dusty desk. Syringe made some part of iron part of glass. Beyond the glass liquid glowing Red and white it like one of vital part of human. Grunge drawing room has paused at moment as she studied bloody light liquid. At least she sighed.
“At the time my desire floods as I sticking syringe. Beast craves one thing. I hope that craves mean escape. If works right then you fallow me.”
She inhales a breath.
“I may fight order as you take easy go through to safe place. However don’t forget what humanity is.”
She say ended then beast’s started.

* Please read this sentence : I’m still using Broken English, English isn’t my mother language, I learning English even in now. For the time being, I will use Broken English. Please forgive my mistake; if you give to me point out it make my sentence better. Would you help me?


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