Red riding hood review.

 I had read other's writings before I set my decision. There is many arugment about this moive that I want to show my standard of pointing star.
 I want to rate this moive, red riding hood at ******. It isn't unfair favor but my original thought. I'm preparing to writer. It is my dream. I see everything from it's power of stroy-telling. Bad movie had problem from its story-telling, first.
 I gave **** at blood and chocolate because it didn't explain its own story well. Plot isn't problem when good teller say it. Real bad movie surely haven't any good story-teller even it have banging and bombing blockbuster. I had taught lesson from other wirting love people when I started at this world(or fan's world). Primary structure for writing is say excatly what you want. If your aim is poor love story, you can do plain work unless spoil your own plot. Bad movie even don't show entire poor love story. Twilight wan't spoil original book. It just show exactly book level teenage love story. I pointed it at *****. There is so many bad movie over the world. You should give some star to this movie because you give less star for other. I saw many bad movies which bad than red riding hood. It seem little batter than common to me.

 It said its story well. director didn't forgot basic events and scenes. It seemed little fast at first but it tried to different thrill with other moives. I didn't see many moive in my life. Maybe some moive started to establish new role already but I saw red riding hood firstly as these sort. It used modern beat  rather than old and fairy tale like music which probably use at normal movie-Best and worst movie aren't noraml-. Beat killed frairy tale early with rock beat; you saw teenage star -like- actors and actoresses; It could be fallen directly that was my first thought when I saw the movie. But storng beat made feeling; at first, fairy tale ins't real; we should not expect realistic story; movie made young mood in this point. It seemed for young people's view of old tale.
 But beat ceased at middle of moive. director choose imaginary beat, fast and storng scene but it rightly had vaccum. newly revealed red riding hood story hadn't deep like old and old tale. Good sound, impacted visual and three people's love story existed but that is all. Director didn't made more back ground story and decent interconnected emotion. I had lack point; that point ruined little portion  at late section of movie.
 Finally moive made conculsion within these three of facts. It went to ordinary and commercial ending. I was definitely sincere at early portion of moive, however I almost laughed at last ten minutes. Ending was reprint of twilight; that version for vella.

 I want to rate movie separately with three sections. First - 3/2 : ********* then 3/2 - last ten minutes ****** then Last ten minutes - all ending credit : ****. Someone(maybe director) tried to good but it failed in many ways. I rate whole moive at ******.
 It is first moive made me disappointed with only credit part(I left theater for review and my dear 메누로). I especially rate *** at credit.


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