Harmonia - Chapter three

Kardien’s note

1. I want to effort to my story. It may reedit when I want more good expressions and correct backgrounds.

2. I want right background. I’m ready to try to get certain background. Please message to me if you know better truths and knowledge.

Last rectifying Jan 7th /2011

By Kardien Lupus.

Chapter. 3

Refen waked up when early dawn. He found He didn’t close window at night. Little blue but most color was red that dim red dust dawn. He heard it from mother when he was enough old to stood only two legs. He remembered wolf pup childhood before grew fully beast. Dawn and twilight was always red which uncleared bad moment’s remnant since this world had steep doom. He heard from mother that time which sun’s new born was clean blue. He searched weapons and noticed to Village’s local vigil’s centurion confiscated his all weapons that axe and musket.
He cleared his worry. Jump to second story without help of equipment was acrobatic thing even werewolf’s standard. He heard equip’ sound if someone or some wolves might tease him. He enjoyed dawn’s sky. Town’s houses were first story things. Only stood on second story could give clear view. He looked and sniffed to no cloud sky. It was new born sun’s.
Sun always born and died. It was wonder which sun’s chariot still passing through sky. Priest said wolves’ Selene pleaded to her father. But some thoughtful wolves barked Sun is sphere then also sphered earth arounding sun. That was sacrilege thing.
Village was calm. There life spin matched at late waker wolf but they were living with humanic term. Most of wolves might still sleep. He felt little loneliness with clearness despite vivid other wolves smells. He gathered his stuffs. He heard local pack’s city Nasennium when he seated at inn at first. Inn owner Marcella said city was one and half hour’s distance as their walking face.
Time might be first 5hour. He decided to walk to it now. He didn’t want lazy. He could search city’s archive when he arrived. He already spent many times for finding person Aega. He wore another clothe instead of bitten thing. He plugged key then opened door. Smell of other wolves’ penetrated to nose. Corridor was little cool as room. Inn owner might didn’t care to shut windows. Werewolves were covered fur and wore clothes that might enough. He walked to stairs.
Rooms rounded with large basin. It was open place. Basin stood center of peristyle at ground. Corridor rounded with balustrade in second story. He walked on second story. His paw grasped wooden balustrade. He saw basin at ground which rectangle thing. Around was made by marble with it. That place might most high price place at inn. Water of basin was merely lit by dawn’s sky. It was dark and red which Old Civilization’s People loved. He was joyed it also then downed through stair.
He sniffed inn owner’s smell when he walked in between kitchen and stable. She might live near inn. He also sniffed her two sons. Werewolf was deathness creature but women still had creation. They bore children and made strong link with them. Puppies knew memory of mother’s womb. They still slept with mother at one room. Sometimes werewolves had warmth as other kind of animal.
But He didn’t felt warm instead of it he felt jealousy. He missed his mother and stood on far place from home. He opened muzzle and inhaled cool air of autumn. It gave power to him with agile. Sleepiness ran back to cave of Nyx. He walked to still darken road. Local road went to north east then met large viae which end at city. He walked calm mood as quite dawn until threatening resonance hit his ear.
“What are you doing?” Axe’s whiten line touched his neck skin. Surely she sneaked him with silence. He felt her firm grip from end of iron. Behead was one of useful method of kill though cut wolf’s head took much more time than other animal. He wasn’t armed but tooth and claws. He remembered it.
“Inn owner’s license includes harms its traveler?” He asked with trembling heart. They stood like fable which he once heard Old Time’s thing. That story’s animal acted like man but werewolves were doubtable kind. He expected bad things.
“We are worrying wolf. That nature is never away from us. You needed to say your departure previously. That is rule.” Refen turn his head to left. Short and weary wolf stood with axe. She didn’t seem to urge to kill. Her long and black lip was calm. Her eyelid drowsiness hung on it. It seemed safe than his expect but he need to worry other thing. She could mistake then draw his neck. He found other two wolves with eye that was her two sons.
“I planned nothing.” He said with concerned to axe.
“Silently moving wolf usually runaway thief.” She pointed. One of her son next to mother as armed axe. Other who had raised forehead equipped musket. He stuck rod on ground and settled musket then aimed him. She wasn’t aggressive but that was enough reinforcement. They only wore tunica. He found it.
“Your saying may right.” She opened muzzle then downed axe. “Can I search your body?” she said. There is no way comfort day start than accept her quest. She putted axe to leather strap briefly then touched his body. He started to hate his kind’s doubting nature but that is all. She didn’t touch his textile bag which had his coins.
“You have good things than your body.” Her paw touched his groin and she sniffed it. It was mischief. Werewolves were sexual creature and it uncoverable nature.
“Can I go to city?”
“I think you got up so early but-” She paused words “-that is okay.” Her lip smiled. That was from mischief. Bad animal always did work tricky. He thought it then felt some shame.
“I think I can give gift to you.” She called him with paw when he resumed his going. Her left was shaking. It was like dog pawing which use to human in Old time. He learned history when his lesson time for young. Werewolves were trained hard for using their mutative paw but it often failed. He knew it was calling because he was also werewolf.
“What gift?” He asked as following her to inn owner’s house. Her house was next inn building and attached it also. It was one story. Her two sons were behind him. She turned to sons when she reached one of house’s rooms.
“Tacitus and laurentius bring to me cup and paper.” She ordered to sons. Refen noticed that she use singing voice at first though she hadn’t time to wear stola.
“What is gift? You didn’t say it.” He looked around then found table, shelf and lectus. Room was family room. She place cup and paper with pan at table after her sons brought these.
“I think you need to right guarantee.” She said as replaced these in right angle. She still smiled and dragged chair then seated.
“Did you want drag coins from me?” He asked as quibbled it. His fangs pointed out from lip. His two eyes glared blue or yellow when sons brought candle. Even weak wolf could anger to unfairness. Anyway he closed his eyes for adjust to sudden light. He massaged eyes with soft pad of paws. He opened eyes that weren’t glaring.
“This is war time. Our Senate at Mogontiacum declared war. Many of pack members went to far away. Few of us were left. Our wolves usually watch to other in this time. You are stranger and northern wolf. Reason is enough if you want to avoid problem.”
He knew about meaning of problem. He felt blood colded as like early day’s air. War was scary word. Much of blood bled by wolves despite now women joined it. He knew it when he entered location which large gathering tribes’ but he heard first time from local. His body could felt tension as if he stood in bloody field.
“It is two denarii and three sesterce same as lodging pay because it means I assure you and get some responsibility.”
He thought it briefly and agreed it. Werewolf had some nature. Confirm needed to him. It could use to easily to enter their archive.
“Tacitus, knife.” Large nosed son bring knife from shelf’s wooden box. Knife was covered by fabric. Blade lightly glared by candle. It was particular one which werewolf used to special purpose. He assumed to she may cut her wrist.
Her son Tacitus placed cup under her paw. Cup was low height. It was brown that wasn’t color by enamel. It was temporary bottle for red ink. She cut her wrist without hesitation. Blood made form of droplet. She putted knife to side. Her right claws pressed cut vein. Healing stopped by claws blood dropped to cup. When enough blood filled she backed right paw and its pad push for stop bleeding.
“Grr-.” She growled shortly with pain then wrote words on paper. Cut vein healed and blood’s vapor smelled from cup. Wolves knew blood was life’s essence. It was special in case of them. Their power weaked through years since their archaic ancestor crossed Death River. But it still had stink of essence. Wolves knew who blood’s owner was. It was not only smell but also entitative sense. It was strong signature. She wore gold seal as ring. She stamped it with dark red wax after she wrote.
“Hear it.” she gave paper only one paw. Inn owner smiled again.
He grasped it carefully. Blood ink wasn’t yet dry. He made heart calm. This dawn was indifferent event to werewolves. He groomed his clothes again and checked his coin bag. He shook his body with wolf’s habit.
“Wait.” She closed to him when he leaved. Her two sons went to bed now. Suddenly she caught him wide breasts and two fore legs. She rubbed him with smile.
“Grr-, you already teased me.” He said with growling. Bad creature had sexual behavior. His body wanted but his heart blamed it. Old People said these act is dishonored crime at least he want to keep Old Era’s rule.
“I just did my making, you poor wolf. It is service and will useful.” She was back and put out tongue as laugh. Refen had stress but Inn owner call again when he stood on threshold.
“Enter to east north gate. Her gate keepers know me well. That is better for you.” She said with singing voice at his back.
Sky modified to blue from red. Smaller particles made dust above sky. Wolves said it was reason of red when sky bearing sun or it death. Two of usual time dust appeared. Priest said these dust was remains of some old things but they never answered what was this. Under this sky werewolves lived and gather to themselves. Wolves’ gathering made tension already. This time was war time that many of them went to far land. Refen heard they were over sea with ships. Emptiness made cold and watching. Werewolves were weary than all members gathered peace time. Predators always did. He walked large viae. Pavement did well by architect family. It was neat and wasn’t had wrecked part.
He felt as carnivore who stood unknown place. Wolves made monotonous world like that. Wide harvested wheat field spread near viae. He saw some house while walking but they might sleep in this time. He saw some forest could sniff it. Walking at dawn was little exotic time despite his long traveling. His sense spread widely without traffic of information. His feel became good. Werewolf oftenly became destroyer but enjoying around was good to werewolf. Added he didn’t early weak to dawn usually.
Werewolf slumbering creature and became funny things when they sleep. They slept ten minutes then waked up as semiconsciously for watching. They repeated this pattern while their sleeping time with amount of saliva that made small stream. Wolves had halfly opened eyes and just opened muzzle also. That was funny fact. That made dishonor to Werewolves’ brutality. That also was reason which wolves hate it. Carnivore always was proud than sheep. He was weak. He enjoyed this reason in early daylight.
Wolves made appointment to they wake at first 7 and half time then sleep at second 11 and half time. Slumbering wolves kept it difficulty. They tried to hard working worker but their body tricked them. His body did it more. He looked to wolfish large hand then blamed it.
“Idiot, Animal.” He babbled. His body surely didn’t say word for ever. Werewolves were vindicatory kind. He blamed his archaic ancestor Cerberus’s intelligence.
He shook fur and clothes then walked. He thought his family and mission after he cleared his other thoughts. His eye found structure. Limed white wall and red roofed tower, these were Old Way. Some wolves gathered at gate when He walked over bridge which on ditch.
They were Vigiles legion of watchman. Three of them stood at front. Two legionaries stood on left side. Their superior stood on right side. He wore clock. It was pointed at down side. His tail surely upped. Two wolves seated and stood near table in behind side. One wolf togaaed that wolves kept old custom which man wore toga. It was shorted by agility love wolf but inconvenience clothes. It was still large and complex clothes. Old Civilization’s honorable people wore it. It appeared just pathetic clothes in case wolf like animal. Agile werewolf could stumble when he wore it. Plebeius teased well born wolves as they didn’t wear but togaaed like sheep was wore some satin. He was bureaucrat that he wore purple shawl as mark of alpha fair’s bureaucracy. One female legionary assisted him.
He looked around no wolves or cart near sense’s range. Day was still early time. He noticed pact. He might first visitor to theses gate keepers. He found they were first day shift that they had smell of faded lime and sleepiness still seated on their eyes’ lids. They seemed had no deep concernment.
He closed to them and found more information. Worst was two legionaries. They were one man and woman. They seemed didn’t end their sleeping especially their mating. Old Legion had strict law and order. That was reason of why they called great army. But present time’s legion didn’t care about woman. Many aggressive female were paid by legion. And they are werewolves. Old Legion banned to affair of love though werewolves had ability to break law. They slept with one bad then didn’t make end to it. It continued to their duty time. They didn’t really mate at public place because many wolves said it was shameful acting as their pretense. However they could groom their fur with lovely eyes to each other though they wore armor. His ear caught as gossiping birds. He heard growling from their centurion. He stared with semi consciousness eye. It was reason his tail upped.
He might warn clearly if he was proper superior but his act different. He researched it with ear and nose. Growling sound was bitter thing. His musk felt like rotten that mild wind at high wall informed him. Centurion had feeling jealousy. He might be kicked by his woman before few days. They made people dishonored and raped anyone at last of Old Time. That was shameful history. Mother harmed her children. Werewolves were taught through year. But love to each other in fairness was different matter. They could enjoy their habit.
He looked to table after measured three wolves. Bureaucrat was weary that he seemed had problem over his sleepiness. He hadn’t enough flesh. His skin clung to muzzle bone and dulled fangs pointed reluctantly. His skin hadn’t enough space for these. Refen found shade of wolf. Smell came to him through air. Bureaucrat was poisoned wolf. Refen knew what it was. It was usually silver that lethal metal.
Bureaucrat coughed. Breaths whimpered then he lost consciousness slightly. Female legionary touched his head then put liquid of cup. It was warm his whisker detected it. He sucked it with brass straw. Refen didn’t know how can help mild warmed milk because silver was unbearable stuff. It was shine of goddess moon but Selene also gave punishment with grace. Werewolves were badness’s offspring. Dark flowed in their blood. Old Time of Old Time’s island horn’s people found right one. Moon, its grace was like white of sharpen blade. It had power of cut and life. Silver might gnaw him inside of vein. Woman legionary assisted this illed wolf. Usually wolves avoid he like sickened wolf.
Refen met eyes with her when she took off her helmet to far side of table. She saw him with warmth breath. This wolf might like man wolf that He thought. He decided entered gate. War dragged pack’s legions and many members but they were left. War might be far problem to them in early morning. Usually gate keeper wolves loved to check but these slumbered wolves didn’t seem difficult. Inn owner’s words might right.
He passed two legionaries and their centurion. He felt centurion’s soured breath that he didn’t turn for look Refen. Table stood left side of wall. Yawning spread near it. “You have any verifying thing?” Assistant legionary asked.
He gave paper which he got from his local bureaucrat when he started traveling. Blood turned to dark brown that completed dried. Smell and essence faded all. It had many words and got blue seal of high bureaucrat. Bureaucrat wolf read it. He might low rank at custom part. Wolves adopted bureaucracy long before; he could read this paper well. He read it then coughed blood. Refen confused first then remembered this wolf was intoxicated. His older sister once said about it. Wolf’s healing even bearing lethal poison. Life just became dreadful.
“Keep coughing then throw out bad blood at ground. That is better than noting.” Assistant struck his back with paw. Her pawing was gentle thing. He noticed he entered city life. City was many werewolves gathering place that caused problem. Intoxication was one of these trick that silent and cunning method. He felt little tense. That quantity of tension was familiar at werewolf.
“You are lodging at Marcella’s inn?” She asked after nursing poor wolf then went for mop and rag shortly. He nodded. She sniffed and looked at his other paper. “You plucked sleeping lioness’s whisker at dawn.” It wasn’t right comparing. Werewolf wasn’t lion kind. She knew dawn’s event. “You can enter our city. I just little knew her but her decision usually right.” Legionary gave paper after sniff letter of blood. He looked to street through gate. City was other’s heart. He felt no harmony from it.
“It isn’t always comfort.” She shook her body and armor. Armor was loosened but she still felt inconvenience. They weren’t human though they had light body. Old Armor was made as pieces that they had good flexibility. However flexibility or not human way still discomfort.
“You aren’t death at this amount of silver because you are werewolf.” She stabbed with one claw to dizzy bureaucrat. Sight of gatekeepers seemed weird but werewolves weren’t straight kind originally.
“Don’t be stiff.” Legionary opened muzzle and said at his back. Bureaucrat complained about her superior like caring while panting. She said like pitied. ‘You needed to watch your opponent before you poisoned.’
“There is reason why Marcella wrote her warranty.” She said as just chatting. Refen didn’t turn his head because He didn’t want intruded at her bubbling. Woman had bad nature in Old Time. That was their amount of words. Majority woman wolves inherited this habit then developed as worse. They teasing hardly and made dizzy with only words. Werewolves really made bubbles while they were chatting enthusiastically by spit.
“Reason isn’t to you are honesty in our standard.” Refen suddenly questioned what is weird wolf’s standard. “But we can deal with normal stranger wolves. You can be swooped by our wolves if you make problem. Apparently some favored female catch stranger then lock basement with chain. These females usually toy male.” Refen worried her talking to be loosed.
“I heard your words about toy.” He turned head bravely to warrior wolf because he didn’t want more flow of words. He stared her though staring was usually treatment of werewolf. She didn’t act that was indifferent. He cleared all thought then felt to use time wisely. He might use his all daylight for searching this pack’s archive for find wolf Aega.
Six wolves felt resonance when he entered shadow of gate. He looked to far back then caught one shape of something. It closed fastly then separated to two of things. One seemed horse that boxer who obeyed to werewolf. He watched another one. It ran with four legs for fast speed after felled from horse’s back. Werewolves used horse for convenient. They could to spear their stamina when was on horse. They could fell then ran when reached enough closeness at dashing to aim. Refen saw red-brown-black fur. Wolf seemed village’s vigil centurion Augusta though long distance.
“Block it.” She said to wolves at gate. He didn’t think she came to him for return to his confiscated weapons. But he didn’t hide silently that hide at other’s city wasn’t good thought. He was just watching her with sudden felt confusion.
Two of lover legionaries first saw their directly superior centurion then saw bad looked village’s centurion. Refen excepted first job was him but she solved two illegal legionaries. Love making officially banned at law on real legion and vigil against common enjoying.
“What are you doing in your duty time?” She asked. Two wolves stiffed then saw each other. Wolfish brain could make excuse for short time but their eye meeting wasn’t useful. “I sniffed your smell of sex.” She said. They still radiated smell which time of bed’s.
“Do you know what mean illegal on duty is?” She bawled sharply.
“We didn’t clearly hear your words, sir.” Woman legionary answered hesitatingly. He knew about this wolf. He heard she was bad. Common wolf banned role often but bad wolf had more. It was some scared thing.
“It means you can be beheaded.” Her saying froze even third wolf him. Two of legionaries were stiffed as alert. He found their eyes fixed at metis Centurion’s axe. It could be real as he heard by inn owner.
“I don’t tolerate to laziness. What do you think this time is? These seasons are hard time but you forgot duty and made laziness. You shall be naked at ground then chained with silver color. You shall plea for food until you know your mistake for month. You shall live as a dog but not as a proper wolf.” There was punishment. Making dog was dishonored and shameful thing because werewolves believe themselves as high hunter. Dog meant as slave that some self controlled werewolves had led to other era of new civilization. Dog was only controlled kind at historian’s saying. Lost own their control meant to go at Era of Wild Hunt.
They didn’t argue anything. Something about known thing make more stiffen. Refen saw few of wolves’ lines of animal. Those were little ruckus and over confidence mood. This was just worry than anything. They saw their superior with glaring eyes but wolves’ abyss like eyes didn’t to be route of talk. He watched gate keeper’s centurion. He wasn’t upped his tail then his authority penetrated by another. Augusta centurion seemed to really have something.
“What are you doing with these fools?” she turned to gate keeper centurion as high mood. Refen thought time was passed. Soon wolves got up and went to this gate. It made problem to worse. Gate could turn to forum of problem. He had seen these pictures.
“Companion, you may work at village and fields. It is city’s gate not is your site.” He said softly with singing like trained voice. Warriors had tendency as use soft voice than others from their train.
“Apparently gate and wall’s commander have bad habit like them.” She stared to worried legionaries. “Fabia wall commander play with her adviser as rumor.” She inhaled deep breath as might her discomfort. “Mate with him at her office.” Her brown fur was looked like darked.
He watched this ruckus and knew he stood on short silent. It didn’t to be wide but made bad end.
“I also will write about you to your superior either she like my letters or not.” Gate keepers’ centurion didn’t react to it. He just nodded head. He seemed at least over ten spears that leader wolf’s rank. She had done her job at three wolves than saw Refen directly.
He felt pads at shoulders. Acid vapor tickled his fur of neck. “Sorry to traveler, you didn’t enter to our city.” He freed tend grip of woman after then. He saw her. She wore armor tightly and put her galea helmet during Augusta concerned other legionaries. She was clever but he couldn’t.
“You did suspicious act before. We couldn’t allow enter suspicious wolf.” She walked then said in front of him.
“I had correct paper.” He showed it from inside of clothes. High bureaucrat of his region wrote with her blood in front of Refen. He hadn’t problem by it. Blood was dry and essence faded but it was still certain.
“It didn’t useful at our region. It isn’t your.” She ignored. Just read at once. Werewolf was unpredictable creature. Offspring parents of different packs could make bad kind of person. It was right. He thought it in front of large wolf. He stood it while she returned to her local station. Horse who roamed to grass land freely followed her. They walked together soon went to unvisivle range. Refen was exhaling by badness.

He sniffed newer stink of urine when he returned to inn with wretched feeling. Inn owner came from back side of inn buildings then lifted her skirt of stola.
“Why return to my inn?” Inn owner said with her business mood. He saw her genital. Wolves were clothes as Old custom but didn’t care about any lingerie. Her genital was wet. She was marking her territory.
“Your village’s centurion blocked me at gate.” He replied as bluntly. Stink of dominator’s urine made him more discomfort. He hadn’t any right mood.
“That is your badness. I had said she had some cannibalistic mood. She might change her decision to eat you as her food.” She replied then stood with four legs. She lifted one of hind legs then urined as quivered her body.
“I need to find other way I will search other region at first.” He said.
“Why then came here again? I emptied your room that I think you will lodge some days for your searching. But you didn’t pay next sleeps to me.” She spared her liquid of urine then peed on opposite of wall.
“I think I need to talk with your vigil centurion.”
“Are you crazy?” She asked. “Do you forget how crash of decision make end on our nature?” She stared with four legs. “You are stranger but I can tell it.” She got up with two legs. Metamorphosis of animal’s standing was strange thing even to them. It showed they have gone to orderly way. She disappeared to inside of house. “Where are you going?” He added words with rangy resonance.
“Toilet.” She said shortly with her drowsy which by peeing. Wolves originally mark also with stool but they soon found it caused high hygienic problem. They used toilet for it.
“You really come to that Augusta?” She asked it to him after she came out from building. She seemed to loose by peeing and stooling but her eye lid pointed.
“I should search for wolf who I want to find.”
“Follow me. I want say to you something.” She crossed her arms that was human’s way.
“I don’t want give more pay to you.” He noticed Inn owner was greedy wolf. He was already cheated several times. These wolves said convincingly then he heard lie or they ran from him immediately. These experiences made doubt.
 “I didn’t think about pay. I want say from my small consider.” She went to her house. Inn had some guests. He stood front of inn’s wooden gate. He knew his kinds’ doubt personality. Even he had trick though he was born with clumsy body. He decided to follow her. He should catch any information if he could. Also he thought Village’s centurion. Inn owner seemed to worry at this wolf in first day. She might don’t use her trick if she didn’t want to meet her protector wolf.
“What she did at gate?” She asked first at chair. “This is my small tablinum.” She saw looked around him. Flatten table and shelves and grids for scrolls stood each side of wall. Visit other’s tablinum was rare chance. Wolves kept their library. He saw one empty book case only one paper laid one it. She opened her muzzle when he started to read its few letters.
“You need to say it.” She demanded.
“Your centurion Augusta feared gate keepers.” He said and added explanation. “She decided punishment to two of legionaries.” He saw her darkened mood.
“What punishment?”
“Put to shame as dog. They will tie ground like dog.”
“Did Ovidius anything? He will surely release them at three days even he obeyed to her.” She insisted with angry voice. She knew gate keepers clearly.
“Who is Ovidius?” He asked.
“Their centurion.”
“He seemed to freeze. You did say gave to talk me but why you ask me?” He said with suspicion.
“Reply my asking first.” She stood swiftly. She was in front of him. He saw her axe which lay at strap. Wolves’ fight were slaughtering because they couldn’t die at once. He didn’t have additional weapon. That pact obeyed him at her.
“What reason is? And did bureaucrat’s assistant with them?” Her words as swiftly tide. It came with half of growling then dragged back with his calmness. He hated it but hadn’t choice against power.
“Sex offense and bureaucrat didn’t interfere with his assistant.”
“How firm Augusta!” She growled and backed from him. He wondered at her drawing then saw its reason. She lifted her paws then said few words to goddess moon.
“Moon, My Goddess I plea to you. Please tease that badness wolf.”
She said more words but he couldn’t hear it. Words mixed with barking. Her muzzle lifted and her two paws grasped little bag which hung as necklace.
“But at least she did right act on law.” He interfered hesitantly at her sudden restless heart.
“What are you saying?” She swooped on half of second griped his shoulders. Blood trickled by claws. Their muzzle crossed at each other. Her sharp fangs reached at his ears. His muzzle reached like her. It wasn’t urging for kill but she needed to object of talk.
“We are not proper kind sincerely. But we did better from era which mother raped her children.” She calmed then seated at chair. Tail jutted from back. “We are not to be fully right. Watch dog who was born from darkness can’t be whitened. Urge of sex is awful problem. However we developed control through years.” She said.
“Do you think I want to sex with my two sons which their phallus putted my womb?” She questioned with her complex thought. He shook his head as saw her erected ears.
“I will die instead of it.” He heard proud from her singing like voice. It calmed after short pike of song.
“Love is different matter. It is dirty or not free mating doesn’t make blood unlike our other behavior. Werewolf is outlawed creature, aren’t we? Stiff rule only make us act up more. I’m also enjoyed this business with my friends. She is quite harsh that was reason local say she love other wolf’s meat.” Inn owner ended her words with exhale.
“Is that reason I can’t go to your centurion Augusta? She is firm that she may kill me?” He thought her words shortly. He learned about fast analysis at words in werewolf’s treat. She said about Augusta that was for his thought. He said first sentence roughly as growling then said second sentence as confidenceless.
“I can tell you about another way.” She brought up other topic which he wanted. He noticed she was angry shortly before. Sometime werewolf had abrupt personality. He prepared it but she said with no special attitude.
“One part of north pack lived in our region. They came before several centuries then became our alpha fair’s private guards. It is hardly accept matter but alphas and His and Her off springs hired them. We didn’t know this reason because our nature watches against others. I may search our past if I want to find its reason. Anyway they live at our pack. You can request to help.”
“What is their name?” It is unexpected words. Norse gathered at many cites after their barbaric ancestor was turned to werewolf. It was they found a pact. There was no place for easy pillaging in World of Harmonia werewolf’s world. Ancestor had trading like character with their savage mind. Early generation of wolves concentrated on commerce then they spread for benefit of gold. Most of them lived at shore of gulf but some went to farther. This pact gave to him one thought or one little belief test.
“I never see sight which proof for their insistence but they said like this. Off spring of red creek and pine forest.” It was his one of blood line’s name.
“It was my one of blood lines.”
“Hmm, that is good.” She opened muzzle with wolfish hmm but not feminine. Her lips backed it meat smile.
“You seemed really hate your own law protector.” He said with his observe.
“Surely, I did.” She attached long and low growling as wolfish nod.


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