Harmonia - Chapter two

Kardien’s note

1. I want to effort to my story. It may reedit when I want more good expressions and correct backgrounds.

2. I want right background. I’m ready to try to get certain background. Please message to me if you know better truths and knowledge.

Last rectifying Jan 7th / 2011

By Kardien Lupus.

Chapter. 2

Wheat field was harvested. Emptied lands spread widely he saw only bottom had wheat field with restlands. They started pasturing when only nature supply didn’t support them. Werewolves were great carnivore who hadn’t comparable kinds over the world. They ate amount food because they could be death if they couldn’t get enough supply. They were starving kind. They came from unliving land which called over Styx. Anyone hadn’t memory when suddenly river calmed and shallowed. Its collar was worn but didn’t be fixed. Three heads leave to bright world when lowest land ended. Anyone didn’t know what happened at that land because they couldn’t back to this land. But they knew what they did in brightest world. Their part of ancestors had various chthonic brothers and sisters. They all stood once been on this land but couldn’t survived even foolish sphinx killed herself. However Cerberus overcame shine of sun’s light. Romans were not valiant people like Hercules did. They could cut one of heads and another but third head was clever thing. It knew about alternative way. It didn’t fight with moral power but became its opponent. People weren’t fully defeated but infected by its blood.
Town vigil’s centurion looked back to him. ‘Have you any problem?’ She didn’t say words but werewolf’s erected sense could detect her thought. He saw her eye under helmet. That eye and reddish brown fur never forgot its origin. Refen’s and Centurion’s far grandfather and mother were Typhon and Echidna. Werewolves hadn’t get snakes on their body but had its temper and eyes. Werewolves also hadn’t dragon’s things on their body but had far grandfather’s temper. Typhon was fire-breathing titan who storm was named after him and his authority had reached at volcano. Even werewolves recivilized that they still had fired temper. He read nothing from her green eye. Her duty wolves’ watchman might hard work to werewolf. She should do these to Kept law instead of her temper and led lose way wolf to safe place that this wolf wasn’t her pack’s member. She was large bestial thing even on wolf’s standard. He trimmed his temper when she wolf returned her head to front. This centurion was his temporary dominator. Even he like clumsy wolf had fired temper but it never was useful in front of stronger wolf and- he observed in front of landscape –village.
He saw wheat field at nearby site. He saw bared and tired soil amid wheat’s remnant roots. They raised crops through spring to autumn for hungry wolf. Now soil rested in autumn. These dark sands were fertile things. Soil was started cultivated when first civilized power marched at her. That power now disappeared but clawed hands handling her these years. Werewolves started to eat grain when pasturing couldn’t support them. Fortunately ancestor human gave great possibility to them. They could eat all sorts of grains. Werewolves’ organs weren’t same omnivore’s guts. They couldn’t eat various vegetable. Anyone couldn’t know why predator’s organs accepted part of omnivore’s poor system. They only knew their first generation Cerberus was starving things since it kept at bank of Styx. They harvested all food in autumn and lived in village. No one lived at wild like nomad. Refen saw predator’s village in near site.
It had forum and basilica these meant it was proper village. Under slope he didn’t see these. He saw village’s houses and intense villager’s smell. He entered other wolves’ inhabitation. It could mean dangerous to canine creature. Canine had worrying instinct. He walked with centurion wolf. She turned to him with crumpled lip.
“Do you want pee to somewhere with your fear?” She asked. Her tail upped over vertical angle like sneering. Fur was rested at out of red clothes and armor. Werewolves were savage kind that they already eliminated human who had been major kind in world. He felt threatened feeling against some salty, hot and musky others’ smells because he knew his kind. It wasn’t lesson from outside but it lived at his heart when mother wolf bared him.
“Don’t be silly. You have brain and we have law. We never harm you if you submit at all my pack’s members on your honor.” She rolled her tongue. Refen assumed centurion had stiff personality as her body but her rolling tongue seemed like laugh. He heard her fancy voice it wasn’t fit with her large shape. He felt her glaring eyes.
“I’m not worried about it. Northern wolves knew about honor as your people.” He replied. He built feeble personality since he born form mother’s womb but it wasn’t his fault. World of Harmonia was hard land that he knew bold act. His act was just concealed his worry but it was enough. He lived well with unlike predator heart.
He smelled her musk that was strong smell. He felt like she saw him as prey. Prey wasn’t good word he was carnivore. Predator could be honored by other but prey could be meat. He tried to same stand point with others through years. It was hard but he bared it. He didn’t want her arrogance. They walked paved road. Limed and walled houses stood in sides of it. Sky’s clearness seemed never be covered by dark cloud. Off whited lime and red roof tiles glared under sky’s blue. He saw hoe and sickle at under someone’s roof. These were fit at proper village but Refen knew truth and sniffed it. Wolves lurked at this village instead of human. Refen sniffed various wolves’ smells. Smells were so many existed that he felt was surrounded. Smells also had various layers wolf’s sense could detect these. Time, other and their directions came to his brain. He saw color’s pool if he felt these as colors. He wasn’t nature wolf that his brain developed as human’s. Human’s brain wasn’t for many information that it needed to concern. He should ignore these smells but strangers’ smells made him worrying. He thought one of smells that was woman wolf’s. She had moved near houses and gone to forum before several ten minutes then now her smell stayed at her house. Refen saw popped head and muzzle from her house which through window. This brown fur wolf head was she that she had soft brown eyes. She stared him. She might not stare normal traveler if she was human. She watched centurion then disappear to inside of house. Refen tried to ignore it as other flowed information. His most worry was centurion at first that weird bulk female wolf. Ignore it. Ignore it. He thought. Flowing was bad to brain. He felt little headache but voice penetrated to his thought. “Mom is stranger here at outside?” one of her puppy asked. It was little whimpering but his ear pointed wolf’s ear. Ignore it. Ignore it. He thought. But next voice blocked his all trying. “No, Augusta walked with her lunch.” Mother wolf replied to her puppy. His fur erected suddenly and realized bright green eyes looked him. She also had wolf’s pointed ears. How can I fight with her? He thought.
“Your brain seemed to be wandering” She pointed to him. Carnivore had tooth and claws but you could see its beauty if you look at it for long time. Forest wolf had white and black fur which was combined to each other like well weaved fabric. It had gloss which was their grace. Their body moved like wind. Their eyes seemed to contain all things. They had beauty. It was reason their two legged kin at least seemed not terrible. But she did. He studied her mottled fur. Does she ever trim her fur? he thought. She wolf had long and tangled fur.
“Where do you lead to me? I’m already reached your village.” He asked with doubt. He was werewolf but he didn’t throw out his worry. Thought of deer wasn’t away from him.
“Proper site.” She said with her fangs as she stressed from him. “Inn.” She added one word after saw his deer like worrying face. “Ignore around things.” She also added these words. She looked around houses which near road. Every smell seemed calm as if she dealt with smells. Large wolf sighed as his surprise. She resumed her walking Refen was after her.
They reached one large building. It wasn’t good like marbled forum and basilica which was standard at proper village. But it seemed good without ancient point. It had several additional house and cottages. Refen studied its front behind centurion wolf. It was definitely not her house and Vigil force’s station. He recognized shed that thatched roof hut when she went to its entrance. Her tail stiffed and paralleled with ground. She had suspicion at this building. What does make her worried? He thought and noticed it had sign. Whatever ancient custom did they didn’t care about sign. Wolves could know something to use smell and feeling but clear sign important to them. Sign was made by their new tradition as wood and paint because wolves love certain things. Werewolves were unpredictable things that they needed sign which could look. He ignored wolf paw’s poor drawing then read only words. Inn. She led him not to her dinner table but safe place. He studied this pact when he recognized stable which stood behind shed. Can Fanged beast sleep at safe place? This question was useless things because this world only beast remained. Refen looked to centurion beast then noticed she dragged one small wolf from inn to him.
“What are you doing?” Small wolf was scramming. Centurion grasped her with one paw. It seemed her first words since she suddenly dragged from building. Wolves had barking and growling tendency when be threaded at first.
“If you want kill me, you can know what is next!” It wasn’t singing voice. This wolf no had rest that centurion wolf hold her with hard boned hand or paw. Refen recalled mother wolf’s words. Only one of four parts of him believed it but now his three of four parts believed it. Werewolves were bit crazy monster originally. It wasn’t to be different they clothed with civilization. Muscle tensed. He readied to fight for his life.
“I do not waste my life. My friends will come to you when your jaw cut my-.” She met eye with him. She was small brown fur wolf. She had long ears and long triangle muzzle. Her pointed eyelid made her eyes was looked large. Her eye was blue that she wore light blue clothes stola. Her faces seemed funny than northern wolves but might be better than wolves who was always looked serious. She was local subspecies. Refen realized it. He had hung on giant centurion wolf’s shape. He thought large wolf was crossbreed as like him. That wolf was metis then he want to ask one thing to small wolf. Are you lunch as me?
“Here is traveler, your guest.” Centurion wolf said to front. “I will return to watch post.” She poked him with one finger that claw stabbed his flesh. Refen frowned his face but she saw it then he fixed face to wolfish smile. Cenurion wolf went that two wolves were left. Her chicken soup wasn’t appetizer.
“Are you really traveler?” small wolf asked.

“Didn’t she really want to kill you?”
Small wolf asked as she put his soup at table. Inn owner was average wolf in this region. She was quite different with northern wolves. Most obvious things were her height. Usually werewolves were big creature than their ancestor human. But her tribe inherited one feature from her ancestor Roman. There were short then she was short. He wasn’t well born northern wolf but needed to look down to her.
“I know her as your vigil force. She is awful crossbreed with your pack and other but she did well her job. She led me to your inn.” Inn had only one guest in late noon. Hind legged beast strictly wasn’t person or visitor but usually that’s points were ignored in this animal’s era. Innkeeper and its guest was same beast that was pair. She putted large spoon that as large as ladle. They found big problem when they started to eat human way foods. He might be looked awful if he ate without equipment. Glutinous liquid might flowed from his muzzle. ‘dirty.’ His mother once been said when he was youngling.
 Most of her shape origined from appenninus mountains which special local wolf lived in. They weren’t aggressive like Old People and weren’t playful like them but accepted live at their mountain. They content carnivore who could enjoy with small prey like hare. No had reason at their choice of shape but local wolves adapted that forest kin.
“I might say you are right unless our villager had proper protector.” She opened her jaw that Refen saw her red flesh. Her tongue loosed to out of mouth. It meant that wolf no had measure. Refen looked to her eyes that remain of human’s habit. He saw bottomless blue hole. He always found nothing from eyes. Wolves had developed bad nature that wolves could agree it like example their eyes.
“Do you say you don’t want civil protector?” He already paid two denarii and three sesterce for one day lodging pay. A wise emperor had decided coins’ value then that rule still was kept over millenary years. Wolves loved to be after Old Civilization but his large and hand like bony paw never be changed to human’s. He leaved three sesterce on table from his small bag for soup. He was also lived on old role. Archaic currencies were living. Werewolf was doubting animal who hadn’t thinking like title. Inn owner studied coins which on her hand like paw. Coin was made by tin but she smiled. Right, contents of coin changed. Refen thought. Bad carnivore always wants to live alike human that was mocking.
“She is madness. She wants to kill her same kind that she may like it.” Inn owner said as grabbed money with clawed fingers. Her blue eyes looked him that he studied it. Trimming body was citizen’s custom though wolves worrying to lose weapon. Wolves loved weapon that they had additional weapon like axe.
“Each pack cared their blood since their way turned to moon light from destroying. She is metis that crossbreed. She was gave only bad things from two packs. She had no cared blood which we barely built. Her born was made like armor. Her muzzle wasn’t triangle or rectangle but fit for slaughtering. Didn’t you make any illegality, right?”
Inn owner went toward kitchen. She might think she did her words. She seemed didn’t care Refen was also metis. Their blood was strong ting. They could make bad creature when each blood met. He was born as runt of litter. Discrimination wasn’t good word to him. Does she really bad? He thought. She was officer at least.
Dining room had no window. Only light came to opened door. It was small light though He could see well. That was enough for wolf. His kind had good eye. He spooned soup and swallowed it. His jaw didn’t have good molars. Grain food wasn’t good for four-of-five’s carnivore. It was fit one omnivore part. He felt disgust. He ate it because grain was cheap than meat. Werewolves believed civilization was good but it made rich wolf amid pack.
One of his bloods was great northern tribe. They kept their honor through numerous brutal wars. They had gorgeous wolfish form despite they were beast. They had brilliant gross which like ancient painter’s brushing. They were boasted. Refen prided it. White fur wolves also his kind. They were called as winterer. They accepted end and new year at their fur. Other wolves said about them that they said winterer had winter’s mystery. They had tattoo at their skin as their ritual. He hadn’t it but prided from them. However his was as weak and seated at amid other pack. He knew subordinate way felt to need it in cultural act.
“I have done work at kitchen. How long will you eat meal?” She came from kitchen. Refen sniffed her stink she might did some filthy work. She was content that her forepaws overlaid at abdomen. She seemed like human except fur. He knew this reason that his two ears was down for her.
“I had mistake. I tried to hunt near pack’s territory for fill my urge.” He brought up his words. He wanted to ask these words. He wasn’t reach village in right way. He didn’t ask permission while working with centurion.
“Grr- What?” Singing voice was fallen. He heard her short growling. He sniffed deepen musk she was concerned to him. It could mean bad event in this world. She opened her mouth.
“Are you really okay? Have any deep wound?” Kind asking hardly found from wolves. Her eyes narrowed it meant her sincerity. Inn keeper was difficult job because they will meet stranger wolves. He saw her paper license which hung on wall though it was over concerned act at werewolf.
“She killed one family few days before. Cornelia was late in her tax three days but that mad wolf came to her house then killed her and her two daughters. Her family was eliminated. Smelly hyenas divided her fortune quickly. She got bad doom.” Inn owner got sad feeling with her words. She downed her ears.
“Then, why was she centurion?”
“Because her family was patricius.” She seemed to want to tear out. He studied her. Though werewolves nature rarely made tear that tear only used to protect dried eye. It wasn’t her fault. Once been pack rule was equality that werewolves adapted kin’s fairness. They had tried to love each other and divided food at same quantity. It was changed when pack settled at one location and grows over thousand head. They built special alpha’s family and patricii.
“She guided to me.”
“It is mad wolf’s luring or may be you isn’t her favor.” Inn owner wolf said firmly. She was still sad. Brown woman wolf wore stola which traditional clothes from ancient years. It was changed to short because wolves liked swift move. She tied pale blue stola with two straps. One was tied at her upper her fourth fair of breasts then warped her abdomen. Another was tied at under her first fair of breasts. Breast had been standard of beauty in ancient time. Now two legged animal had eight breasts. It seemed awful and sometime made distaste but woman wolves insisted these just were milk makers for pups. Their first fair was large as like human’s, second and third fair were wolf like middle, fourth fair was small. Woman usually gave birth to 4 pups to 6 pups as their kind. It swelled as red when woman got pregnancy. He smelled that her breasts rested for years. It could see as eight tumors but she prided about these. Forgot old goddess had multi breasts she was owner of fertileness and mother of younglings. She had creation. However wolves were born of destroying.
“Village’s wolves assumed she had wolf cannibalistic mood. You may be lucky.” She seemed to forget her first ask.
“What is her name?” He lightly heard reddish brown wolf’s name. He asked it. He spooned soup with ladle like spoon. Human leaved good hand organ. He learns handling hardly through childhood. Starving gut wanted more food that Refen swallowed soup. It was delicious over disgust taste because he was hungry. Bowl of soup was little left. He would get up soon with thought her first asking. She seemed to want to he end his meal.
“Augusta.” Her loosed ear got little tension. She recovered from sorrow and smiled. Her lip smoothly backed. “I escaped from misfortune because I was late appointment with Cornelia at her home. Even I brought fortune. I had her some gems.” Air slowly passed between him and inn owner wolf. It recovered its own time after inn owner wolf knew her words’ meaning. “Hmm, I’m just one of these smelly hyenas.” She chuckled. Her eyelids were more pointed. Big eyed wolf seemed funny but he knew his kind was greedy. She disappeared to kitchen.
“Do you want drink as your dessert?” She brought one tray. It supported two bottles and one cup. She putted down tray on table. His black nose sniffed two clay bottles. One was milk. Another was blood.
“You said you are thirst. Here is blood and drink it.” She poured blood and milk at cup that was werewolf’s drink. They knew cultural act but never forgot wild’s taste. Blood and milk was both fresh. These were cows though wasn’t from same cow. This wolf wasn’t cruel as if took cow’s two things at once. But she wants to take his coins in semi-force way. That was wolf’s nature.
“I don’t want spend addition moneys.” He insisted but Inn owner wolf already putted straw at cup.
“I already make it and that blood is from butchered cow at early morning.” She ignored his insisting. She stretched her right hand. Werewolves always did. They knew pressure. Refen studied her claws that were black.
“I will clear near peristyle. Call me when you are done your desert.” Inn owner wolf went out through door. He ended meal. Little soup splattered at his sleeve. He licked sleeve as dog. He sucked brass straw that he tasted milked blood. It was sweet and salt. He felt animal’s life and iron but didn’t licking cup of drink with tongue. Werewolves had long muzzle that they couldn’t drink like human way. They should use equipment for liquid. He heard about ate same kind wolf and saw wolf inn owner. He completely felt he entered wolfish land through wasted plain. He had mission from his family that he need to think it now. Refen looked around dining room.
“This is my room?” Refen asked when he went second story with her. Inn was large that had many rooms. He was only one inn’s visitor that inn owner said he visit in off busy time. She said she dill with merchants. Wolf’s market could cause problem. Purchaser and trader must enter other pack’s territory. Sleeping at other pack’s heart wasn’t good idea. They were dangerous kind. Alpha pair might directly order for protect their city despite city was still dangerous. It was reason large inn stood on village which near Pack’s den or city.
“Didn’t you watch me?” He asked. Two legged wolves had many never concealing wild habit which from their first period Years of Wild Hunt. She ignore caution at unbelieving stranger or was lurking it.
“Even our beast can be different when they meet problem of livelihood. It was my job.” She was smiled. “Didn’t see your room?” She asked. Room wasn’t big but fit for sleeping. Room had lectus at right side. It seemed cheap and was made for sleeping. It made with iron frame that werewolves had bed sleeping habit. Worn white sheet lay on green wooden broad. Refen sniffed stabbed straw and someone’s stink and also urine. “It isn’t my fault. Some dog marking territory at my inn.” Wolf made innocent grin that her tongue loosed out of mouth. “I wash it at least one weak.” It was truth unlike their calculating habit. He knew some wolves demand extra pay for washed sheet. Table three legged mensa placed near window and lectus. It was old darked wood and had no gloss. Light downed at table through window. Window was large and grided that was old pashioned tradition. Textile attached instead of glass. “Glass is expensive.” Inn owner explained. Room had closet that wasn’t precious but cheap and coffin like shape. Added Room had strongbox. “If you want its key, you pay three sesterces.”Inn owner wolf said. Werewolf was untrusting creature at other. They needed safe storage when they had any valuable thing. He looked down inn owner that wolf demanded coins. Money was precious when you were long way traveler. He decided to endure his anxiety about his stuff. “No, I have no mind.” He replied.
“Did you say you will go Nasennium in next day? Then, take your rest.” She threw room’s door key. He caught it easily without any concerning. Werewolf had good reaction. She backed to First story. Her tail waved at stola’s tail hole. He closed door that door had several clawed marks. Had earlier travelers problem in room? He questioned to himself. Bad beast had many discontent usually. He need to think about his mission before went to Nasennium that Local pack’s Lair. He needed to find person who was named Aega. But now he was on his temporary area. Travel was continuing tension in werewolf’s world. His body had strength from latest meal despite his mind was tired. He arranged lectus roundly as forest wolf’s habit then lay with blanket.
He decided to ignore someone’s urine that wasn’t help to comfortable rest. He saw light through window and Pulsing heart said to him this time was afternoon. Sheet and blanket wasn’t comfortable as mother’s womb. He had only one memory about it as truly wolf but not beast. Wolf began from woman wolf’s womb she turned it to manlike beast while it growing. Lectus was fit for mild resting. Werewolves only had little chance to rest.
He crossed through gulf of north which where norse packs lived. He visited many packs and their towns after he reached shore of swamp land. It took months then over year now. He even visited to end of Hispania which other remnant people of Old Civilization lived. He was searching Aega werewolf. It was mission from closest family member to him. He loved and trusted her that he wanted knew about Aega. Local wolf’s inn wasn’t cozy as his family’s own den. Weather was bad after doom of mankind. Glacier firmly placed at northland. Winter was hard even wolves needed clothes but family’s den was most warm place for him. He missed it long time.
He placed paw under muzzle. His belly attached on sheet that was wolf’s sleeping form. Head smoothly placed on paws and pillow. He looked through window and over site. He saw Red roofed houses and sun. Cooked meat’s smell penetrated to inn’s room. It may be from one of near houses. Smell seemed tasteful. He closed eyes and slept as dog.
Time already passed to evening when he woke. He was shocked that he couldn’t know what did at before. It pact was dangerous to werewolf. Werewolf was dangerous that village, city and those habitations many werewolves concentrated on it. Possibility existed which he was harmed.
He stretched paw to nearby mensa. No weapons were putted on it. He thought vigil centurion wolf. She confiscated his all weapon. Wolves usually putted weapon at nearside when before slept. Wolves couldn’t lose their caution that was their nature. It was preparation against their worry.
He was after bag. Small bag never was away from his waist string. He loosed its own thread then saw his coins. Pure gold was still remain through his traveling and alloyed gold coins and others contained. Textile bag had gems when he started his traveling but his used many costs now. He tried to think that time which he leaved Family’s good house. They had real den as their hunting lodge.
He wanted to his weapons. He walked few step with his two hind legs then he fixed his thought. Inn owner alleged her civil protector was cannibalistic wolf. He wasn’t want take risk. He seated at lectus.
His ass pressed his tail. His tail long compared with body. Manlike furniture often was not good at tail. He tried to stand then his step entangled. He tumbled then sighed with four legs standing. Clumsy life could make sigh.
He still had knife. However knife was not weapon at werewolf’s stand. He used it because his claw wasn’t long as 20cm or 8unciae and also wasn’t wide than 4cm. It was just equipment.
His belly called him with dwindled process. His belly was from wolf’s good abdomen. Cerberus was called dog. Three heads many got wolf’s blood from bright land. It had no muscle like human. It had plentiful fat for werewolf’s daily or weekly energy. Ancients said ‘belly skin cling to backbone’ when they were starving. He could say with wolfish clever smile ‘it really decreases’. His belly was warning to lose fat. He need to go to inn’s dining room. He moved after groomed fur and clothes. His dalmatica had swirling brown and red pattern at its strings. Wrapped red strings embroidered at sides and sleeves. It was grimed but he decided to don’t care because he want eat. He opened door that wasn’t locked. He sighed with headache then stepped empty wooden corridor with watching eyes at his stepping.
Dining room was filled by meat’s smell and werewolves happied about it. They did despite smell of near stable. Inn owner’s words were right. Inn had other guests which boisterous and noisy werewolves. Refen entered inn with light of lamps. Lamps of alcove were glaring shine of light at his eyes. Other parts of inn were dark but dinning room wasn’t. He covered eyes with paws for block light for while until his eyes adjusted light well. He could saw inn after little time. Werewolves were night-visioned kind. They could use night as another part of daytime. Though light was mark of civilization. Once upon time far land’s people built great light house on earth. It wasn’t sun but star. It wasn’t all but guide of voyage. These nights, numerous ships crowed at mother like harbor. It was shepherd for sheep. Wolf wasn’t like sheep dog but thief. They used light this night for mark of their civilization that was mocking. But this habit gave benefit to them. They perfectly recognized around as sun light time.
 Three wolves seated at two tables. He wasn’t aggressive that just wanted to eat. One woman seated at corner site. She was local kind wore red lined tunica. She didn’t wear stola. She might be on off duty from her family and her own name. Red line was for patricius. She was born of high class. She was eating cooked meal even dining time. Other two men were eating raw meat. Blood dropped to table.
“Do you think our hunting at day time?” One little sank muzzle said as rough voice. He didn’t concern citizen‘s right singing voice. He wore dark clothes which wasn’t dyed as black but spoiled. He turned of his main concern at Refen. He was high than them but seemed feeble and had no useful weapon. Also sank muzzle had his companion.
“Right, day hunting was great.” Companion breathed as chuckle that werewolves didn’t make its sound. Chuckle was only allowed to human. They might don’t say about woman wolf. Wolf woman had sharp and spiced smell they had it from armpits to genitals or another mouth. They toyed females and even had own women if they lived Old Years. However woman differed. Man wolf turned chthonic warrior when they fight. Woman wolf didn’t shift to it but they developed different nature. They became clever, highly intelligent and conspiratorial wolf if they met dangerous. Woman wolf made trick at least it was three. They slightly smaller than man but had agility. Their blood colded when they fought that was defense. They might study opponent at fighting. They could forecast man wolf’s act in icy mood. Woman wolf was not stood on defend but went aggression. It was reason their hunting wasn’t about woman. Inn owner said she dealt with merchant. They business might be gold. “You descended for eat.” Inn owner said. She went out from kitchen. She smiled despite with her long scar on forehead to muzzle. He found it with lamp’s yellow light.
“What are you? Your smell drift in air.” sank muzzle asked when he seated near table. Refen was looked down frequently. He didn’t concern at it. His older sister said proud wolves were bad but he wasn’t. She said he should not raise his bad nature. He little know free running of forest wolves. That was verse but he wanted to keep it because wolves worried crash with stranger. He didn’t want to fight.
“What are your clothes? Why your clothes have strings, Northern?” Some event made wolf over confidence. He knew this excessive confidence often caused problem. People gathered under light at night. It meant they lived on rule. That rule might have root at Old People’s tables.
“My family wasn’t plebeius at least. My line lives at city. We have proper house.” Stringed clothes was mark of nobility. High class only had it at Old Time. It used as ‘I’m not poor or weak.’ after werewolves’ society broke primeval fairness. No one wanted to live as omega class now.
“You are weak and may be not proper wolf.” Sank muzzle said with wolf’s snort. Every wolf on world was after Old People’s living. But some looked down to other. Refen’s man line originally wasn’t citizen but barbarian. Sank muzzle enjoyed with him then forgot one northern wolf and his smell. He shook fur as wolf’s arousing then sniffed air.
He realized he sniffed some weird smell. It wasn’t blood or raw meat. Werewolves thought important to their dinner. They ate cooked meal at morning and noon. Dinner was different. They loosed their control and eat favored meal blooded meat or living stock. He was already familiar to evening time.
“Mom, do we drag chicken from pen?” One head popped from connected door. Another head popped as thrust other. They contested for better sight to Inn owner. Two man wolves were her sons. He sniffed. They had same light body except long scar at head. “Wait.” Mother wolf ordered. They obeyed her that was wonder which werewolves linked with their mother. “Do you want living chicken?” She asked. He thought briefly then agreed. He seated to one of table. He waited for chicken.
One of her son brought chicken to him. This wolf had large nose than brother. He was leaved coins at table then received Hen. He studied hen which was weak thing. It struggled at his grip. Predator’s and prey’s eyes met each other. He knew hen’s despair. She might drag when she was sleeping or even bred egg. It was bit old who passed picked egg laying period. He didn’t give cheap pay to her son. He might pay to expected eggs for future. It had small comb as female. He could fall to sad feeling but his belly roared at blood.
He held up chicken as opened his muzzle widely. Dormouse once been had favored by Old Era’s People. But werewolves loved chicken as soup and living thing. It was fit for one bite that was one of reason werewolves loved this livestock. He closed jaw at one time. He expected to fly feathers though no one came to his throat. He missed hen as clumsily.
Hen flied with feathers over paw reaching range. Other table stood under it. Sank muzzle and his companion seated at table. Hen downed at His head that feared hen had no mind to what she did. Hen made wolf raged that wolf grasped it and tore. “Did you buy another chicken for me?” Sank muzzle asked. Refen saw his raged eyes. Werewolf had unreadable eye but it became red when wolf got anger. Refen studied red vessels. Werewolf could be rage by only little problem.
“grr-.” It was became end of sank muzzle’s saying. Werewolf was hard creature that Refen should prepare unexpected moment but he didn’t. Opponent swooped at him. Refen saw one feather at teeth which sank muzzle’s own chicken as first food. Opponent even didn’t think to use his weapon. His instinct acted that he wanted to tear out Refen as fangs and claws. Near chairs broke with refen’s. They tumbled at bottom. His claw made long line at Refen’s chest. Refen bit his shoulder. Blood splatterd they rolled to right. Refen positioned to upside but Opponent bit his abdomen. He was hurt blood flowed. Strong body could ignore it and quickly heal it though he hadn’t heart. Pain stopped his all action for few seconds. Werewolf was diehard creature that they had good heal power. However it didn’t conceal flesh’s pain. They were still mortal. They could die with defeat. Refen tried to drag spine at opponent’s back of neck with claw. But sank muzzle ate chunk of fat and blood might deliciously.
Something shocked him at that time. It seemed axe that he realized it. It missed gave light wound at his back. Refen heard long painful howl. It wasn’t his opponent that sank muzzle was trying to gnaw his belly. Refen tried to beat opponent’s exposed leg or arm. But he failed because sank muzzle got out from him. He heard axe’s blunt sound. He looked around with laid his body after calm trembled heart. He saw Inn owner’s stola.
“Your sword is lightly missed.”
Inn owner said when Refen got up. He saw inn owner and sank muzzle. He had mind to use weapon at last time. His sword stabbed at inn owner’s shoulder. Werewolves had one critical weak point that was their heart. They could be killed at one time if they cut heart. Inn owner pointed it.
“I may just make very little mistake but it was our own nature. Marcella, what are you doing with my paw?” Sank muzzle asked. Both wolves had no mind to fight. Sank muzzle’s voice shook. Refen looked down to table. Inn owner’s paws gripped dreadful large axe. It cut half of Sank muzzle paw. Inn owner said.
“We can heal most of damage. But two major kind of wound never is healed. One is sliver like my long scar.” Refen studied it at second. He found extra detail at wound. It was deep that reached at skull. White bone show itself as long line of wound. She must be death if wound was lightly deeper. “Another is cut. What do you think about this opinion?” Inn owner ignore pain. Refen knew stabbed body make awful pain. Inn owner was trained wolf. He noticed it. He heard her name as Marcella.
“Yip-, Congruo, I accept to peace with this fool dog.” He bore with pain and fear. Healing ability gave one fear with life force. Werewolves horrified at losing. It was deepen than human. They enjoy death to other. However it was concealing. Half blood of human knew other. Feeling of death came to them when their fangs was stopped its attacking.
“Bring thread and cute nails. I will patch this dammed dog.” She ordered to sons. Refen found abandoned axe near sight that had his blood. He sniffed it. His back demanded proper action as passed pain to head. His back was healing quickly. He thought his part of bodies was greedy for brain’s concernment as werewolf’s nature. Two sons existed at opposite side from him. Sank muzzle’s companion was stuck with axe at belly. He handed up paw as man like submission because wolf couldn’t die with one wielding. Large nose watched him and raised forehead tried to tie wolf’s muzzle with rope. He troubled with his anticraftical paws.
“Go back your room.” She ordered to Refen that he stood side of her. He looked end of circumstance. He moved as held his open part of belly with paw because He saw brown wolf’s tooth.
“Did you watch all moment of ruckus?” He asked to woman wolf who leaned with wall of dinning room at outside. She had axe that he didn’t see it when she ate in table. It was held by leather strings. She equipped it at abdomen inclinable.
“I thought I will run when I see death to vigil station.” She seemed indifferent or was trained as patrician attitude. “Hmm.” She exhaled as proper feminine hmm. “Because, it is proper citizen’s obligation.” They developed civilized way. He thought, it wasn’t wrong and could work.
He was back to room that he cared his wound. Sank muzzle didn’t get his gut. Sank muzzle just ate his fat but his organs was tangled. He tried to fix it. Wound was continually healing already blood stopped. He opened it that pain flowed to heart. He needed to arrange it. It wasn’t deep work that just pushed guts to right site. Tangled guts seated as it if he didn’t it. That was bad thing to plenty eat animal. He fixed it with pain.
He worried to his clothes after fixed guts. Healing ability was progressing. It wasn’t instant like his primal ancestor’s siblings Snaked creatures. It took time but was fast than any kind on world. He saw young and living red flesh at wound but his clothes was different. He was on custom of clothes. He needed to buy new one if he couldn’t sew it. He only had another fair of clothes at sack. He breathed because room’s door was locked. He felt mental tiredness and relief. Werewolf’s world was hard. Twelve knock resonances heard from door’s wooden board.
“Are you there? I come with basin of water. You need to wash your blood.” He heard Inn owner’s voice. It heard luring with no reason. He shook fur and exhaled ached breath.
“You already sniffed my smell. What is reason that you call me?” He asked.
“Because it is ethics.” Inn owner replied easily. Refen thought she might make smile. “May I come in?” she sang. He thought briefly then turned lock with key. Iron key dangled with lock. Door was outward things inn owner slightly moved back. She stood with brass basin He looked down it. She had good intention.
“I don’t want to pay coins with hot water. I’m just enough with rest.” He looked down to Inn owner. She seemed strong than him but he was taller than her. He found stabbing sword at her right shoulder. It was still plugged. “Do you felt no pain?” He asked.
“Ha-, I forgot It. Think you are pointing. I will ask to unplug this sword to one of my sons.” Refen heard wolfish ha. That ha made with roared K- and rubbed Ah-. It was from wolf’s sound that werewolves used as knot. He wondered she really ignored pain. More damage needed if werewolf felt discomfort to use organ. However they felt sense because at least they were living. “It is just service because you are harmed under my authority.” She noted with voice.
He took hot basin that vapored thing. He wolfish anti-craft paws spoiled it little. His whiskers caught variety of hot temperature. He spoiled again when he putted it to mensa. He found room was dark that his other senses erected vividly.
“Candle is one sestertius.” Inn owner said. “I want to add one saying.” She didn’t turn to first story. She could plug out sword with one of sons at there though had other business at front of his room
“What is it?” He asked.
“I moved dogs’ room to farer side of your room. I warned to them. Your night may be safe.” She pronounced that her words made curiosity at his mind.
“Are you trained to something?” His asking made Inn owner’s lip moved.
“You read me.” He found her eyes dimly glared then he remembered near sight was dark. “But my major training was deal with strangers.” She turned with her body. He found werewolf’s original shape which was covered by plentiful of fur through her thin stola. Moon’s light revealed curbed shaped for agile. “And you heard my name.” Marcella leaved from door. Sword’s edge pointed at her back.
Wound and sword were still important things to werewolf and also weren’t important things to them. He locked door then seated at lectus. He putted paws to basin. Hot water warmed paws. He saw moon light when tangled blood melted to water. He might felt different of spoiled water if he concerned it. He shook paws after washing. Tepid water drop fell to his clothes. Moon shine wasn’t intense though werewolf felt well it. It was yeanling moon germinal crescent. It started as one of Cycle of Selene. Cardinals said Selene always watches you when moon night. He thought verse then discarded thought. He cleaned basin from mensa. Droplet scattered on old wood. It reflected little light. He searched sack.
Off-white textile sack stored at wardrobe. He has arranged sack neatly. Book was covered by fabric. It wasn’t scroll that bad artful werewolves invented new way. One clever wolf used grape press to printing after then wolves press writing as grape. He opened artificial book.
It was Old woman’s writing. She was First generation of werewolf. Apparently she was daughter of one of senators. Her writing transcribed then transcribed to present. One verse at page which he liked best started.
‘Sun lose the light when The Great Daytime fell.’


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